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Breaking: Robert Scott Palmer Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Robert Scott Palmer

Robert Scott Palmer Wiki

                        Robert Scott Palmer Biography

The man has now been clearly identified as Robert Scott Palmer, a 53-year-old Clearwater, Florida resident. Videos and photos from the day clearly show Palmer attacking police with the fire extinguisher.

There were numerous alarming images from the January 6 riot, only one of which showed a rioter attacking Capitol police with a fire extinguisher. He sprayed the police with the cartridge before throwing it at them. The man has now been clearly identified as Robert Palmer, a 53-year-old Clearwater, Florida resident. The videos and photos of the day clearly show Palmer attacking the police with the fire extinguisher, one of the many acts of violence of the day.

Palmer later identified himself in a Facebook live stream. He was seen wearing the same star studded jacket and Florida for Trump hat in a video that was recorded after police managed to evacuate the Capitol.

Palmer’s identity was verified by the Huffington Post thanks to a tip from Amy, a woman who spends her spare time tracking down everyone involved in the riot. Palmer has also been identified by the FBI, but not by his name.

Who is Robert Palmer?

Robert Scott Palmer, 53, runs Son Bright Systems, a cleaning and restoration company in the city of Clearwater, Florida. He has a criminal record, verified by the Huffington Post, which includes assault fraud and criminal offenses.

Palmer is also a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was interviewed about her Superbowl win in a WUSF article. Like many others, Palmer ignored social distancing protocols when he took to the streets to celebrate victory in front of Raymond James Stadium. Not much else is known about Palmer, as his Facebook page has apparently been taken down. On his LinkedIn profile, he is only listed as the owner of Son Bright Systems since 2000. His LinkedIn profile also indicates that he studied in Manchester, New Hampshire.

According to the Huffington Post, “He (his Facebook profile) is riddled with messages spreading false information about Biden’s election, denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement, and downplaying the need for COVID-19 security protocols. A video Palmer took in December appears to cheer him up during a parade of proud children marching through the streets of Washington. ”

Palmer’s role in the uprising

In his distinctive garb, Palmer is seen climbing the steps of the Capitol and spraying the fire extinguisher on the police. As soon as the cartridge is empty, he throws it to the police. It is unclear from the images if Palmer hurt someone with his actions. We don’t know what will happen next. The only other recording we see of Palmer is on CJTV Media’s Facebook livestream.

The streaming video is available on YouTube. This is the first time Palmer has shown injuries on camera that night when protesters argue with riot police. “He shot me with rubber bullets just because I yelled at them,” he told the reporter. He then spends a few minutes keeping Trump in power before identifying himself. Even though Amy had sent the advice to the FBI, it took Palmer about a month to appear on the Capitol Office violence page. He is now listed as # 246-AFO.

Palmer confirmed his identity and his role in the riots when contacted by The Huffington Post. When asked about the fire extinguisher, he cut the call. There are now public calls on social media for Palmer’s arrest. Some users also visited the Son Bright Systems Facebook page with spam and asked Palmer to report it.

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