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Who is Qiaochu Yuan?(‘Privileged’ unemployed man is slammed for tweeting he resents his parents for ‘spoiling’ him by giving him $100K, paying for his college tuition ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Qiaochu Yuan

Qiaochu Yuan Wiki

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Who is  Qiaochu Yuan ?

An ‘extremely privileged’ man has been criticized on Twitter over the weekend for complaining that his parents gave him tens of thousands of dollars.

Qiaochu Yuan wrote a thread of 35 tweets on Thursday detailing his resentment towards his parents for always supporting him financially, even though he hasn’t had a job in three years.

He started the viral thread saying that he took ‘a medium dose of acid’ a few days before and ‘admitted a few things to me’ about his financial situation, even admitting that he resented his mother after she gave him $ 100,000 for his birthday in last August when he was not working.

‘In January,’ he continued, ‘I thought I should’ find out about money and my career stuff ‘and then proceeded to avoid the subject for the most part, occasionally having feelings about it, but not in a very satisfying way.’

Yuan, who now lives in an AirBnB, said that he later put off paying his taxes and realized from him during his acid trip “that my feelings about money are closely linked to my feelings towards my parents.”wikipedia


He said he wrote ‘for about 12 hours straight’ during the trip, ‘and it eventually turned into a kind of spontaneous dialogue between the person who is taking acid and the person who is sober.’

The sour version of himself, Yuan said, would tell him: ‘You feel like society has told you that the way life works is that you work and they pay you a fair wage for your work, and that’s how you earn the right to live. exist and be a member of society.

“You feel guilty because you’ve never done this,” his revelation continued. But that’s not true. You don’t actually need to earn the right to exist and you never have.

“The reason you’re alive right now and you’re not starving on the street even though you haven’t had a job in three years is because your parents send you money because they love you.”

At that time, Yuan said that he had another epiphany. “I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I’m literally Harry fucking Potter. I am always protected by the love of my parents in the form of money. ”

He said he also realized that ‘the most important consequence of running out of money will be having to explain it to your parents’, who had already paid $ 175,000 out of pocket’ because they wanted me to have a good education and a good life. ‘

“ I had friends in college who were complaining about money problems and I didn’t know what they wanted to say, and I was too embarrassed to ask, ” he continued, adding that he acknowledged that he was tweeting ‘from a position of extreme privilege here, but this was not all positive. ‘

“My parents took care of me materially at the expense of taking care of me emotionally,” Yuan wrote. ‘It took me until this trip to experience the money they spent as an act of care.

And I kind of understand why they did that, but it led to me being incredibly protected in so many ways. They didn’t even force me to do housework. He was very spoiled and in hindsight it wasn’t good for me. ‘

He concluded by saying that the only thing at stake for not making enough money is that it will be a burden on his parents, and pointed out that his father had already told him that he was’ delaying retirement because he was worried about me. ‘.

However, almost immediately after posting his thoughts, Yuan faced backlash from people saying he was spoiled.

One user, @whothef_ckiscam, said he was happy that Yuan ‘found inner peace or whatever, but for heaven’s sake have some self-awareness’, while another, identifying himself as ‘Caz’ on her profile, she said ‘it was a really tough read,’ noticing $ 100,000 is ‘what my income would add up to after almost a decade.’

“My parents had to skip meals to feed me when I was little,” Caz continued. “This thread could have been better to share with a therapist, not Twitter.”

Another Twitter user @streamgazer seemed to give in and wrote: ‘Bruh, you need therapy, don’t travel on acid and Twitter.

Your father is putting off retirement because he believes he will have to continue to subsidize your lifestyle by tens of thousands of dollars. He lets that sink in.

Kirstin also wrote: ‘If anyone reading this that relates to him still feels guilty and / or resentful, feel free to direct some money my way. My mother and I live on less than $ 20,000 a year. ‘

Another user @gsusswept also wrote: ‘Wow, that’s a badass man, I mean, I’ve been homeless since my apartment caught fire last year, but I guess getting a hundred thousand dollars could be sad too,’ and Britley Adler told Yuan, ‘This one should have stayed in the drafts.

“My family and I have been on a homeless paycheck my entire life,” she wrote. “Millions of people live the same way. It’s scary and exhausting, and if someone gave me 1/100 of what you got for FREE, I’d shower them with gratitude. ‘

@Tennisonok, meanwhile, wrote that her mother stole money for cocaine when she was in high school, and she ended up in debt because she couldn’t get a job without a car.

“I faced homelessness four times and an abusive relationship due to my financial situation,” she wrote. “Sucks that you have $ 100,000, though.”

The next day, Yuan created another thread to defend himself, noting that he received nearly a dozen messages from people saying “thank you for writing the money thread” and “I’m in this position too and it’s so difficult to talk.

“That’s what I write these threads for,” Yuan said.

Qiaochu Yuan Quicks and Facts

  • Qiaochu Yuan took to Twitter on Thursday to share his realizations after taking ‘a medium dose of acid’
  • He wrote in a 35-tweet thread that his parents have always provided for him financially to show their love, but have sheltered him from financial reality
  • Last August, he said his mom gave him a $100,000 birthday present, after already paying for his MIT education out of pocket 
  • Yuan said he is now living in an AirBnB and has not had a job in three years 
  • He said he realized during his acid trip that the only consequences he faces to losing all his money is that it would create a burden for his parents
  • After tweeting his thoughts, many people attacked him for being out of touch with the reality of many Americans 

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