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Breaking: Rebekah Gould Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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The Izard County Sheriff’s Office announced an arrest in the Arkansas murder of 22-year-old college student Rebekah Gould. The case had gone on for 16 years without anyone being charged for the crime.

Gould, a college student from Arkansas, went missing in 2004 before her body was found dead from an apparent beating, the Baxter Bulletin reported. The man charged with the crime had spent time abroad before he returned to America and settled in Oregon, where he was eventually arrested.

Gould Disappeared on a Drive in Arkansas

Rebekah Christian Gould was a 22-year-old college student attending Northwest Arkansas Community College, local news station KNWA / FOX-24 reported and aspiring to be a journalist.

The KATV news station reported that Gould eventually wanted to attend the University of Arkansas.

However, she would never have the chance, disappearing one day in late September 2004.

After dropping off her boyfriend at work at the Melbourne Sonic in the morning, Gould had gone to Guion City, Arkansas to visit friends before planning to meet her sister during a trip to Fayetteville, KNWA / FOX reported. 24. The last video evidence showing Gould alive occurred at the Possum Trot convenience store in Melbourne, Arkansas, which showed her making a quick stop on September 20, 2004.

A comprehensive search was conducted in Izard County and other areas where Gould was believed to have visited. Her disappearance was popularized by a true crime podcast called “Hell and Gone,” which was hosted by author and private investigator Catherine Townsend. Townsend, according to KATV, attended school with Gould’s sister.

“When you work a lot of real crime cases, usually in the first two or three minutes you can summarize them and come to the conclusion. This was not the case, “he told the Baxter Bulletin. After the podcast episode, Gould’s disappearance was picked up by multiple outlets for actual crimes and Gould’s father, the Bulletin reported, even appeared on the” Dr. Oz Show ”to draw more attention to the case.

Gould Was Likely Killed in Her Home

The Baxter Bulletin reported that an investigation of Gould’s home found Gould’s car, car keys, purse and money, indicating that he had returned home.

KATV reported that “a search of the house in which he had stayed found signs of struggle, including a bloody mattress that had tipped over.”

Gould had been missing for a week when, according to a press release from the Izard County Sheriff’s Office, her body was discovered on September 27, 2004 “on a side of Arkansas Highway 9 south of Melbourne.”

KATV reported that Gould had been “beaten to death.”

Despite years passing without anyone being charged with the crime, the case was never officially considered a cold case, according to the Baxter Bulletin. Arkansas State Police Director Colonel Bill Bryant told KNWA / FOX-24: “The special agents assigned to this case never gave up hope of finding the evidence and facts necessary to lead them to a suspect and to a arrest”.

Miller Has Been Accused of Gould’s Murder

Oxygen reported that William Alma Miller, 44, had been arrested and charged with committing the murder during a visit to Izard County. According to Miranda Reynolds, a reporter for the North Arkansas news station KAIT, Miller first became a suspect three months ago.

A press release from the Izard County Sheriff’s Office reported that Miller was visiting Izard County when he killed Gould.

Miller had recently become a resident of Cottage Grove, Oregon, after “an extended stay in the Philippines.” His return to the states allowed him to be arrested by a member of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division, according to the press release. Despite his residence in Oregon, the sheriff’s office describes him as a “man from Texas.”

Izard was arrested in Lane County, Oregon on Nov. 7 and charged with first-degree murder in connection with Gould’s death, according to the news release; he is being held in Eugene, Oregon, pending an extradition hearing to return him to the state of Arkansas, KNWA / FOX-24 reported.

After the arrest, Townsend tweeted: “I have experienced more kinds of emotions than I thought possible in the last 24 hours in reaction to this news. This is why I decided to do
@hellandgonepod “.

Under Arkansas statutes, the penalty Miller faces if convicted is life in prison.

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