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Who is Rapper J $tash?(Rapper J $tash shoots his girlfriend dead and then kills himself at their California home ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Girl Friend, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Rapper J $tash

Rapper J $tash Wiki

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Who is Rapper J $tash ?

Rapper J $ tash killed his girlfriend at their Los Angeles home, then pointed the gun at himself while his victim’s three young children were in another room, it is claimed.

Police rushed to the home in the 9200 block of Pentland Street in Temple City, a suburb of Los Angeles, after responding to a domestic violence call around 7 a.m. on New Years day. They found the bodies of Jeanette Gallegos, 28, and J Stash, 28, whose legal name is Justin Joseph, inside the residence.

J $ tash and Gallegos, a recent graduate of California State University, were thought to have been in a relationship for the past year when the alleged murder and suicide occurred. Police said the couple were arguing before the Florida rapper led his girlfriend into the master bedroom of his California home, before closing the door behind them.

LA PD’s Lt. Derrick Alfred added that Jeanette’s three children, ages seven, nine and 11, were standing in front of the bedroom door and kept knocking because they were concerned for the safety of her mother. They then called her grandmother, who told them to dial 911.

“It is a very tragic situation,” he said.


The three children fled the home after one of them called 911. It is unclear if the call was made before or after he was shot. The agents found the three boys running towards them when they arrived at the scene. They suffered no physical injuries.

Before his death, Gallegos and his children were believed to have lived in the residence. J $ tash, who previously lived in New York, had stayed at the Temple City house for a couple of months.

The lieutenant added that the rapper is not the father of the children and that they are now staying with other relatives.

The autopsies on J $ tash and Gallegos are on schedule as investigators continue to work on what exactly led up to the shooting.

In a 2017 interview with Crack Magazine

In a 2017 interview with Crack Magazine, the rapper detailed his musical style and that his experiences in Asia and meeting celebrities like Lil Wayne and Young Money at age 16 helped him make a name for himself in the industry.

‘At the time when Lil Wayne’s number one assistant was like my mentor, he brought me into that world and let me experience it all. His name is Troy Bless and thanks to Troy I was able to be close to Young Money and establish myself within that scene, ‘he said.

At the time, everyone was living in mine, so it was a great experience. I learned a lot from being around that crowd, the most important thing is to always be professional and always have a lawyer. This is all I can say. ‘

Furthermore, he told the magazine that he wanted to focus on ‘building companies and opening stores in different countries’ in addition to music.

“From what I’ve been secretly doing secretly,” he added.

“Rapping was just a platform to get ahead and grow.”

Rapper J $tash Quick and Facts

  • Rapper J $tash, 28, took his own life after fatally shooting his one-year old girlfriend Jeanette Gallegos, 28 at their LA home, it is claimed  
  • The Florida rapper locked the master bedroom after getting caught in an argument with Gallegos in the early hours of New Year’s day
  • Gallegos’ three boys aged seven, nine and 11 were reportedly knocking on the room’s door, concerned for their mother’s safety
  • One of them called 911 to report the shooting before fleeing the home
  • J $tash was an upcoming rapper from Florida who was friends with Lil Wayne and Young money prior to his death

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