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Who is Rick Thornburn?(Vile foster father who murdered Tiahleigh Palmer and s*xually abused two other children wanted to house ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Rick Thornburn

Rick Thornburn Wiki

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Who is Rick Thornburn?

Child killer Rick Thorburn and his wife Julene wanted to foster more children with ‘high and complex needs’ to access monetary benefits to help them escape financial trouble, an investigation revealed.

Thornburn killed his adopted daughter, Tiahleigh Palmer, on October 29, 2015, when he discovered that his 18-year-old son, Trent, had had s*x with the 12-year-old schoolgirl.

He was charged the following year and later pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two other girls in his charge.

But a review of the Thornburns’ involvement with the Department of Child Safety revealed that the couple requested to care for a child with complex needs, which is compensated at a higher rate of $ 960 to $ 1,400 per fortnight.

Cause of Death

While the exact cause of death could not be conclusively determined, Bentley said that Tiahleigh was most likely asphyxiated or suffocated.

Thorburn sobbed as he read a one-page statement, he says it was written about four years ago, in Coroner’s Court during earlier testimony.

He said he “ didn’t remember ” his wife telling her about him the day Tiahleigh died that his son had had sex with the 12-year-old boy.

When asked if there could be a link between the circumstances in which he killed Tiahleigh and found out about the sexual relationship, he replied: ‘I don’t know.

He also said in the investigation that he was “forced to plead guilty” prior to multiple charges of s*xual assault for crimes unrelated to Tiahleigh’s death.

They included a series of s*xual offenses against minors after he s*xually assaulted two girls at his Brisbane home in 2015 and 2016.

Despite internal reviews and criminal trials, no one knows what happened to Tiahleigh in her final moments of hers, a pre-investigation hearing was recounted in May.

Arrested and Charged

“(Thorburn) has pleaded guilty to her murder, but has never given an account, under oath or otherwise, how he killed her,” said attorney who assisted coroner Kate McMahon during the hearing.

In the hours leading up to Tiahleigh’s death, she went to a hip-hop dance class where she complained of stomachaches.

That same night, Thorburn’s son, Trent, confessed to her mother Julene that he had had sex with the schoolgirl and feared that the stomachaches were a sign that she was pregnant.

Thornburn and his wife feared that a pregnancy could mean that Trent would go to jail on incest charges, according to previous procedures.

That night, Julene, Trent, and her brother Joshua went out, leaving Tiahleigh home alone with Rick Thorburn for two hours.

She was never seen alive again.

Tiahleigh’s body, naked except for her underwear, was badly decomposed when three fishermen found it on the banks of the Pimpama River, near the Gold Coast, on November 5, 2015.

Members of the Thorburn family were convicted of being part of the crime: Rick Thorburn for the murder, Trent for incest, and Julene and Joshua for being part of an elaborate cover-up.

Rick Thorburn was sentenced to life in prison for murder.

Daughter Tiahleigh Palmer

The payment is not expected to cover costs such as clothing, school uniforms, recreation and leisure expenses, transportation costs, bedding, home cleaning, and meal preparation, all of which are reimbursed at the top.

The report found that the Thornburns, who applied to open a home nursery for additional income at the time of Tiahleigh’s death, did not explain why they wanted to care for a child with complex needs.

“Mr. and Mrs. Thorburn had expressed to … staff that they wanted to care for any child with high or complex needs,” the review read.

However, the Thorburns did not provide an explanation for this wish, nor did the agency request it.

‘Mr and Mrs Thorburn pointed out to the advisors that they had a’ history of financial hardship ‘and Mrs Thorburn stated that financial concerns were one of the only areas that have been a source of great concern to the Thorburns as partner’.

The report, written by the Queensland Coroner’s Court’s Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Unit, was included in the findings released this week during an investigation into Tialeigh’s death.

Coroner Jane Bentley ruled that Thorburn strangled the 12-year-old boy to prevent her son from going to jail for s*xually abusing the minor.


The investigation previously heard about the Thorburns’ financial difficulties and how the couple expressed an interest in running a home-based daycare service through their Chambers Flat property.

In an email, the foster care organization told a child safety officer that Rick and Julene ‘require additional employment to maintain their home … the babysitting assignments they receive are fully spent on Tia.’

The family’s financial battles were further revealed in a sickening message Trent sent his cousin via Facebook just hours before Tialeigh’s murder.

After confessing to having sexually abused the teenager, he wrote: ‘I just want the child to go and get out of my life, but I know that she is also a sauce (sic) of income for mom and dad and I can’t risk losing ( sic) money because she’s gone. ‘

The investigation previously heard about a chilling phone call Thorburn made to his wife from a Queensland prison on June 1.

During the call, the couple complained that journalists were ‘trying to catch them’ and expressed their desire to ‘live their lives’ undisturbed by the murder of their adopted son.

Bentley said that Tiahleigh Palmer was probably choked or suffocated by Rick Thorburn

The court heard that Thorburn deliberately avoided relaying the details of the murder to police and possibly sexually abused Tiahleigh.

The call shows that the married couple felt that they were the victimized ones.

“When we go to the courtroom, if they want something from me, they can tell a bunch of people to fuck off, otherwise they won’t get anything,” Thorburn told his wife over the phone from behind. the jail.

I’ll go to the grave with what I have. If the Forensic Court doesn’t like that, well that’s their damn problem, not mine. ‘

Ms Thorburn replied: ‘We would all talk much happier and like ourselves without them there. But everything we say and do, they are going to twist it into the news, and that’s what makes it very restrictive. So it makes us very reserved to talk at all. ‘

Her husband responded by promising to say that he “could not remember” what happened the night he murdered Tiahleigh when he was in court.

‘That’s what I’m going to say, just say the words,’ I can’t remember ‘and what do they have then?’ he told his wife.

Tiahleigh Palmer, 12, was suffocated by her evil foster …

Disturbing new twist in the murder of Tiahleigh Palmer, 12, …

‘Fuck everything. Let me say it all. I can say and do whatever I want, but you, you can’t, you know.

Ms Thorburn then said, ‘That’s it, we have to live our lives without them (the media) bothering us … anything we say and it’s going to twist us and make us look disgusting, isn’t it?’

To which a remorseless Mr. Thorburn replied, ‘That’s it, that’s what bastards do.’

Convicted s*x offender Thorburn said in the investigation into Tiahleigh’s death that he “accidentally” suffocated her adopted daughter, but this was rejected by Deputy State Coroner Jane Bentley.

Rick Thorburn Quicks and Facts

  • Deputy State Coroner ruled Rick Thorburn deliberately killed Tiahleigh Palmer
  • Thorburn most likely choked or asphyxiated the schoolgirl on October 29, 2015  
  • Other members of Thorburn’s family were also implicated in the shocking crime
  • Thorburn killed Tiahleigh after discovering his son had sex with her previously
  • An inquest found the Thorburns had requested to foster more ‘high needs’ kids
  • They were struggling financially – carers of high needs kids are paid a higher rate

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