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Who is Rasmus Alpsjo?(Paranoid Ghislaine Maxwell raged ‘Somebody could have been out to kill me!’ at hunky Swedish dog-walker after he let deliveryman ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Rasmus Alpsjo

Rasmus Alpsjo Wiki

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Who is Rasmus Alpsjo ?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s former dog walker recalled how she once growled, “Someone might have been trying to kill me,” after she let a delivery man into the pedophile’s mansion.

Rasmus Alpsjö, 31, said he was one of several men, all young and Swedish, he noted, charged with the care of Captain Nemo, Maxwell’s Vizsla for three months in 2015 and who lived in the basement of his house in Upper East Side in time for $300 a week.

Recalling the incident that angered Ghislaine, who is currently being held in a Brooklyn jail awaiting sentencing, she said: “She had some friends and she rang the doorbell.” She asked me if she could accept it,” she said. There was a delivery guy and she asked me if she was at the right address.

‘I thought she was and invited him in. Ghislaine came over and asked ‘What is this?’

Maxwell went on to ask for the driver’s identification card and even took a copy before dismissing him from her house.

“She sent him away and then she yelled at me: ‘It could have been anyone, someone could have been trying to kill me.'”

“It made me feel really bad,” the former employee said. “I didn’t think it was a big deal, but she made a big deal.”

‘She said, ‘I may have to send you home.’ I have to think about it,” she added.


The day after the incident, Maxwell told Alpsjo that what she did was “really stupid, but I thought about it and you can stay.” But you have to learn that you can’t open up to anyone.

Now looking back on the moment, Alpsjo says Maxwell’s reaction was ‘crazy’ and the whole situation was ‘insane’.

Furthermore, he said that he got a job as one of his personal dog walkers after an acquaintance told him about the opening at a party in Sweden. The job was offered to him after a ten-minute Skype interview with Maxwell’s assistant.

The Swede added that he had no idea of ​​any of the crimes for which the 60-year-old Maxwell was ultimately convicted, as he alleges that Maxwell’s secret husband, Scott Borgerson, was intimidating and that he should never reveal who he was. his boss.

‘He sat me down and he was like, ‘The woman you work for, you live with, she’s a very famous woman. So you can never tell who she is, and you can never bring people into the house and you have to keep quiet about all of this,” Alpsjö said of Maxwell on the Diaries of a Pretender podcast.

“At the time I thought obviously she was someone important. They came out as a power couple, so she just listened to them,” she continued.

Alpsjo also described Maxwell as someone who “liked to have power over people”. That made her feel good or something,” she added.

However, she portrayed Borgerson in a different light, saying that Maxwell’s husband would remind Alpsjo who was boss.

He said: ‘Scott visited sometimes

He said: ‘Scott visited sometimes, but not that often. He was walking the dog and the dog was not very well trained because there were a lot of Swedish guys who had handled it.”

“Then one time we walked past a valet right outside his house and the dog jumped out and almost bit one of the guys.”

She later says that Borgerson found out about the incident and wanted to show her “how an alpha male treats a dog”.

“She took me for a walk with the dog and showed me that this is how a man does it to really control the dog,” Alpsjo said.

“One of the first times I met him he gave me a business card and it had a number on it that he had written on with a pen.”

‘He said, ‘If you ever get into any trouble, just call this number.’

“She often went to visit him, I think she was in Boston, but the times I met him he seemed like a militant and scary guy.”

It wasn’t fun being around him. I was alert the whole time,” he concluded.

Maxwell is currently incarcerated at the infamous Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, which she has repeatedly complained about, calling it a “living hell” where she has been “assaulted and abused”.

On December 29, 2021, a jury in a US federal court found her guilty and sentenced her on five s*x trafficking-related charges that carry a possible prison term of up to 65 years in prison: one of trafficking of a minor (maximum, 40 years), one of transportation of a minor with the intent to engage in criminal s*xual activity (ten years), and three of conspiracy to commit felony (15 years total).

She will be sentenced later this year, but she plans to appeal her conviction after a juror admitted that she had failed to disclose that he himself had been s*xually abused as a child on an assessment form.

Rasmus Alpsjö Quick and Facts

  • Rasmus Alpsjö, 31, said he was once let a deliveryman into former British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s New York City home without her consent in 2015
  • He claimed that Maxwell told to never let anyone inside her apartment home as ‘somebody could have been out to kill me’
  • The Swede also claims that did not learn who Maxwell was until after he finished working for her
  • He also revealed that Maxwell’s husband Scott Borgerson was a ‘scary, militant guy’ and advised to never tell anyone who his boss was
  • On the other hand, he described Maxwell as someone who ‘liked to have power over people. That made her feel good or something’
  • The dogwalker worked for Maxwell for three months in 2015 while living in the basement of her Upper East Side home and earning $300 per week 

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