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Who is Ratu Salabogi?(Soldier, 29, ‘fondled female comrade’s breasts while she slept then claimed he had been reaching for TV remote control’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Victim,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ratu Salabogi

Ratu Salabogi Wiki

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Who is Ratu Salabogi ?

A British Army soldier fondled a colleague’s breasts while she slept and later claimed that she had been searching for a television remote control, after hearing a court martial.

Police officer Ratu Salabogi, 29, is charged with s*xually assaulting the woman after she fell asleep on a sofa while she watched a movie in a common room at Bovington Camp in Dorset.

Others saw the Fijian allegedly touching her in the early hours of the morning and woke up the female soldier.

Tpr Salabogi is said to have later apologized to the woman, but told her that he thought he had “liked” her.wikipedia

Wing Commander Michael Saunders, the prosecutor, told the court that the incident occurred in a common room at Bovington Camp, where Tpr Salabogi and the female soldier were in the Royal Armored Corps.

Trooper Ratu Salabogi is accused of s*xually assaulting a female comrade after she fell asleep on a sofa

He said: ‘[The female soldier] had been in the common room that night watching a movie and fell asleep on the sofa in front of the TV.

“In the early hours [Tpr Salabogi] she was seen leaning over the sofa and stroking [her] breasts on her clothes on two separate occasions.”

She said at the hearing that two male colleagues saw this, confronted Tpr Salabogi, and woke up the police.

Wg Cdr Saunders added: ‘Soon after, this led to a discussion in the smoking area. He tried to apologize, she did not accept and an argument ensued in which he hit [one of her male colleagues].

He claims it is a misunderstanding and others misinterpreted what they witnessed.

She says that the first time she was retrieving a remote control and the other time she was just trying to wake her up.

“Regarding the battery, she says that she accidentally hit [one of the soldiers] while defending herself because [another soldier] was getting aggressive towards him.”


The alleged victim told the Military Court in Bulford, Wiltshire, that she had been watching the film in the common room of an accommodation block when she fell asleep.

She said: ‘I remember playing the movie but fell asleep in the middle. I remember that she woke me up [another soldier] and he told me that he had to wake me up.

“I thought it was because of the weather and I had fallen asleep, but he said that [one of the other soldiers] caught Tpr Salabogi touching my breasts while I was sleeping.”

The female soldier said that she then went out to a smoking shelter, but Tpr Salabogi followed her.

She added: ‘Tpr Salabogi came directly to me and asked me not to get mad at him.

‘He told me that he thought I liked him because apparently when he was asleep I held his hand closer to him.

Wing Commander Michael Saunders, prosecuting

‘I told him to leave me alone, that I didn’t want to be anywhere around him.

After that she kept trying to apologize to me and I was like ‘come on leave me alone’ and that’s when she started to get mad. ‘

She said Tpr Salabogi tried to hit one soldier but failed, then hit another in the face with his fist.

Tpr Salabogi denies two counts of s*xual assault and one count of assault.

When questioning the woman, Yogain Chandarana, defending, said: ‘[Tpr Salabogi] had never acted inappropriately or shown any interest in you before, right? No. And you hadn’t shown any interest in him.

He wasn’t apologizing for touching you. He was apologizing to everyone because they were wrong and it was a misunderstanding. ”

The trial continues.

Ratu Salabogi Quick and Facts

  • Ratu Salabogi, 29, is accused of s*xually assaulting a sleeping female comrade 
  • He allegedly groped the unnamed soldier’s breasts after she had fallen asleep 
  • Other soldiers woke woman after spotting Salabogi allegedly groping her

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