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Breaking: Ribana Mihai Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ribana Mihai

Ribana Mihai Wiki

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Three Romanian women have been jailed after forming a pickpocket gang to steal phones and wallets from unsuspecting students.

Ribana Mihai, 24, her sister Luminita, 21, and her cousin Rebecca State, also 21, were captured by an undercover police operation after ten victims a day were attacked outside the Metropolitan University of Manchester.

How old is Ribana Mihai ?

Ribana Mihai 24 years old.


The women, all Romanian nationals, loitering outside the lecture halls and using hand signals to communicate while selecting students to and from classes.

Plainclothes officers attacked on December 1 last year after thieves were seen trying to steal a £ 1,000 iPhone XR and a purse from the pocket of an international student while she was walking with a friend.


The victim was unaware that she had been attacked until officers detained her to ask if she still had all of her belongings.
Police said the women regularly changed their clothes and covered their heads with hoods to confuse potential witnesses before selling the items they stole on the black market.

The thefts caused such widespread concern that a Facebook group was created to advise international students on how to avoid becoming victims.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Ribana, a mother of four, from Clarksfield, Oldham, was imprisoned for 20 months.

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Lumita received 16 months in prison, while Rebecca, the mother of a son, who lives at the same address in Levenshulme, Manchester, was imprisoned for 14 months.

All three, who have prior convictions for similar matters, were also expelled from Manchester city center until 2026 under a Criminal Conduct Order.

If caught entering a prohibited area, they could face another five years behind bars.

They admitted attempted robbery after their pleas of not guilty for conspiracy to steal were accepted. A man seen escaped capture and has not been located.

Who is Registrar Mark Rhind?

In sentencing the women, the judge, Registrar Mark Rhind, told them: “ All three have no real regret or remorse for what they have done and seem to be entrenched in a pattern of offenses for which it is acceptable to go out. and steal. earn money.

‘Previous efforts to correct his behavior have been unsuccessful. In fact, you have a history of completing sentences and then relapsing again.

“This area was a hotspot for pickpockets like you and the impact on the public, particularly students, has been significant and has caused great concern.

‘I am convinced that there is a pressing need to treat this crime as more serious because of the area in which it occurred.

‘You were discovered and recognized by the police because of your previous offense and because of the intelligence they had on all of you.

‘You were acting suspicious, you were walking up and down the street and clearly pointing at the students.

“ I would point out the students using hand signals to each other and changing clothes to make it harder for others to recognize and identify which of you was doing what.

‘In this case, when the victim was detained, he was surprised that she had not felt anything, but that shows how experienced the experts were. It is clear that you are an organized group and you went out to that area to rob together.

‘You were targeting students in an area where students were frequent. You were stealing or trying to steal high-value items to earn significant amounts of money. This was not done out of desperation or necessity. ”

The court heard that Greater Manchester Police launched an operation codenamed ‘Orion’ following a spike in reports of pickpockets outside the university.

Ribana Mihai Quicks  And Facts

Ribana Mihai, 24, her sister Luminita, 21, and cousin Rebecca State, also 21
The women formed a family crime gang and pickpocketed in Manchester
Admitted attempted theft after not guilty pleas for conspiracy to steal accepted
Mother-of-four Ribana, from Clarksfield, Oldham, was jailed for 20 months
Lumita got 16 months imprisonment while Rebecca was jailed for 14 months

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