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Who is Sarah Moonshadow? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram,Survivor Counts, Suspect, Shooting, Victim ,Twitter & Quick Facts

Sarah Moonshadow

Sarah Moonshadow Wiki

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Sarah Moonshadow, who was there shopping with her son, timed the shots to find out when she would flee to safety. Ten people, including a police officer, were killed in the Monday afternoon shooting at a King Soopers grocery store. A suspect is in custody.

It was supposed to be a quick grocery run for Moonshadow and her son, but they ended up “stopping a little bit, looking around,” Moonshadow told “Good Morning America” ​​on Tuesday.

“And at first I was kicking myself, like we were gone a little earlier, maybe we could have avoided things,” she said. “But then I realized that we probably could have had a much bigger problem if we had left earlier because when we left the store, there were people lying in the street.”

When the gunfire broke out, Moonshadow said her focus was keeping her son close to her, and she was worried about what would happen if she got too upright.

“I just didn’t want him to get too tall and become, like, a moving target,” she said. “Because we couldn’t tell exactly where the shooter was, we knew he was getting close to us.”

Moonshadow said she tried to focus on the sound and direction of the shots and counted the seconds between shots.

“I just looked at my son and said, for the fourth shot I started counting, and I said, ‘We have three seconds. Stay low and don’t look. And move fast, ‘”she recalled. And he almost hesitated, ”she said. “And I said, ‘We don’t have a choice. We don’t have another chance to get out of here. ‘

After escaping from the store, they hid behind a stone, she said. Moonshadow said she felt she was out of danger once she saw a police officer arrive at the scene. I tried to stop him, ”she said. But “my son was really scared and she said, ‘No, please don’t go.’

The officer stopped next to someone lying on the road, she said, and then heard more gunshots. We started running further back, ”he said. They went through several buildings until they found safety on a community member’s porch, she said. The officer who was killed was identified by police as Eric Talley, 51. A member of the Boulder Police Department since 2010, Talley was the first officer to arrive on the scene. Talley leaves seven children.

How old is Sarah Moonshadow?

Sarah Moonshadow’s age is unknown.

Charges – Arrested

Police identified the gunman from the grocery store as 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, who was shot in the leg and detained after officers arrived at the scene of the shooting.

Alissa’s brother spoke to The Daily Beast and called him “very antisocial” and paranoid.

“When he was having lunch with my sister in a restaurant, he said, ‘There are people in the parking lot, they are looking for me,'” said the brother, Ali Aliwi Alissa, 34. “She went out and there was no one. We didn’t know what was going through her head. ”

He said his brother had previously been outgoing, but became antisocial after he was bullied in high school. He does not believe that his brother’s attack was a political statement of any kind.

“[It was] not a political statement at all, it is mental illness,” he said. “The boy used to get bullied a lot in high school, he was like an outgoing kid, but after going to high school and being bullied a lot, he started to become antisocial.”

In 2017, Alissa, then 18, attacked a classmate at Arvada West High School, according to an affidavit filed in the case. She hit the classmate on the head without warning, and when the boy fell to the ground, Alissa continued to hit him. The classmate suffered bruises and cuts to his head, according to the affidavit.

Witnesses told police they did not see or hear any reason for Alissa to attack the classmate. Alissa told officers that the classmate “had made fun of him and called him by racial nicknames weeks before,” according to the affidavit. He was convicted of misdemeanor battery in 2018 and sentenced to two months probation and 48 hours of community service.

Arvada Police Detective Dave Snelling confirmed Tuesday that the local department had at least two interactions with Alissa in recent years, including one case of criminal mischief. Details of that case were not immediately available. However, Snelling would not say whether local police had received warnings or complaints about Alissa recently, instead postponing the question to the FBI.

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