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Who is Sarah Twort? (Bar manager, 22, who was sacked for taking time off due to ‘stress-related’ recurrent bleeding during pregnancy)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sarah Twort

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Who is Sarah Twort?

Sarah Twort, 22, won £17,000 compensation after Amanda MacPhail sacked her from Coasters Wine Bar in Oban, Scotland, just two weeks after a midwife advised her to stay home.

Ms. MacPhail was ‘unhappy with’ having to find coverage for Ms. Twort’s shift when she attended emergency appointments after experiencing bleeding during her pregnancy.

Later, Ms. MacPhail claimed that the “shocked and humiliated” employee needed to resign because she suspected that she had let her partner have drinks at the bar that he had not fully paid for.

But a Glasgow employment tribunal rejected this explanation and concluded that Ms MacPhail had discriminated against her employee by firing her for repeated absences from work due to her pregnancy.

It was said at the Glasgow hearing that Ms Twort started working at Coasters Wine Bar in the West Highland town of Oban in March 2019 as a member of the bar staff.

In October 2020, she was promoted to bar manager and worked alongside Ms. MacPhail, with whom she had a “very good” relationship and “enjoyed the responsibility” of her new role.

The court was told that Mrs Twort, who is from Oban, discovered that she and her partner, Angus Clarke, were expecting in October of the following year.

She informed Mrs MacPhail and said that she intended to work “as long as possible” until her due date next May.

In addition to standard prenatal appointments, the court heard that Ms. Twort was forced to attend emergency appointments because she had begun to experience bleeding during her pregnancy.

Mrs. Twort had to cover her shifts on these occasions, something that Mrs. MacPhail “didn’t like”.

The court heard that on November 12, 2021, Mr Clarke spent a night at the bar where he was served by Mrs Twort and a colleague.

Because it was a Friday night, the contractor was feeling “flushed” and had bought drinks for a friend and other bar-goers, he told the hearing.

The following week, Mrs MacPhail asked Mrs Twort if Mr Clarke had paid for all the drinks they had had. Mrs. Twort asked her partner about it and he sent a screenshot of the electronic payment slip.

Nothing more was said on the matter.

Ms. Twort asked for a fair and reasonable disciplinary procedure and did not resign, but there was no contact other than a final payroll, for which she received no money.

Her baby, Hector, was born in May of this year.

The court concluded that she had been the victim of pregnancy discrimination and that she had been wrongfully fired.

Employment Judge Shona MacLean said the panel did not believe the ‘undersale’ allegations were genuine.

“It is surprising to say at least that if those concerns were genuine, Ms. MacPhail allowed Ms. Twort to continue working for another three weeks without launching an investigation or suspending her,” she said.

‘The court was not convinced that the incident on November 12 was the main reason for her dismissal.

“The court considered from its material facts that the reason for the dismissal was that Ms. Twort was pregnant and had absences related to her pregnancy.

“We feel that Ms. Twort’s pregnancy was a significant influence on Ms. MacPhail’s decision-making and, in fact, was the reason or primary reason for her termination.”

Mrs Twort was awarded a loss of earnings award of £10,873.69 and an additional £7,000 for the injury to her feelings.

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