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Who was Samantha Fraser?(Chilling words man accused of killing his ex-wife and making it look like suicide allegedly said before her death) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Samantha Fraser

Samantha Fraser Wiki

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Who was Samantha Fraser ?

The accused man, Adrian Basham, Ms Fraser’s estranged husband, admitted attending the scene on the morning of the incident and assaulting Ms Fraser on the second day of Samantha Fraser’s murder trial, but adamantly denied having her. killed.

The trial will last six weeks, according to the schedule. A murder trial revealed that a man tried to make his dead ex-wife appear to commit suicide.

A murder trial has revealed that a man tried to make his dead ex-wife look like a suicide.

A man accused of murdering her ex-wife admits that he broke into her house, waited for her to return and assaulted her, but that she killed herself after he left her. On July 23, 2018, Adrian Basham is accused of killing Samantha Fraser in the garage of her Phillip Island home as she was returning from driving her three children to school and having coffee with friends.

Mr. Basham, 45, has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. Mr Basham allegedly parked his motorcycle outside Mrs Fraser’s house in Cowes, waited 90 minutes and was in the garage when she arrived at the house around 11am. m., according to prosecutors.

Prosecutor Nanette Rogers, South Carolina, told a Supreme Court jury on Wednesday that evidence would show that Mr. Basham strangled and inflicted head injuries on his ex-wife, then “tampered” with the crime scene. to make it look like she killed herself.

Samantha Fraser Age, Family, and Early Life

Samantha Fraser was 26 years old when she died. The exact data about her dates of birth have not yet been revealed. Any data on her age will be updated soon.

samantha fraser family

However, there is not much information about the members of the family, according to some sources. Although we don’t have much specific information about her family. Verified information about her family will be updated later.

What school and university did she go to?

Most likely, she has completed her education in her hometown. But the exact fact of her education has not yet been unpublished.

Any additional information about her education will be updated soon.

Samantha Fraser net worth, how much does she make?

Samantha Fraser’s net worth is yet to be revealed in the media. She has never talked about her net worth to the general public nor has she revealed anything on the web yet.

We are currently trying to determine the real fortune of her as you read this article and the verified information will be published very soon.

Samantha Fraser Husband, what about your relationship?

Her husband’s name is Mr. Basham and Mrs. Fraser met in the spring of 2006. He was employed in the construction industry. He worked as a therapist. They married in March 2007 and had three children.

samantha fraser husband

They moved to Cowes, the main town on Phillip Island, about two hours southeast of Melbourne, around 2012. Their relationship became “unhappy over time”, according to the prosecution, due to his “controlling and abusive” behaviour.

The defense agrees that the relationship had “rocky roads,” but denies that the defendant was controlling or abusive. Mrs. Fraser was also sure that she was following her.

Was it a homicide or a suicide?

Mr Basham returned to Phillip Island in July 2018. He was seen wandering near his former home, in violation of the intervention order. The defense admits it. Mr. Basham allegedly waited for Ms. Fraser to leave before taking the children to school, according to Crown.

The court heard that when Mrs. Fraser returned, she found Mr. Basham in the garage. Police forced her into her garage after she failed to pick up her children from school that afternoon. She was discovered dead inside her. Ultimately, her death was determined to be due to “hanging in the context of multiple blunt force injuries,” which was consistent with assault.

Mr. Basham allegedly abused her and hung her up, posing as if she had committed suicide, according to the Crown. Mr. Basham caused non-fatal injuries to Ms. Fraser, whether intentionally or unintentionally, according to the defense. Mr. Halphen, on the other hand, claimed that Mrs. Fraser was still alive when Mr. Basham left the house. Mr. Halphen urged the jury to explore the possibility that Ms. Fraser committed suicide, reminding them that if suicide were in any way feasible, Mr. Basham could not be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

He informed jurors: “This trial is more of a whodunit than anything else.” “There is a lot of overlap between the two circumstances, but only up to a point.” Going forward, the various endings that will be offered and played will be very, very different.”

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