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Who is Ricardo Cruciani?(League-trained neurologist to ‘s*xually abuse woman addicted to pain meds’, according to 22 suits against the disgraced doctor ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Arrested,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ricardo Cruciani

Ricardo Cruciani Wiki

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Who is Ricardo Cruciani ?

A neurologist who allegedly hooked dozens of women on ‘staggering’ doses of painkillers before s*xually abusing them was reportedly shielded by staff who ‘looked the other way’ for 12 years at three different hospitals, according to the latest of the reports. 22 lawsuits against him.

Ricardo Cruciani, 63, is accused of forcing patients to touch his penis, masturbate him, give him oral s*x, allow him to finger them and digitally penetrate them.

If they refused, he allegedly withheld the huge and addictive doses of pain relievers he prescribed.wikipedia

The latest lawsuit, filed on behalf of six alleged victims in July, states that hospital staff failed to report Ivy League-trained Cruciani victims every step of the way.

None of the medical practices that employed the disgraced physician, including the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, the Capital Neuroscience Institute in Hopewell Township, NJ, and Drexel University in Pennsylvania, have been responsible for hiring him despite the repeated red flags raised. throughout the 35 years of his tenure.


“[Hospitals] knowingly ignored their reporting and monitoring obligations … and knowingly let [Cruciani] walk out the door so that he could continue his abusive and predatory s*xual behavior … in downstream healthcare systems,” it reads on demand.

Attorney Jeffrey Fritz, who represents six women in a lawsuit against New Jersey and New York hospitals, told Dailymail.com that there are typically multiple checks in place to keep abuse from going unchecked.

“All controls failed these women, therefore hospitals failed these women every step of the way,” he said.

The attorney also represents 18 more women who sued at Drexel University, where Cruciani served as chair of the neurology department.

In all, Fritz said, there are 18 civil lawsuits pending against Cruciani in Pennsylvania, three in New Jersey involving 18 or 19 women and one in New York on behalf of 12 victims.


Fritz said the doctor faces more than 30 criminal charges in New Jersey and more in New York and Pennsylvania.

After being fired in 2017 from his last position at Drexel, Cruciani was simply forced to register as a s*x offender and surrender his medical license in a plea deal that year.

In 2018, Cruciani was released on $ 1 million bail on criminal charges against him in New York, and he has yet to reappear in court, in part due to COVID-related postponements.

One of the plaintiffs in the latest lawsuit, Tanisha Johnson, told the New York Times on Monday how she began seeing Cruciani at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York for his repeated migraines.

She said Cruciani over-prescribed her a large dose of 1,300 pain relievers per month and then began to display inappropriate behavior.

Over the course of several months, he allegedly went from putting one arm around her during her first consultation, to exposing her penis, masturbating in front of her, and forcing her to perform oral s*x, as per her demand.

When she tried to refuse, Cruciani threatened to withhold the drug cocktail that he had become dependent on.

“The first week of opioid withdrawal is excruciatingly painful,” she told The Times.

On one occasion in 2010 or 2011, according to the lawsuit, a Beth Israel nurse entered the room when Johnson was in Cruciani’s office and her penis was exposed.

However, Cruciani was never reported to the New York Board of Professional Medical Conduct.

The lawsuit claims that several patients at the hospitals where he worked told nurses that they had been s*xually assaulted.

Several patients said they repeatedly asked nurses or other staff members to stay in the room with them during consultations, but the requests were generally rejected.

One of the previous victims, Hillary Tullin, told a Beth Israel psychologist that Cruciani “grabbed her face by force and shoved his tongue down her throat,” according to the lawsuit. The psychologist never reported the accusation.

‘I said,’ I want you to report it, ‘Tullin told The Times.

Tullin, a former ABC and CBS producer, experienced severe chronic pain, which she said was not treated by ’15 or 18 ‘doctors before going to see Cruciani at Beth Israel Medical Center (now Mount Sinai Beth Israel), who diagnosed him with a complete illness. -body complex regional pain syndrome, which is not well understood.

She said the doctor started calling her every day, telling her about her personal and family life, complimenting her appearance and telling her that he was thinking of her. He began holding her during the sessions, which soon turned into prolonged touches and then s*xual assault, she said.


“These hospitals created this perfect storm of opportunity for him to victimize so many patients,” she said. ‘The system failed.’

Another Beth Israel patient, Nella Vince, reported Cruciani’s s*xual assault in 2013 to the New York City Police Department and offered evidence: a T-shirt with her semen, according to the Times.

