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Who was Rachel Held Evans?(Progressive Christian writer Rachel Held Evans’s final book released Tuesday as friends, family mourn ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans Wiki

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Who was Rachel Held Evans ?

Two years after her sudden death at age 37, Rachel Held Evans has one more message.

Two years ago, the sudden death of Rachel Held Evans at age 37 left a community of spiritual seekers in shock and anguish.

Rachel Held Evans was an American Christian columnist, blogger and author. Her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood was a New York Times bestseller in e-book non-fiction, and Searching for Sunday was a New York Times bestseller nonfiction paperback. Wikipedia

A bestselling author and provocative thinker, Ms. Evans and her work had provided a home for a diaspora of believers struggling with evangelical Christianity, a community that yearned to seek God, find safety in the midst of doubt, and include those whom the churches of his youth had rejected.

She also left the beginnings of an unfinished manuscript, what she hoped would be her sixth book: An Exploration of Spiritual Wholeness, to be called “Unconditional Faith.”

In the months that followed, Daniel Jonce Evans, Mrs. Evans’ widower, put together the 11,000 words she had already written, along with some of her other unpublished writings, and asked his friend and fellow author Jeff Chu to write them down. join to finish what she had written. had started.

This week, those words will be published for the first time.

In an extensively edited conversation with The New York Times, Evans and Chu reflected on Evans’ legacy, her new essays, and how to face life’s unanswerable questions about death, love, and hope.

The new book, “Wholehearted Faith,” was created from Mrs. Evans’ unfinished manuscript along with some of her unpublished writings. Credit … M.

How old was Rachel Held Evans ?

She was June 8, 1981, Alabama, United States


May 4, 2019, Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Death. Evans was placed in a medically-induced coma in April 2019 following an allergic reaction to medication for an infection. By May 2, “severe swelling of the brain” worsened her condition, and she died on May 4.


 Dan Evans (m. 2003–2019)

Where was Rachel Held Evans born?

Alabama, United States

Who is Rachel Held Evans husband?

Dan Evans

What happened after Rachel’s funeral? How did you start to follow?

DANIEL JONCE EVANS The first thing you do is this. Much of life immediately after the funeral was simply doing the following. Trying to figure out what it means to be a single parent and a widow and balance some responsibility I felt towards Rachel and her audience while trying to figure out who I am. It is an identity change. My daughter, Harper, was not even a year old, and her first birthday occurred between Rachel’s death and her funeral. So I had a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old newborn, and a lot of life was just the everyday things that that requires.

When I thought I was coming out of this, I saw some light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just when Covid hit. So it was isolation. Everyone goes to their own family units, and my family unit was one that I hadn’t even discovered. That was probably one of the lowest points for me. There was a time when my daughter threw up on the carpet and I didn’t have a good way to clean it so I covered her with a towel and left her like that.

How is life now?

EVANS I feel like we are following a regular pattern. There was a house that Rachel and I had started building when she got sick. I finished building that and we moved to that last December. Now I have a relationship with an amazing woman and she is a big part of our life. Children are beginning to go to school and we are beginning to learn to navigate a new and unexpected life.

How did this book come about?

EVANS One of Rachel’s worst nightmares was dying with an unfinished book. She had expressed it a couple of other times with previous books. Jeff was one of the people who was in the hospital the night Rachel died. I knew that this book that he had been working on was something that was important to her and I think it could be important to her readers. It was such an easy choice to say, “Hey, is this something you’d be willing to take on?” He was like, “I’ll do anything to help you and the kids.” He had just made a lot of tough decisions. This was so easy.

Jeff, how was that for you to assume this?

JEFF CHU The decision to say yes to Dan and the children was not difficult. Actually going on and finishing the book was really difficult. But this is the thing about friendship: I don’t think friendship is always easy. Sometimes friendship will ask us to make sacrifices and take difficult paths and do things that are not necessarily pleasant or fun, because that is what our friends need.

For Rachel, what would it mean to fight for unconditional faith right now?

EVANS If you want to see someone sincere, it’s Rachel. Part of honesty is the ability to be vulnerable. She was able to address her doubts and the things that used to be considered scary or bad in her faith tradition and say, actually, it’s a strength to be able to recognize them.

There is a line when she says, “Christianity is the story I will fight forever.” Tell me about it.

CHU Rachel used to say, “In the days when I believe …” That’s a line that comes up over and over again in his talks and in her writing, and I think it was a sincere acknowledgment of the reality of faith for many of us. . Christianity is, let’s be honest, a very strange story. And it is also an invitation to ask big questions. How do you not ask big questions about the suffering in this world? And how can you not ask big questions about this super weird story? One of the gifts Rachel gave me, and I think one that she left for the world, was her gentle encouragement to keep fighting, to keep asking questions, to keep searching because this is all complicated. But ultimately, I think she believes the love underneath it all is worth pursuing.

There is a theme in the book of how interconnected we all are, even beyond time. What does it mean to continue with someone’s life and love after their death?

EVANS she used to think that “until death do us part” meant that everything ended when a person died. And what I’m learning is that there are some things that exist until both people are in the grave. It sounds super morbid and depressing, I’m sure. But there are some things that are currently still painful, but I hope that in the future you can look back with a smile, like all the shared jokes that only two of us knew, and now only one of us does. The life we ​​envision together, and now I am the only one who can imagine it, as we did.

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CHU The way Rachel approached big things sometimes was the beautiful

agglomeration of small gestures. Sometimes I think that people perceive the fight for justice, for example, like this you do in the Capitol or this you do in a march. And the reality is that yes, it can be that. But the way I experienced justice through Rachel’s friendship was to come together with [my husband and I], a gay, interracial couple, and just be her friends. She is making room in your life in an intimate and loving way. It’s about treating people not just as a couple aspects of who they are, but finding them for their full humanity. And she teased me relentlessly for my prejudices and weaknesses. So she made room for them too.

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