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Breaking: Sarah Backman Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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One mother had a fractured skull and permanent brain damage after her boyfriend nearly beat her to death.

Sarah Backman, 51, spoke boldly about the horrific injuries inflicted on her ex Jason Juntikka, 35.


— Edenimajica (@ChristiKane123) October 12, 2020

During a five-hour ordeal, the mother of two was locked up in a hotel room while Juntikka tried to smother her with a pillow and dab her 54 times, breaking her skull. Fingers, knuckles and two ribs.

Fortunately, a hotel employee heard Sarah scream and called the police. Juntikka was sentenced to five years in prison for aggravated domestic violence.

Sarah was hospitalized four times in four months, but did not leave Juntikka because she was worried about harming her two children.

Due to the broken skull, he no longer has the sense of smell and suffers from regular seizures

For the first time since the February 2017 attack, Sarah said: “He hit me with a flashlight while I was sleeping to wake me up and hit me.

She burned my hand with a cigarette and took me to the hospital four times. She spat at me after attacking me and it was much worse.

I was very confident that I was busy and was consuming my self esteem. She had no problem slapping me.

She once pulled my hair in a mall bathroom and slapped me in one of the cubicles.

We were in a hotel to find out where we were going to stay because her family didn’t want her.

She kicked me in the head and stepped on me 54 times. I had Nike markings on my body from her sneakers.

He wanted a ring from my finger, so he broke my finger to get it. She covered my face with a pillow and broke a rib and an ankle.

I had just gotten out of jail and it took me 38 hours to almost kill myself.

The couple met at a supermarket in their hometown of Dollar Bay, Michigan, United States, in October 2015 and moved less than a month later

Sarah, a former financial advisor, said the first year of the relationship was perfect and the violence came out of nowhere and escalated rapidly.

She added: “I never thought it would hurt me. There wasn’t even a build-up and when it first hit me I ended up in the hospital.

We were at the house and there were people, so he tried to send me upstairs, but I said no because he wanted to sit on the porch and he hit me from behind.

I didn’t even think about him hitting me until they told me it was him.

I was so shocked and it hit me for the next four months before I ran away. “”

Sarah continues to struggle with her mental health and claims that she encourages victims of domestic violence to seek help.

She added: “I was very afraid of him because he was threatening my family and if he was willing to hurt me, he would definitely hurt them.

It is more difficult to cure it than to face it. I can’t sleep, I sleep with the sofa near the door because I’m so scared.

I do not feel safe. If you do it once, you will do it again. Get out while you can and be brave enough to speak in court.

I’m happy that I finally defended myself.

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