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Breaking:Who killed Quawan Charles Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Quawan Charles Wiki

                 Quawan Charles Biography

Quawan Charles was a 15-year-old black boy who was found dead in a field in rural Louisiana on November 3. A preliminary autopsy report suggested that he drowned as his cause of death, but the local sheriff’s office has said the investigation is ongoing. and that they are treating his death as a “homicide”. Charles’s family has commissioned an independent autopsy, which will take place in the next few days.

Charles’s family was the first to criticize the initial claim that Charles had drowned to death. Charles Cousin, Celina Charles, told The Washington Post that this explanation was “false” and said, “Her face says different.”

Since then, Charles’s family has posted a photo of Charles taken after they found him. They compared the photo to the infamous photograph of Emmett Till after her death.

Till was horribly murdered by two white men in 1955 after being falsely accused of whistling at a white woman; that women have since admitted that he lied, and he never did such a thing. At the public funeral that followed, thousands of people viewed his disfigured body as a representation of the hate crime. The moment became a cataclysmic moment for the civil rights movement in the nation at the time.

Autopsy Results & Photos for Quawan Charles: Initial ‘Drowning’ Conclusion Has Shifted to a ‘Homicide Investigation’

According to his family, 15-year-old Charles disappeared on October 30. His disappearance was noted when his mother tried to pick him up from his father’s house to take him for a haircut, and his father broke down his bedroom door to find the room. empty. The Charles family contacted local authorities that day, the New York Times reports. The family then contacted Iberia Parish sheriff’s deputies on November 3 for help in the search.

After pinging Charles’s cell phone, authorities were able to find him within hours. Since then, Charles’s family and attorney have criticized local authorities for taking several days to ping his phone.

The preliminary autopsy report from the Iberia Parish medical examiner said Charles drowned, citing cloudy water found in his hyperinflated airways and lungs. As for his disfigured face, Haley said investigators claimed this was the result of wild animals gnawing at his face.

In a statement, Haley questioned the findings of this preliminary report. In particular, she noted that the only bodies of water found in the sugarcane field where Charles’s body was found were less than two feet deep.

According to The New York Times, Haley said, “If he did indeed drown, and we say that as a yes, we are questioning how exactly that would have happened. Can someone who is 5 feet 6 inches tall drown in two feet of water? Unless there is another cause associated with it. ”

Chase Trichell, another attorney representing Charles’s family, said, via NBC, “No healthy 15-year-old is going to drown in water up to his ankles without some outside influence contributing to his death.”

Here’s the photo Charles’s family posted, which was taken after his body was found on November 3:

Charles’ Last Confirmed Whereabouts Were With a White Friend & His Friends Parents

According to the Washington Post, Charles’s family confirmed through another source that Charles was picked up by his 17-year-old white friend, Gavin Irvin, and that friend’s parents, Janet and Alvin Irvin, at 3 p.m. the day it disappeared. The parents have since confirmed that they picked up Charles and that Charles spent some time at their home before leaving later that night.

Charle’s father, Kenneth Jackie, said: “[Gavin] said that Quawan got up and said he was leaving. [Gavin] asked where Quawan was going and after that he disappeared. ”

The sheriff’s office visited Irvin’s home on November 3, a spokesperson reported, but there has been no confirmation that any of the family members are being treated as a suspect.

Charles’s mother has since said that she wants the Irvins, particularly Janet Irvan, to be held accountable.

“I want the lady who came looking for my son without my permission, his father’s permission, to be held accountable,” Charles’s mother said at a recent vigil for her son. “She took them home. She was alive and well when she was here, and now she’s dead. “

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