Home » Who is Quincy Promes?(Dutch international footballer Quincy Promes, 29, faces attempted murder charge ‘after stabbing his cousin in the knee at a family gathering’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Suspect,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts
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Who is Quincy Promes?(Dutch international footballer Quincy Promes, 29, faces attempted murder charge ‘after stabbing his cousin in the knee at a family gathering’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Suspect,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Quincy Promes

Quincy Promes Wiki

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Who is Quincy Promes ?

Dutch international soccer player Quincy Promes has been charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed his cousin in the knee at a family gathering.

Quincy Anton Promes is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a forward or attacking midfielder for Russian Premier League club Spartak Moscow and the Netherlands national team. Wikipedia

Amsterdam-born Promes joined Ajax in 2019 from Sevilla in a £ 13million deal, before going back to Spartak, where he was named footballer of the year in Russia in 2017, in February for a reported £ 7 million.

He has scored seven goals in 50 appearances for the Netherlands following his debut in 2014.

His last appearance was during the Oranje’s shock 2-0 defeat to the Czech Republic at Euro 2020 in June

How old is Quincy Promes ?

He is January 4, 1992 (age 29 years), Amsterdam, Netherlands

Quincy Promes Height:

 1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)

Personal life

Promes and his tattoos after the end of the match of Spartak Moscow against Rostov
Promes was born in Amsterdam to Afro-Surinamese parents.His father was a professional soccer player in Suriname, but after moving to the Netherlands, he played amateur soccer.Promes played soccer in the morning, afternoon and evening.As a result, his mother scolded him for staying up late and not studying enough. Growing up, he idolized Ronaldinho and then Neymar in his football years.

Promes is married with three children.his third child was born on May 8, 2017, shortly after Spartak Moscow was confirmed as league champions. He resided in Moscow with his wife, his three children, his mother, and his brother.

Promes has said that he is a good friend of Memphis Depay and that they talk to each other on a daily basis. In June 2017, Promes and Depay engaged in freestyle rap during a music tour. In addition to speaking Dutch, Promes also speaks English and some Russian.Upon joining Sevilla, he promised that he would learn Spanish and claimed that he had already learned quite a bit thus far.Promes has many tattoos on his body; The phrase “I believe in God” is tattooed on his abdomen.

Promes interviewed by the media in May 2017

In October 2015, Promes, when asked in an interview about racism in Russia, replied: “Personally, I have never encountered this in Russia. I do not understand it when they speak of racism as something natural for their country. There are small groups of people with such views, as elsewhere. But more importantly, the people are open and friendly. European television, for some reason, always focuses on the negative points when it talks about Russia. That is war, that’s another thing. And I live here, communicate with people and see that everything here is different. ” Promes also claimed that he never encountered racism with fanatics.In January 2017, Promes stated in another interview: “In the end, as people, we are all the same. And we will all die one day. Even those who consider themselves better than me because they have a different skin color.” After the club’s controversial tweets about its own player, which contained what some considered “racist references” in January 2018, Promes responded to the tweet: “I don’t understand what is happening or where this reaction is coming from. it has been sensationalist on the part of the journalists. But I know the truth, and it is not what has been written. ‘Chocolates’ … For me, it is totally fine “.


Prosecutors in his home country did not name the £ 50,000-a-week Spartak Moscow striker, but Dutch media reports identified him as the suspect.

Promes, 29, “is suspected of stabbing a relative … in which the victim, the suspect’s cousin, was seriously injured in the knee,” the statement said.

Arrested and Charged

The married father of three was arrested in mid-December and later released in connection with the incident, which occurred at a family party in the picturesque town of Abcoude, outside Amsterdam.

In June 2018, Promes was arrested in Ibiza for allegedly beating his wife.He was released on bail while the investigation continues.

He allegedly got into a fight after an argument with the relative and other family members immediately intervened, news reports at the time said.

The relative filed charges last November.

After an investigation, prosecutors decided to go ahead and charge Promes with attempted murder or, alternatively, aggravated battery.

The moment 28-year-old former Sheffield United footballer Terry Kennedy …

“The suspect and his lawyer have been informed of the decision to prosecute,” they said in the statement.

The hearing date has not yet been decided.

Salary and Net Worth of Promes Revealed
Salary 2021

How much earn?

In July 2019, the forward signed a contract with Ajax Amsterdam that pays him a whopping 2 million euros (1.7 million pounds) per year. We have calculated the numbers, this means that he earns € 5,479 (£ 4,657) per day and € 228 (£ 194) per hour.
Per year € 2,000,000 £ 0
Per month € 0 £ 0
Per week € 0 £ 0
Per day € 0 £ 0
Per hour € 0 £ 0
Per minute € 0 £ 0
Since visiting this page, Quincy Promes has earned …
€ 1.80

This means that the average man needs to work for at least 4.72 years to earn the same as Antokha earns in just 1 month.
Net worth and market value

Net worth

€ 3 million (£ 2.5 million)

Market value: 18 million euros (15.3 million pounds)

His move to Russia saw him raise both his profile and his bank balance. His net worth is now around 3 million euros. The current market value of it is 18 million euros.

Quincy Promes Wife – Jamie

Photo of his wife who goes by the name Jamie Source.

Jamie is apparently his wife. He was involved in a controversy when he allegedly hit her in Ibiza. The two of them have sorted things out ever since.

Quincy Promes Wife

We do not know if they are still married. Jamie is the mother of his three children. She joins him to celebrate Father’s Day with his children. This was earlier this year.

Quincy Promes Quick and Facts

  • The £50,000-per-week Spartak Moscow forward was arrested in mid-December 
  • He allegedly stabbed his cousin at a family gathering outside Amsterdam
  • The married father-of-three is said to have argued with the relative beforehand 
  • Promes has scored seven goals for the Netherlands in 50 senior appearances

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