She was even preparing to use a cable, but the case was dropped and Vince was cited by police as ‘uncooperative’. In an interview, she said they didn’t take her accusation seriously because, they told her, Cruciani had no criminal record.


Later, in 2013, Cruciani abruptly resigned from the New York hospital and went to work at the Capital Institute in Hopewell, NJ; many of his patients, including those who suffered abuse, followed him there, unable to get other doctors to prescribe the amounts of medication that he would do.

In a statement at the time of Cruciani’s arrest in 2017, a Mount Sinai spokesperson told DailyMail.com: “ We are deeply disturbed to learn of these charges and have been working closely with the investigation being led by the U.S. attorney’s office. district.

“The Mount Sinai Health System is committed to a safe environment for all patients, faculty, staff, students, trainees, and visitors.”

In 2014, a Capital patient and her mother approached Dr. Steve Boyland, who also worked at the hospital, to report that Cruciani had forcibly groped and kissed her. Boyland, according to the lawsuit, never reported the behavior.

The following year, according to the lawsuit, an anonymous victim sent a message to Capital Nurse Ann Friedland on Facebook to report Cruciani’s behavior, which the victim said made her feel “uncomfortable.” The woman specifically asked the nurse if Cruciani had abused other women at the Capital Health center.

Ella friedland replied that she “did not know of any circumstances [where Cruciani was] inappropriate with patients”, but that she “suspected it”.

The nurse also told the anonymous woman that while Cruciani “flirted” with her, she “kept him at a distance.”

Friedland, the lawsuit alleges, did not share this information with Hopewell detectives when the neurologist’s behavior was being investigated.

After Cruciani left Capital for Drexel in 2016, Friedland allegedly told another anonymous woman that he knew Cruciani had been “ s*xual with other women in the office ” and that she had urged him not to be alone in the wards. examination with female patients.

The husband of another patient reported that Cruciani was over-medicating and s*xually abusing his wife in Capital through the hospital’s Office of Patient Advocacy, according to the lawsuit, the office never reported the allegation to the state of New Jersey.

Capital Health representatives denied that numerous members of their staff were approached about the abuse, saying the hospital received no complaints about Cruciani from patients while he was working there.

“We were surprised and saddened when these allegations came to light,” said a statement released by Capital Health’s press office.

In 2015, the disgraced doctor was transferred to Drexel amid mounting accusations.

In February 2017, at least five patients and three staff members came forward, prompting Drexel to launch an investigation into the doctor’s behavior, according to lawsuits filed in 2018 in Philadelphia.

Drexel representatives blamed the former Cruciani hospitals for not raising the alarm.

“Drexel hired Cruciani after conducting a thorough background check, as is done with all potential employees, which did not reveal any inappropriate or illegal conduct,” the statement said.


In September 2017, Cruciani was arrested on multiple counts of indecent assault and a single count of indecent exposure. Two months later, he was sentenced to serve seven years of probation in connection with the charges in Philadelphia.

While he avoided jail time, he was forced to relinquish his license and register as a s*x offender. He was also fired from Drexel University following his conviction.

During his sentencing, Cruciani apologized for the pain he had caused the victims.

Months later, in February, Cruciani was arrested on an eerily similar set of allegations from New York.

Azza AbuDagga, a researcher at the Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, told the New York Times that Cruciani’s ability to continue seeing patients despite numerous complaints against him is not atypical.

“We have been calling for zero tolerance for s*xual abuse by healthcare providers against patients,” AbuDagga said.

“If that standard is not adopted, we will not be anywhere close to solving the problem.”

Ricardo Cruciani Quick and Facts

  • Six women who were abused by disgraced Ivy League-trained neurologist Ricardo Cruciani, 63, are now suing the hospitals that employed him
  • Nurses, therapists and administration at three hospitals ‘fail[ed] victims ‘every step of the way,’ according to a lawsuit filed this July
  • Cruciani is accused of hooking dozens of women on ‘astounding’ doses of painkillers before s*xually abusing them, and was allegedly protected by staff
  •  ‘[The hospitals] ignored their… oversight duties and… let him walk out the door so he could continue [abusing women]… at [other] healthcare systems’
  • When women resisted Cruciani’s advances, he withheld their pain medications, which were so ‘astounding’ that other doctors wouldn’t match his prescriptions
  • In total there are 18 pending civil suits against him in Pennsylvania, three in New Jersey covering 18 or 19 women and one in New York on behalf of 12 victims.
  • The doctor is facing more then 30 criminal charges in New Jersey, and more in New York and Pennsylvania
  • Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, Capital Health in New Jersey, and Drexel University in Pennsylvania haven’t  been held liable for employing him 

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