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Breaking: Riley Lemon Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Riley Lemon

Riley Lemon Wiki

                                    Riley Lemon Biography

Nashville-based comedy content creator Riley Lemon with TikTok username @lemonbrothers boasts 650,000 followers on the social media platform. Participating in a recent trend where TikTokers are ashamed of their past moments, their text message on the video read, “I think about the time I was pulled over and told the cop I had a dead body on the back of my car”.

A TikToker prank video has sparked a conversation about “white privilege” after he filmed himself telling a police officer that he was carrying a dead body in the back of his car just to get out of a ticket. . This has led to a speech in the comments, where users point to the privilege of being white when it comes to encounters with law enforcement.

Riley Lemon age

Riley Lemon is 24 years old.

The video of Riley with the body in a car

The TikTok video later corroborates her claims, cutting out the apparent incident, where Lemon can be seen sitting in the car. She exchanges courtesies with the officer before being asked “Do you have any idea why I stopped you?” Lemon then jokes, “Is it because you think I’m cute or the corpse in the back of my car?” She can also be seen laughing to himself, and the officer responds, “I’m going to have to ask you to get out of the vehicle.” Lemon can be seen in a panic reaching for the phone and ending the recording.

The video sparked a massive backlash, with Lemon explaining that he was trying to “get out of a ticket by doing the” joke. “He even asked viewers,” Did you ever say something wild to get out of a ticket? “The clip has gotten more. over a million views and more than 4 million views since Friday, March 12. Lemon had captioned it, “Pro Tip No. # 1: Don’t tell a cop that you have a body in the back of your car as a joke. ”

White privilege

Taking it to the comment section, users have criticized the alleged bias that the video reflects inadvertently. “What about white privilege,” said one, another added, “You’re lucky to be white.” Some warned viewers not to “try this at home” as “results may vary based on skin color.” Another user commented: “WHITE SAVED IT.” One joked: “Did he let you reach for your phone? It must be fine! “Another said,” Imagine grabbing the phone while Black. ”

Lemon claims that the video was staged after all, sharing with the Daily Dot how he often sets up comedic content incidents for his TikTok account. “My goal with my videos is to make people smile, especially during difficult times last year,” he told the outlet. She said that he never expected this video of everyone to go viral. “Although it was not intentional, in my opinion, any video that starts a conversation on relevant topics is a success,” she said.

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