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Who is Roland Codrington?(NYC man charged in Harlem park slashing spree that left doctor dead)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Roland Codrington

Roland Codrington Wiki

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A career felon is being charged in a violent slashing spree that left two people dead, including a hard-working pediatrician who was found with his throat slit in a Harlem park, New York police officials announced Monday.

Roland Codrington, 35, was driving the car of beloved Manhattan pediatrician Bruce Maurice Henry, whose bloody body was found Friday in Marcus Garvey Park when he was seized on Christmas Eve, police said.

He is also accused of stabbing patrons at an Upper East Side bar and the stabbing death of a 51-year-old man on the Lower East Side, according to police.

“Three sharp-eyed officers from the 30th Precinct made the apprehension,” NYPD Patrol Chief John Chell told reporters.


Police said 35-year-old Roland Codrington is charged with two gory murders, including the death of pediatrician Bruce Maurice Henry at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem.

“It was a great plan on Christmas Eve when everyone was out shopping, we were still working,” Chell said. “Thank goodness we put this to bed.”

Henry, 60, a pediatrician, was found dead with his throat slit and stabbed multiple times in Marcus Garvey Park around 2:15 a.m. of Friday. The brutal murder, which occurred a day before Henry’s birthday, confused the policemen, who said they had no motive for the murder.

Dr Bruce Maurice Henry

Bruce Maurice Henry, 60, was last seen leaving his Spuyten-Duyvil building the day before he was found with his throat slit.

Neighbors said the medical worker was seen leaving his Spuyten-Duyvil building dressed casually the day before.

“Without any video in the park, the NYPD detectives went to work,” NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said at Monday’s news conference.

“After inspecting the scene and combing through countless leads, your detectives were able to link this murder to another murder at Precinct 9 of a 51-year-old man and a separate assault that ultimately resulted in the arrest of Roland Codrington after an department-wide collaboration of intelligence, resources and skills,” Sewell said.

Codrington is also being charged with the stabbing death of James Cunningham, who was found dead on an East Village street around 1 a.m. m. of December 19. Police said Cunningham left a nearby bar, where he drank a soda and left.

A bartender at the watering hole told police he heard officers outside and came out to see the victim lying in a pool of blood on Avenue A near East 13th Street with a 10-inch neck wound, police said. .


Police said Codrington, who was with his girlfriend at the time, argued with Cunningham outside the bar and cut him off within 20 seconds.

“Our guy had just left the establishment,” NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said at Monday’s briefing. “There are no previous interactions. They collide with each other. They have a 20 second dispute caught on camera.

“And our perpetrator just pulls out a knife and slashes the neck and then walks away.”

In the third incident, Sewell said Codrington allegedly assaulted a bartender at Teddy’s Bar on Second Avenue on Thursday and stabbed two patrons who came to the victim’s aid.

Codrington was arrested after officers allegedly stopped him while he was driving Henry’s stolen car at Jerome Avenue and 166th Street in the Bronx on Saturday, Essig said.

“We are looking at all the unprovoked stabbings across the city to see if he has done anything else,” Essig said.

Codrington already had a list of violent crimes on his rap sheet.

“He has 12 prior arrests, including some vehicle related arrests from 2022 assault with a weapon and [in] 2017 two assaults with a weapon, 2013 criminal possession of a knife, 2012 twice per assault, in … 2006 a robbery and assault knife with a knife,” said the chief.