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Who is Russell Bishop?(Babes in the Wood killer Russell Bishop, 55, is told he has ‘weeks to live’ after being diagnosed with brain cancer in prison ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Investigation,Family,Facebook,Crime, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Russell Bishop

Russell Bishop Wiki

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Who is Russell Bishop ?

Babes in the Wood killer Russell Bishop is dying of brain cancer in his prison cell.

Bishop, 55, who killed Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway in 1986 when they were just nine years old, has been told he has weeks to live.

The child killer escaped justice for 32 years before being jailed in 2018.

The pedophile was initially diagnosed with bowel cancer, but it has now spread to his brain, reports The Sun on Sunday.wikipedia

Bishop underwent surgery in an attempt to stop the cancerous growth, but was unsuccessful.

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He is said to be “devastated” by the diagnosis and is receiving hospice care at HMP Frankland in Durham County, where he is being held.

A source said: ‘Bishop has weeks or at most months left and he is devastated by the diagnosis.

The girls were found dead in this ‘den’ in the undergrowth in Wild Park, Brighton after it struck

“ His life is dwindling and he is getting progressively weaker.

“Bishop has never shown much remorse for what he did, so people feel justified in not feeling much sympathy for him.”

Bishop lured the two best friends to a secluded lair in Brighton’s Wild Park, where he sexually assaulted and strangled them.

The tragic discovery was made just half a mile from the girl’s two family homes.

Bishop was acquitted of the Babes in the Wood murders in 1987 after a series of mistakes made by police, forensic experts and prosecutors.

In three years, he kidnapped, abused, and strangled a seven-year-old girl at Devil’s Dyke.

While serving a life sentence for that crime, Bishop was ordered to face a new trial for the murders of Nicola and Karen in light of a DNA discovery.

In 2017, Bishop’s acquittals were overturned and the following year he was found guilty after a trial.


This summer, Bishop’s girlfriend Jennifer Johnson, 55, was convicted of perverting the course of justice for lying in her first trial.

Johnson surprised police in the dock after suddenly claiming that a blue sweater linking him to the crime and murder scene was not his. She had previously told investigators that she had been her garment.

Johnson had admitted to lying, but she had pleaded not guilty to perjury and perverting the course of justice, on the grounds that she was acting under duress.

But the Lewes Crown Court jury decided that she was lying again and that she had been “part of Team Bishop”, desperate for her to be acquitted of murder.

The love letters sent by Johnson to him during the Devils Dyke case and shown to these jurors, had exposed everything she would do for him.

They trilled: ‘I’m not leaving you, so don’t worry because I won’t.’ because I love you very much and I will write every day because you are special to me and you mean the whole world too.

Don’t worry when I’m not with your mother, since I can’t get a babysitter all the time, but I keep thinking about you, love.

‘Can we get married soon and will I reserve the church? It’s wonderful that you want to marry me. It’s not talking about prison, is it love? I don’t have much to say so goodbye for now.

The case was also made public recently after the mother of the murdered Karen Hadaway accused journalist Martin Bashir of losing her daughter’s clothes.

Michelle Hadaway says the former BBC religion editor obtained the clothes for the DNA tests for BBC Two’s Public Eye program 30 years ago, but the investigation did not go on the air and her calls to the station were ignored. he claimed.

Ms. Hadaway previously said that Bashir approached her in 1991 and asked that she take a DNA test of her daughter’s clothes, saying that science had advanced in the five years since the murders, but that she never returned the clothes. .

She called him a ‘rogue rogue’ and called for a criminal investigation after she claimed that she delayed catching the killer.

Russell Bishop Quick and Facts

  • Russell Bishop was diagnosed with bowel cancer which has spread to his brain
  • He is receiving palliative care at HMP Frankland where he is locked up
  • The child killer was finally jailed for the 1986 double murder in 2018 

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