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Who is Rodney Cockeye Stepp? Wiki, Bio, Age,family, shot and killed, investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Rodney Cockeye Stepp

Rodney Cockeye Stepp Wiki

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Who is Rodney ‘Cockeye’ Stepp?

In the early morning of December 6, 2017, Rodney “Cockeye” Stepp was shot and killed in the driveway of his home in Martin County, Kentucky. His friend Elwood “Woody” Six was arrested at the scene and charged with second-degree murder, a charge that was later upgraded to first-degree murder, WYMT reported at the time. Six have pleaded not guilty and said the shooting was an act of self-defense.

The case is explored in “Accused: Guilty or Innocent?” From A&E documenting the cases from the defendant’s perspective, including his defense, his trial, and how his family is handling the process. The premiere episode of the second season, titled “Best Friend Murder or Self Defense?” follows Six after being charged with the shooting death of his friend.

How old is Rodney ‘Cockeye’ Stepp ?

Rodney “Cockeye” Stepp’s age is unknown.

Stepp was shot and killed in his driveway at six

The court heard that on December 5, 2017, Six agreed to take Stepp on a Christmas shopping afternoon because his friend had been drinking and couldn’t drive alone, Bradley shared with Heavy. Six, 66 at the time, was more than just a friend to Stepp, 46; he was also the first cousin of Stepp’s father, who had passed away in recent years.

The two spent the afternoon and evening running errands and after several stops, they returned to Stepp’s house just before 3 a.m. on December 6. According to Bradley, the evidence showed that the two had been arguing on and off throughout the day while Six was trying to get Stepp to stop drinking while Stepp was mad at him for scolding him.

Tension continued to mount between the two and Stepp was aggressive and threatening towards Six when he got into his truck to leave, Bradley told the court during Six’s trial. The situation escalated and Six shot Stepp once. The prosecution argued during the trial that the angle of the shot and the entry of the bullet meant that Six was probably still in his truck during the shooting, Bradley explained.

He also told Heavy that the defense position was that his client knew his friend was armed and Stepp searched his pocket, prompting Six to shoot him in self-defense. On the 911 call, Six was heard saying that Stepp had him by the neck and that he would not let him go and that he was afraid that Stepp would kill him, Bradley shared.

After hearing the arguments of the prosecution and defense, the jury found Six not guilty of manslaughter, but convicted him of reckless manslaughter. Under Kentucky law, that charge means “recklessly caused [d] the death of another person.”

A policeman detained the couple.

During Heavy’s interview with Bradley, he revealed that there was an interesting exchange between Stepp and a police officer the night of the fatal shooting. Stepp recorded a video of “Cockeye Live” on Facebook from Walmart while Six waited in the vehicle and, after leaving the store, an employee called the police.

Bradley said the Walmart employee reported that Stepp was “very drunk” and that they were not sure if he was driving, so they gave authorities a description of his vehicle. Three minutes later, a police officer saw the vehicle and crossed the double line of the highway, so he decided to stop them and see if the “very drunk” man from Walmart was driving.

Bradley told Heavy that Six, who was behind the wheel, had been telling Stepp to stop drinking and Stepp got angry and agitated so Six decided to plug in his phone and play gospel music. He said that he crossed the double line while looking for the cable to connect his phone to the stereo system.

According to Bradley, the police officer wrote in his incident report after the traffic stop that Stepp was belligerent, angry and cursed at the situation. Since Six was the one driving and he was completely sober, the police officer simply issued a citation for crossing the double line and failing to present proof of insurance for the vehicle, which belonged to Stepp and his wife.

That evidence showed that Stepp had the ability to get angry while drinking, even though the prosecution called Six’s neighbor to testify that Six, not Stepp, had a reputation in the community for being violent. This testimony really affected Six’s wife, Joann, Bradley told Heavy, but he said he hopes the show will help people see Six in a more compassionate and understanding way.

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