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Who is Ralph Percy?(The Peasants revolt against Bridgerton Duke… and WIN! Army of allotment holders defeat aristocratic owner of London estate used on Netflix ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ralph Percy

Ralph Percy Wiki

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Who is Ralph Percy ?

Ralph George Algernon Percy, 12th Duke of Northumberland, DL, styled Lord Ralph Percy until 1995, is a British hereditary peer and rural landowner and current head of the House of Percy. Wikipedia

A ‘peasant revolt’ by the parcel owners has toppled their billionaire landowner over a planning dispute that would have seen 80 new houses built on their parcels.

Ralph Percy 12th Duke of Northumberland, had planned to transform a three-acre site on his Grade I property in Syon Park in west London into 80 apartments.

The Duke, who initially received endorsement for the plan from Hounslow City Council planning officers, had planned to use the proceeds from flat sales to fund £ 20 million worth of essential repairs to the historic Syon House.

The site on the banks of the River Thames has been the backdrop for scenes from a number of period dramas, from Downton Abbey to Vanity Fair to the Netflix hit Bridgerton.

But after opposition from more than 900 local residents, including angry allotment holders, the proposal was rejected after 10 Hounslow councilors rejected the plans on Thursday.

The duke had previously threatened to shut down the site to allotment holders, warning in a letter sent in May that if his opposition “leads to the application being rejected, the allotments will not be reopened.”

Other ambitious plans for historic land owned by his company, Northumberland Estates, included a taxpayer-funded tourist attraction on the grounds of Alnwick Castle.

How old is Ralph Percy ?

He is November 16, 1956 (age 64 years), United Kingdom.

Allotment holders

In 1917, Henry George, 7th Duke of Northumberland, leased the land to the local authority to “manage and maintain” the parcels.

But in 2015, management of the site, which is considered a ‘community value asset’, returned to Northumberland Estates after the Hounslow City Council’s lease ended.

An online petition with more than 3,000 signatures opposed the plans, warning that Park Road Allotments offered a “much-needed quiet spot” and was a “wildlife refuge.”

Allotment holders were furious to see proposals that would have cut their parcels by two-thirds to accommodate housing. The Duke’s company argues that they will be offered new assignments.

In its May letter, Duke’s holding company, Northumberland Estates, wrote to residents: “It is regrettable that a small minority has turned to the press to raise development-related issues.

“It is not the way we would prefer to conduct our business, but if this ultimately leads to the application being rejected, the assignments will not be reopened.

“It is not a sustainable position to both oppose the plan and expect a plot about new development.”

But the owners of the plot warned that they were being “crushed by the duke”, whose estimated family value exceeded 300 million pounds according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

To make up for the shrinking size of allotments, the Duke estate had promised social housing and homes specifically for West Middlesex Hospital healthcare workers.

Annie Aloysius, the holder of a Park Road assignment

Barnes did not comment on plans to appeal the decision.

Sue Casey, president of the Isleworth Society, said: “We are delighted that the arguments of individuals and groups at the local, regional and national levels have been heard.

“The Isleworth Society is passionate about preserving the area’s local open spaces and we believe the councilors made the right decision.”

Annie Aloysius, the holder of a Park Road assignment for 12 years, told the Times that her plot was an “important place” for her children Dexter and Gaius to learn about wildlife.

She said: ‘It is a place that I have taken my children to throughout their lives.

“Common sense has prevailed, although we understand that you may be disappointed, we hope that we can find a mutually satisfactory solution to make the allocations work for everyone.”

Speaking at last night’s meeting, Labor Councilor Vickram Grewal said: ‘I am for development at best, but I got into politics to fight bullying, harassment and threats and the big man putting pressure on the small.

“We’ve seen all this behavior from the duke.”

Salman Shaheen, another Labor councilor, added: ‘I now call on the Duke to drop his threats to evict the parcel holders.

Let them stay. Let them work the land they love and treasure.

If the duke is a reasonable man, he will not appeal the Council’s decision. He should lease the land to the owners of the parcels.

“Or better yet, sell it to the community, so we can keep it as a common treasure for another century.”

In 2018, the Hounslow council rejected similar plans by the Duke to reduce the size of the allotments.

Earlier this year, Northumberland Estates came under fire for plans to build a £ 7.9 million boutique hotel and spa overlooking Alnwick Castle, Northumberland.

The Duke has his eyes set on plans to open a 47-room hotel with a restaurant, bar, gym and meeting rooms on the grounds that were once used to film Harry Potter, Blackadder and Robin Hood.

Alnwick City Council

The hotel will be funded by Northumberland Estates, the business arm of the Percy family, and will replace the 18th century Grade II listed Duchess’s Community High School.

But locals say the hotel will attract parties, with “hordes of young men and women prowling Alnwick, turning our lovely, quiet town into a loud, party town.”

Residents expressed concern that the “intrusive” hotel would look “like an ugly modern prison” and cripple the medieval city with traffic jams in the busy summer months.

Alnwick City Council gave the green light to the plans, despite saying: “The building is too large for this site at the historic north entrance to Alnwick.”

In 2014, the duke was forced to sell millions of pounds worth of 500-year-old family heirlooms, including paintings, books and manuscripts, to pay a £ 12 million bill for flood damage.

Ralph Percy Quick and Facts

  • Aristocrat Ralph Percy, 64 , planned for 80 flats at Syon Park estate, west London
  • The 12th Duke of Northumberland battled with hundreds of allotment holders
  • Revenue from property sales would have funded £20m worth of essential repairs
  • Hounslow Council rejected scheme after 10 councillors turned down Duke’s plan

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