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Breaking:Who is Scott David Lynn Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Scott David Lynn Biography                                     Scott David Lynn Wiki

Scott David Lynn, 44, was jailed for stabbing to death an unarmed man in 2006.
One doctor said there was “a very high risk of causing serious physical harm to other people.”
Lynn has been released from prison and has been in strict custody for 18 months.
His conditions include monitoring his ankle, curfews and reporting his movements.
Despite attempts to keep “high risk” killer Scott David Lynn in jail, she has returned to the streets.

The New South Wales government wanted Lynn to remain in close custody for three more years, or at least the next five years.

Instead, the 44-year-old, described by a doctor in 2019 as “a very high risk of causing serious physical harm,” was released on an 18-month prescription after recently showing “modest progress.” . .

The 45 conditions set by the Supreme Court of New South Wales include ankle watch, night curfew and details of your movements at least three days in advance.

Lynn was jailed in 2006 for stabbing an unarmed man who cut himself a cross in Parramatta. After a murder trial ended with a suspended jury, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter guilty of excessive self-defense.

His record shows a long history of attacks since he was 17 years old when he struck and kicked an unconscious billiard player from behind.

During his years in prison, Lynn collected 54 counts of wrongdoing, including eight of violence. In a 2015 three-year extended surveillance decision, he was charged ten times with rapes.

He was arrested for fighting and assaults during the same period.

Supreme Court Justice Mark Ierace ordered: Lynn to remain in jail for 15 months in May 2019 before being extended until Friday.

But this week, he refused to issue another arrest warrant that could not be carried out. There was a high probability that Lynn would run an unacceptable risk of another serious crime if he was released.

While Lynn’s progress over the past 18 months has been limited, it has been “encouraging” in the context of his entire life.

“The level of cooperation and participation of defendants in the programs has improved significantly in recent months compared to the period leading up to the 2019 question,” Judge Ierace said in reasons published Thursday.

Experts noted that if Lynn reduced the risk of serious crime, “she would be the one who would receive appropriate individualized treatment in the community under surveillance, subject to an OEN.”

In a 2019 report drawn up despite Lynn’s refusal to meet with him, forensic psychiatrist Richard Furst described him as “a very high risk of causing serious bodily harm to others.”

He said there was a risk of violence that could not be managed in the community and is unlikely to change.

Lynn participated in an eight-month treatment program for violent abusers in 2020, but a psychologist reported mixed results.

While doing her homework effectively, she sparked controversy, sought advice and denied having violent risk factors, the court heard.

A second forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Andrew Ellis, diagnosed Lynn with preventable antisocial personality disorder and substance-related disorder in September. He suggested that he be examined for possible brain trauma.

He informed the court that a variety of outpatient treatments, including psychosocial treatment, would be more effective than an exclusively violent detention program.

Lynn was released from Long Bay Prison in Sydney and her custody order expires in May 2022.

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