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Breaking: Reynhard Sinaga Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Evil rapist sentenced to life in prison for convicted crimes and rapes

Reynhard Sinaga, 37, was sentenced to life in prison by Manchester Crown Court in January after being found guilty of more than 150 crimes, including 136 rapes, against 48 men, and the police linked him to more than 190 potential people. the victims.

The attorney general’s office postponed the 30-year minimum sentence McCann and Reynhard Sinaga served in appeals court earlier this year, deeming it “unduly lenient.”

However, a jury of five judges refused to give life sentences and instead increased his sentence to 40 years.

In issuing the decision, Lord Burnett said: “The crime in the McCann and Sinaga cases, while very serious, in our opinion, does not require that either of them receive a fee. lifetime.

“This is not to downplay the seriousness of your crime, but to ensure that the most severe sentence in our jurisdiction, except in exceptional cases, is reserved for the most serious death or a prior plan for a serious murder similar to that recorded in Near End . ”

However, the judge said his minimum sentences would be increased to reflect the severity of his crimes.

Lord Burnett said that in the collective experience of the chief justices who tried the case, the McCann and Sinaga crimes are among the most serious rape offenses ever brought to justice in England and Wales.

He added: “Neither has shown remorse, and the long-term psychological damage inflicted on at least some of the victims in both trials is profound and will not be understood for years to come.”

The judge said whether one of the men would be released from prison depends on the risk assessment conducted by the parole board after serving his minimum sentence.

In a post-conviction statement, Attorney General Michael Ellis told QC: “The two criminals have committed some of the most heinous and depraved sexual assaults that have shocked the nation.

“I am grateful for the advice that the court has given me on life sentences and I am glad that the court has established a longer minimum period.

“I hope this brings comfort to the victims of these heinous crimes.”

At a hearing in London in October, Attorney General Michael Ellis QC argued the couple should have been jailed for what he described as “some of the gravest and most violent crimes this country has seen” . for their crimes. never seen “.

Speaking to five high-ranking justices, including Chief Justice Lord Burnett, Ellis said McCann’s catalog of crimes was “extremely serious” and included the use of force and a “desire to humiliate and degrade.” the victims of him. ”

He told the court that the effects on his victims were “profound” and that, as a result, they suffered “serious psychological damage.”

Ellis said, “These crimes are among the most serious sex crimes ever committed in our courts.”

Mr. Ellis said that a busy life for any culprit was a “fitting reflection” of her crimes and the “substantial harm” inflicted on large numbers of victims.

He maintained that “there is no hierarchy of severity, so murder must always precede sexual offenses” when courts are considering a conviction.

Sir. Ellis also argued that the 30-year minimum sentence for McCann and Sinaga should be increased unless the court decides that life sentences should be handed down.

El caso marca la primera vez que dos condenas separadas de delincuentes han sido impugnadas juntas por ser indebidamente leves.

Los abogados que representan a McCann y Sinaga han dicho que las cadenas perpetuas solo se emiten en los peores casos de asesinato.

Dijeron que a pesar de la naturaleza “extremadamente grave” de los delitos cometidos por la pareja, no podría considerar “equivalentes a los peores casos de asesinato”.

McCann llevó a cabo una serie de agresiones sexuales en Londres y el noroeste en abril y mayo de 2019, dos meses después de que el ladrón convicto fuera liberado injustamente de la prisión tras una “falta grave” de los agentes de policía. Vigilancia.

Fue condenado en diciembre por 37 cargos que involucraban a 11 víctimas, de entre 11 y 71 años, y el juez Edis lo describió como un “psicópata clásico”.

Sinaga, el violador en serie más prolífico del Reino Unido, ha perseguido a jóvenes borrachos y solitarios en clubes nocturnos cerca de su casa en Manchester, haciéndose pasar por el buen samaritano ofreciéndoles un apartamento para dormir o prometió beber más.

El estudiante indonesio drogó a los hombres y luego se filmó siendo violado inconsciente, y muchas de sus víctimas tenían poco o ningún recuerdo de los ataques.

La jueza Suzanne Goddard QC, quien lo condenó a al menos 30 años de prisión, describió a Sinaga como un “malvado depredador sexual en serie” y un “monstruo”.

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