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Breaking: Rosalee Sanchez Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Rosalee Sanchez

Rosalee Sanchez Wiki

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Steps from Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe store, a Momofuku outpost and multi-million dollar luxury apartments, an abandoned monstrosity languishing in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge has become the grave of a disabled teenager.

At some point during the last weekend of February, 19-year-old Rosalee Sánchez was beaten with a shovel and metal pipe, stabbed more than nine times, and strangled with a piece of rope inside the old Fulton Fish Market. in Lower Manhattan, prosecutors said.

Her beaten and bruised body was wrapped in plastic garbage bags and tape, covered with a metal foil and left to rot for more than a week.

Rosalee Sanchez was brutally murdered inside the old Fulton Fish Market in Lower Manhattan, prosecutors said.

“My wife! My wife! They killed my wife!” The man cried when Sánchez’s remains were removed from the plague of city property, according to a police source who was there.

A trio of out-of-state homeless people who had been living in the long-abandoned warehouse (Austin Boehm, 25, Christian Mercado, 20, and Amber Wilson, 33) admitted to the crime and were arrested.


Police are investigating the place where Rosalee Sánchez was found dead.

Boehm stabbed and hit Sanchez, Mercado hit her with the shovel and strangled her, and Wilson worked in vain to hide the savagery, prosecutors said.

“I was there and Austin and La Bestia told me to wrap his body with tape and plastic and then put a metal sheet over the body,” Wilson told police in an apparent reference to Mercado, according to his criminal complaint.

To the locals, the group was a noisy group, known for shoplifting, drug use, and general crime. But for Sánchez, they were new friends.

Austin Boehm was charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Rosalee Sanchez.

“Every time she used to talk to me, I would say, ‘Come back [home]’ and she would say, ‘Mommy, I’m fine, I’m with my friends,’” Sánchez’s mother, Iris García, told The Post. .

“[She said] that they were helping her and that they would take care of her and I said, ‘No, Rosalee, you don’t know these people, they’re not all your friends,’ but that’s the kind of heart my daughter had. , she couldn’t see the bad in people. She was too innocent, ”Garcia, 52, said between muffled sobs.

Amber Wilson was arrested for recording the body of Rosalee Sánchez, 19, who was found murdered on Saturday, March 6, 2021, in the abandoned building of the Fulton Fish Market.

“She thought everyone was her friend, she trusted everyone … she didn’t deserve these people doing this to her.”

Sánchez, a native of New Jersey, suffered from a learning disability and had the mentality of a 14-year-old, Garcia explained.

She left her mother’s home in Newark about two months ago to join a program for troubled teens after depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies left her hospitalized multiple times.

“It was a fight for 18 years. I always tried to keep her safe. I used to take her to therapy, she used to see a psychiatrist, but when she turned 18 she didn’t want anyone to help her, ”said the mother.

When Sánchez decided that she no longer wanted to be on the show, she went to live on the streets with her boyfriend “Ghost” in the Big Apple.

“She just wanted to be in Manhattan,” Garcia yelled as she grabbed a photo of Sanchez, kissing her at one point.

Lito Ahmed, a clerk at the Smoke Choice shop on Fulton Street, said Sanchez and her boyfriend were often seen hanging out with her alleged killers, Mercado, Boehm and Wilson.

Police sources said there may have been a dispute over the money and that the suspects had “lured” her into the market. Local police officers patrolling the scene Wednesday attributed it to the chaos that comes from drug-fueled loitering.

But for Garcia, her daughter was not a crack addict. Although she dabbled in marijuana and alcohol, Sánchez did not have a drug problem; she was just an impressionable girl, developmentally disabled “with a heart of gold,” desperate for a slice of freedom and independence.

“I last spoke to her on the 26th or 27th [February] … I told her, ‘Rosalee, you can’t keep walking the streets of New York. New York is not safe, you have to do something, let us help you. “She said,” I don’t need anyone to help me. Mommy, you worry too much. I’m fine, I know how to take care of myself, ‘”Garcia recalled.

“Then I called a day later and she never answered.”

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