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Who is Sandeep Khunkhun?(Met policewoman who failed to take basic steps to protect Eddy Grant’s niece before she was murdered by her husband is kicked out) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Sandeep Khunkhun

Sandeep Khunkhun Wiki

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Who is Sandeep Khunkhun ?

A Met policewoman has been found guilty of gross misconduct after failing to take basic steps to protect a domestic violence victim who died after her husband set their north-west London home on fire.

PC Sandeep Khunkhun was in charge of helping Eddy Grant’s niece, Denise Keane-Barnett-Simmons, 36, who was killed after Damion Simmons, 45, burned down the Stonebridge home in April 2020.

Following a court panel hearing on police misconduct in west London earlier today, Khunkhun was dismissed from the force without notice.

They found that he had violated the force’s professional standards for duties and responsibilities, but he was not found to have violated the standards of honesty and integrity.

In October 2021, Simmons was jailed for 32 years after burning her partner to death in revenge when she kicked him out of her house.

Maintenance personnel broke into the property that she had shared with Ms. Keane-Simmons to pour gasoline on her head and set it on fire.

She then jumped from a bathroom window as flames ripped through the row house.

Simmons admitted that he was “jealous and controlling,” but insisted that he wanted to die in front of her wife when he poured gasoline into her mailbox and entered the house when she failed to set it on fire.

The Old Bailey heard how he had installed a secret camera in her bedroom to monitor her and posted nude photos of her on Instagram just hours before the fire.

The panel found that Khunkhun did not arrest Simmons or arrange for her arrest, interview Simmons and take his electronic devices, witness statements or examine the light bulb.

He also failed to act on a colleague’s statement taken from the victim, wrongly recommended that crime reports be closed, and failed to protect the victim by considering how she might obtain a panic alarm or send SOS messages.

She was acquitted of three other charges within the charge: that she was dishonest with her bosses, she failed to update crime reports, and she failed to act after he showed up at her home in March 2020.

Hywel Jenkins, representing the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said: “Intentional, deliberate, directed or planned conduct is more serious than conduct with unintended consequences.

“The consequences were not intended, but the potential for harm was clearly foreseeable.

‘There was a clear plan of action, and this officer did not follow it.

‘At the time of closing the investigation, she did not reveal to anyone that she had not followed (the plan).

‘This was conduct that, we say, did not occur on the spur of the moment.


‘She didn’t know what was going to happen to the victim and this process has had a horrendous effect on her. She has found it incredibly stressful.

She has exceptional qualities and could have a valuable role elsewhere on the force.

She “she is a woman who shows kindness, consideration and empathy and she is proud to be a police officer.

She “she was very proud to be an officer of the Metropolitan Police.

“She always thinks with integrity and other officials have said they are happy to have her work on one of her teams.”

Panel chairman Cameron Brown QC said: “Having carefully considered all the facts presented by both parties, the result in this particular case is dismissal without notice.”

A written decision will be published later.

Convicting Simmons last October, Judge Philip Katz said: ‘Denise Keane, still grieving the death of her own mother, was burned alive in her own home.

‘Denise had worked for over ten years as a teaching assistant, working with young children and with a special focus on the arts.

Mrs Keane-Simmons was the niece of Electric Avenue singer Eddy Grant (pictured in Scotland in 2008)
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Mrs Keane-Simmons was the niece of Electric Avenue singer Eddy Grant (pictured in Scotland in 2008)

“On several occasions during the first months of 2020, the police had been called to help her and Denise had finally gone to see a lawyer to end this brief but disastrous marriage.

“Perhaps the most moving evidence at trial is the body camera footage of one of the police officers who was with Denise just over an hour before she was killed.

She “she seemed despondent and defeated by the persistent, spiteful and humiliating behavior of the man who was at that very moment crossing London with the intention of killing her in the most horrible way she could imagine.

You, Damien Simmons, were that man.

Simmons, with no fixed address, denied murder, voyeurism and arson with intent to endanger life. She admitted to involuntary manslaughter and the disclosure of private sexual photographs of the teaching assistant with the intent to cause distress.

The jury acquitted him of voyeurism and did not find that the camera he admitted to installing in the bedroom was for sexual purposes. But he was found guilty of murder and arson with intent to endanger life.

Wearing a mask, Simmons sat with her head bowed in embarrassment as the victim impact statement from Helen Keane, the victim’s aunt, was read to the court.

Four female members of the victim’s family sat at the back of the court and wiped their eyes with tissues.

Mrs Keane said her niece was “a happy charismatic, free-spirited person who led from her heart”. She added: “Words cannot express how devastated we are.”

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