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Who is Scott Gilhooly?(Lodger, 24, is jailed for life after decapitating pub landlord, 44, for ‘sadistic gratification’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Scott Gilhooly

Scott Gilhooly Wiki

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Who was Scott Gilhooly?

A tenant who stabbed to death and mutilated a bar owner for “sadistic gratification” and to “humiliate” his victim has been jailed for life with a minimum sentence of 25 years.

The mutilated body of Scott Gilhooly, 44, was discovered in the Swiss Bell pub in Braintree, Essex, on May 17 of last year.

His friend and ‘heavy drinker’ Lawrence Bourke, 24, was sentenced in Basildon Crown Court on Friday after pleading guilty to murder.

Scott Gilhooly Age

He was 44 year old.

Andrew Jackson told the court that Bourke attacked

Prosecutor Andrew Jackson told the court that Bourke attacked the owner with a knife and ax, and dismembered his body to “humiliate” him.

The court heard that Gilhooly suffered 70 stab wounds and cuts, including to the heart, lungs and neck, while his ear was discovered in Bourke’s stocking.

Judge Griffiths told Bourke, of Lister Road, Braintree, who sentenced him for the “ gruesome crime, ” that he “ took sadistic pleasure in what you were doing, and you went ahead while Mr. Gilhooly he was dying and after his death. ”

Father Mr Gilhooly

He said that one’s father, Mr. Gilhooly, was a “joy to all who knew him” and the “life and soul of the party”, that he was “a constant source of support for his family and for others. “.

Addressing Bourke, whom he described as a ‘terrible tenant’ who got drunk and took drugs, the judge added that the landlord was ‘generous to the extreme, and you were one of those who benefited from his generosity and kindness’ .

“There was so much more to him than his last day of his,” the judge said, adding: “The happiness he brought to the world, the good deeds he did and the memories he created for those left behind will never die.”

Mr. Jackson told the court that Mr. Gilhooly, described by a friend as a “people’s champion”, lived alone on the floor above the pub, but occasionally accepted guests.

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In February 2019, Bourke, who was a frequent customer of the pub, moved out after becoming homeless.

Despite his excessive alcohol consumption, the owner ‘put up with’ Bourke’s behavior and they lived together during the first coronavirus lockdown.


After the death of Gilhooly’s father, a small wake was held on May 7 last year, in which Bourke drank heavily, the court heard.

The owner decided to redecorate the pub in anticipation of Covid restrictions being lifted and Bourke arranged for an ax to be purchased to use on the trees in the garden, which he kept.

On May 15, Gilhooly told a friend that he was “mad” at Bourke for buying the wrong painting for the pub and that he was not paying the rent.

“He had gotten tired of the defendant and wanted him to pay the rent or leave,” Jackson said.

“It is clear that hours before the murder, relations between the two men were at a standstill.”

Shortly after 8 a.m. on May 17, Bourke sent a series of Facebook messages to his sister bragging about what she had done to Gilhooly.

One said, ‘I just stabbed Scott to death, ha ha ha ha,’ while another said, ‘I loved killing him. True.’

Another message read: ‘I wish I had Facetime because I stabbed him to death, it was fun.’

She asked her sister to keep this ‘secret’, but she drove with her father to the pub where they called 999.

Mr. Jackson described the “very bleak” scene that the cops found upstairs.

“Mr. Gilhooly’s headless body lay face-on on the floor of his bathroom,” he said.

‘Mr Gilhooly was naked, clearly there were a series of large open wounds on his back.

“Mr. Gilhooly’s head was on a bed in the defendant’s bedroom and the ax was embedded in it.”

The court also heard that the post-mortem examination recovered a bottle of bleach, one of Mr. Gilhooly’s rings, a contact lens, and a piece of “fake plastic feces” from the victim’s body.

There was also a bite mark on his back, the court was told.


While he was being arrested, Bourke, whose hands and clothing were stained with blood, “tried to make jokes and laughs at the officers,” the court was told.

At the trial, it was heard that he later claimed to the prison director that a naked Mr. Gilhooly had entered his room and “had come to look for him.”

Bourke said he had grabbed a knife to “scare” the owner and admitted to beheading him.

But Mr. Jackson said the forensic evidence did not match Bourke’s account, as it indicated that the owner was attacked in the hallway.

Citing the findings of medical experts, Jackson said there was “no evidence” that the defendant suffered from mental illness.

The prosecutor alleged that the fact that Gilhooly was gay may have provoked some “hostility” from Bourke.

But Bourke’s attorney, Barry Gilbert, said he denied the murder had anything to do with homophobia, and the judge concluded that it was “difficult to say” whether this was a motive for the attack.

Mr. Gilbert said Bourke “says he is very sorry for what he did”, and described the murder as “inexplicable”.

In a statement read to the court on his behalf, Spencer Gilhooly, the owner’s brother, said that he was the victim of an “evil, callous and heinous” act.

He said that he had rendered him unable to sleep and that he suffered from nightmares.


Spencer Gilhooly said it had been ‘completely heartbreaking and devastating’ to see the details of his brother’s death ‘posted on social media’ before being formally reported by police.

“The impact this has had on my family, friends, the local community and co-workers is immeasurable,” he said.

‘We can never be whole again, we are missing a piece. The family puzzle is incomplete.

He said his brother was an ‘entertainer’ who ‘brightened up the dullest room’ and ‘would give you his last penny and the food from his plate’.

Gilhooly’s mother, Doreen, said in her statement that her son was ‘my best friend’ who had supported her after a cancer diagnosis in 2018.

“He can make me laugh no matter what, but now all I can do is cry,” she said.

‘Scott’s death has left a void in our lives that can never be filled.

My three children were my three friends. We are broken and this can never be fixed. ‘

The court heard that Bourke had a prior conviction for assault causing actual bodily injury in 2019, when he gave a drink to a man leaving a pub, for which he received a nine-week sentence suspended for 12 months.

As he had breached this sentence at the time of the murder, the judge activated it to be served at the same time as his life sentence.

Scott Gilhooly Quicks and Facts

  • Lawrence Bourke, 24, was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on Friday, May 21
  • He previously peaded guilty to the murder of Scott Golhooly, 44, a pub landlord
  • His mutilated body was discovered at the Swiss Bell pub in Braintree, Essex

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