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Who is Riqui Vines (Young woman fears she’s been left with permanent damage to her eyesight)Wiki,Bio,Age,More Quick and Facts

Riqui Vines

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Riqui Vines, 26, and his aunt, Angela Elliott, were dancing at the Lost and Found Music Festival at Rockhampton Showgrounds in central Queensland on Saturday when they accidentally collided with another woman in the mosh pit.

Ms Vines claimed she was warned by a group of girls near her that the woman was being aggressive, but she said she was “having too much fun” to pay attention.

The woman then allegedly elbowed the college student in the face, giving him a black eye that she fears may now permanently damage her.


Ms Vines said she was dancing in the mosh pit when she collided with a woman who allegedly punched her in the lip and elbowed her in the face.

She explained that the crowd was “pushing and shoving,” as most revelers do at a mosh pit.

But after Ms Vines was pushed towards the woman, she claimed the other festival-goer “broke my lip”.

“I hit him back immediately to defend myself and then told him to calm down because we were all there to have fun and we don’t want to get kicked out,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

Surprised but determined to have a good time, Mrs. Vine decided to ignore the woman and concentrate on dancing with her aunt.

But the crowd went wild as the next act prepared to take the stage and Mrs. Vine was pushed into the woman again.

“That’s when she elbowed me in the left eye at close range with her right elbow,” she claimed.

‘I fell back into the crowd and was immediately shocked and stunned.

I could barely see and didn’t have much control over my body but I could tell she was about to keep hitting me so I did my best to stay conscious then I saw my aunt grab her and spin her around and she hit me. aunt.’


Ms. Vines said she is concerned that she may have sustained permanent eye damage from the attack

But doctors warned her that she will have to see an optometrist once the swelling subsides, as there is a chance she has sustained permanent vision damage.

“I’ve never been involved in a fight, I’ve never seen a fight at any other festival and I’ve been to a few,” Vine said.

“Everyone else in the crowd was super understanding and we were all very apologetic and helpful to each other.

“She was just a rotten egg in the crowd, she shouldn’t have been there and she shouldn’t have been allowed into another festival.”

Queensland Police said they are investigating.

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