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Who is Ronald Greene? Wiki, Bio, Age,family, cause of death, police statement, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ronald Greene

Ronald Greene Wiki

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Who is Ronald Greene?

Ronald Greene is a black man who was being stunned, dragged and beaten by Louisiana State Police before dying in custody following a high-speed chase during his arrest on May 10, 2019 according to Newly bodycam video.

How old is Ronald Greene ?

Ronald Greene is 49 years old.

Ronald Greene Statement

Images of the man’s last moments alive were obtained by The Associated Press after authorities refused to release him for two years.

“I am your brother! I am scared! I am scared!” Ronald Greene can be heard telling white cops as the unarmed man is repeatedly shaken with a stun gun before he exits his car down a dark country road.

The 2019 arrest outside Monroe, Louisiana, is the subject of a federal civil rights investigation. But unlike other deaths in custody across the country where body camera video was posted almost immediately, Greene’s case has been shrouded in secrecy and charges of cover-up.

Louisiana officials have rejected repeated calls for images and details about what caused the 49-year-old man’s death. Agents initially told Greene’s family that he was killed on impact after crashing into a tree during the chase. Later, the State Police issued a one-page statement acknowledging only that Greene fought with the soldiers and died on the way to the hospital.

Only now, in the images obtained by the AP from a policeman’s body camera, can the public see for the first time something of what happened during the arrest. The 46-minute clip shows a police officer knocking Greene to the ground, squeezing him, and punching him in the face, while another can be heard calling him a “stupid mother.”

Greene laments “I’m sorry!” while another soldier fires another stun gun blast to his butt and warns, “Look, you’re going to get it again if you don’t put your whores … hands behind your back!” Another soldier can be seen briefly dragging the man upside down after his legs and hands were handcuffed behind him. Instead of helping, the soldiers leave the burly man unsupervised, face down and groaning for more than nine minutes, while using disinfectant wipes to wash the blood from his hands and face. I hope this guy doesn’t have p … AIDS, ”one of the police officers can be heard saying.

After a period of several minutes in which Greene is not seen on camera, he appears again, limp, unresponsive, and bleeding from his head and face. He is then loaded onto an ambulance stretcher, his arm handcuffed to the bed rail.

In many parts of the video, Greene is not on the screen, and the soldier appears to cut the microphone in half, making it difficult to reconstruct exactly what was happening at all times. At least six police officers were at the scene of the arrest, but not all had their body cameras turned on.

Wrongful death lawsuit

“He was murdered. It was established, it was planned, “Greene’s mother, Mona Hardin, said Wednesday.” He didn’t get a chance. Ronnie didn’t get a chance. He wasn’t going to live to tell the tale. ”

An attorney for Greene’s family, Lee Merritt, said the footage “has some of the same hallmarks as the George Floyd video, the length, the sheer brutality.”

“He apologized in an attempt to surrender,” Merritt said.

The Louisiana State Police declined to comment on the content of the video. In a statement, the agency said that the “premature public release of investigative files and video evidence, in this case, is unauthorized and … undermines the investigative process and compromises the fair and impartial outcome.”

Investigation report

Senior State Police officers initially argued that the use of force by the police officers was justified – “terrible but legal,” as described by high-ranking officers – and did not open an administrative investigation until 474 days after the arrest. Greene’s death.

“Police departments have to stop blocking information that, in the public eye, is questionable. They have to reveal everything they know, when they know it, ”said Andrew Scott, a former Boca Raton, Florida police chief who testifies as an expert witness in use of force cases. “Suggest you are hiding something.”

Although he noted that Greene “was not without guilt” and appeared to resist the orders of the police officers, Scott said that dragging the handcuffed man face down by the shackles of his ankles was “malicious, sadistic, completely unnecessary. ”

“That should never have happened,” she said. “You’ve got the guy fully engaged. He’s not hurting anyone.”

Charles Key, another expert on the use of force and a former Baltimore police lieutenant, questioned the police officers’ decision to leave Greene unattended, handcuffed and face down for several minutes, calling the practice “completely wrong.” .

“You don’t leave anyone lying on the ground, especially after you’ve had this fight,” Key said. “The training has been for several years that as soon as you gets.

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