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Who was Sarah Benford?(Detectives investigating suspected murder of 14-year-old girl who went missing 21 years ago begin digging area ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Missing,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sarah Benford

Sarah Benford Wiki

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Who was Sarah Benford ?

Detectives have begun excavating an area of ​​dirt in connection with the disappearance of a 14-year-old girl from a nursing home more than 20 years ago.

Sarah Benford was last seen in the Kettering area of ​​Northamptonshire on April 6, 2000, before a murder investigation was launched three years later.

Northamptonshire Police have started excavating a 70 meter by 70 meter piece of land in the Valley Walk area of ​​Kettering after receiving “significant information”.

Several suspects have been arrested since Sarah’s disappearance and searches have been conducted in Kettering, London and Wales, but no one has ever been charged.

Following information obtained by the force’s main investigation team, searches are beginning today in the open space area.

The site has been sealed until the excavation is completed, which is expected to take two weeks.


The force said specialized search teams will be assisted by forensic archaeologists and penetrating radar teams will be deployed to assess any movement in the section of land under investigation.

Dozens of officers are supporting scene guards throughout the excavation and the area will be protected from the public while the search is conducted.


Detective Superintendent Joe Banfield, who heads the Northamptonshire Police operation, said: “We have received important information that has pinpointed this site to us as a potential area of ​​interest.

“Sarah disappeared more than 21 years ago, but we have never stopped trying to find her body and potentially track down her killer or killers.”

DS Banfield added: ‘We have informed Sarah’s family and they support the operation that is taking place today. We will be in close contact with them as the excavation develops, but we request that members of the media do not attempt to contact them.

“Clearly, someone knows what happened to Sarah all those years ago and we urge anyone with new information to contact us on 101 or, confidentially, through the Crimestoppers hotline at 0800 555111.”

Police have said people with information relating to Sarah’s disappearance should contact them quoting incident number 359 of 10/11/2021.


At the time of her disappearance, Sarah was later seen in a variety of locations, including Almond Road, Highfield Road, and Cherry Road in Kettering.

She had lived with her family on Havelock Street in Kettering, but she had been in three different nursing homes when she was 14 years old.

She started skipping school at the front desk and started running away from her home at the age of eight.

Sarah was known to be a regular runaway and she had had a drug problem after mixing with the wrong crowds.

Her mother, Vicki, had agreed to be taken care of because she wanted her to stay away from the little thieves of Kettering who, according to her reports, had sent her to steal to fuel her drug habits. she.

When she admitted meeting people for sex and that she was injecting heroin, neither the staff nor the doctor raised their eyebrows, even though she was a girl, the Northamptonshire Telegraph reported.

Sarah, who spent 41 of the 150 days of her missing from her, fled the home in 2000 on March 31 and was found on April 2.

A day later, on April 3, Sarah left the house again and staff reported her missing.

On April 6, she visited her mother in a game room in the city center of Kettering, where she worked.

They argued and that was the last time Vicki saw her daughter.

Later that day, while she was drugged, Sarah called her mother from a house in Hampden Crescent, and Kettering begged the police to pick her up and take her back to the residence.

But the officers refused to pick her up despite Vicki’s desperate pleas.


Police officers had reportedly told staff at the residence that they “could not and would not pick her up” and that they would not “take her to the Kettering police station for care,” the Telegraph reported.

What followed was one of the largest missing person investigations in the force’s history.

Appeals were launched on television and Sarah’s face was pasted on milk cartons and the side of trucks.

A number of suspects have been arrested since Sarah’s disappearance

Derbyshire Police were tasked with analyzing the deficiencies in the Northamptonshire Police investigation. That report was never made public.

A serious review of the case completed in 2004 found that the county council’s department of children’s services was understaffed.

She also discovered that Sarah, whom they had known since she was two years old, had not been evaluated as she should have been.

Sarah’s uncle Gary Cross said in 2008: “Sarah was just another statistic for social services and the police, and at first they didn’t care about her.

Then, with pressure from the family through the media, they thought: “We better do something about it because she is not going to disappear.”

“There is a culture of secrecy when children from nursing homes disappear.”

Police also searched an area of ​​forest in Warkton, Northamptonshire, in 2016, on what would have been Sarah’s 30th birthday, but to no avail.

Sarah’s friends were said to have used the area to hide stolen goods and other items.

When she was last seen, she was wearing dark blue patchwork jeans, an orange fleece, a black Puffa jacket, cream sneakers, and was wearing a navy blue and green backpack.

She was described as 5 feet 7 inches tall and had blue / gray eyes. She also had a self-made tattoo of a cross on her upper left arm.

Despite more than 5,000 lines of investigation, more than 600 statements, nearly 1,000 reports, and eight arrests over 20 years, Sarah was never found.

Sarah Benford Quick and Facts

  • Sarah Benford was last seen in the Kettering area of Northamptonshire in 2000
  • A murder investigation was launched three years after she disappeared
  • A number of suspects have been arrested but nobody has ever been charged
  • Searches have began in an area of open space land in the Valley Walk area 

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