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Who is Sarah Degier?(11-year-old girl’s incredible tale of survival after she was dragged face) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sarah Degier

Sarah Degier Wiki

                                   Sarah Degier Biography

Sarah Degier, now 12, “has no grudge” against the teenager who hit her with his SUV last May and thought she had just hit a bird.

The brave girl was dragged face down under the Toyota LandCruiser, her foot caught in the undercarriage.

She put her hands on the road, keeping her face off the ground. Her screams alerted passersby, who chased the car and yelled at the driver to stop.

Sarah Condition

The woman stayed there with her until an ambulance arrived and asked Sarah for her father’s name, phone number and address.

Sheriff Brad Davidson also dropped to the ground to comfort her.

“Brad, the officer, got under the car and took her hand to tell her everything was fine,” Degier said.

Nine of Sarah’s fingers burned from friction as she dragged her back and she tried to get up to keep her head off the ground.

She was on the ground and under the car for 10 minutes while emergency services tried to find the safest way to get her out of her. In the end, she crawled out.

When her father arrived, Sarah cried for the first time in the entire ordeal.

She said she was sorry the car ran over her. That was the first thing she said to her. She said I’m sorry … and can you call the school and let them know I won’t be there today? Degier said.

Sarah had severe burns and scratches on her legs, arms, fingers, and cheeks, but also worse injuries.

medical treatment

The left side of her back broke and then the left side of her pelvis and her left elbow were split open from the impact, and as they dragged him down the road, she cut through his bone, ” said the father. her.

Kate’s employer, Sarah’s mother, BHP, called another company and asked them to give up a seat on the next flight to Brisbane.

Sarah was airlifted to Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, where doctors discovered that she had no life-threatening injuries.

‘So here’s Sarah not crying throughout the entire process, except when I first arrived, and here I am a total mess.’

Sarah has had several surgeries already and will continue to receive medical treatment for years to reduce her scars.

The driver who hit her received a bond for good behavior. Mr. Degier asked the police to make sure he received the help he needed.

“Kate and I were mad that it happened, but the last thing we want is for him to get in trouble and ruin his life for something that was clearly unintentional,” he said. And Sarah got it too.

“I don’t hold a grudge against him,” Sarah said. She hopes to become a surgeon one day.

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