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Breaking: Prince Andrew’ Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Prince Andrew Wiki Bio

Nothing epitomizes the toxicity surrounding Prince Andrew’s finances more than the controversial sale of Sunninghill Park, the massive 12-room house near Windsor Castle that the queen gave her second son as a wedding gift.

So pervasive is the smell of scandal that there have been demands for an official investigation into why Kazakh oligarch Timur Kulibayev paid £ 3 million on top of the £ 12 million asking price, despite the house having languished on the market for more. five years old when purchased.

Andrew, who has always denied wrongdoing, has been accused of acting as a fixer in Kulibayev’s business and is a close friend of the tycoon’s father-in-law, the former autocratic dictator of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

More puzzling is that the property, dubbed South York for its resemblance to JR Ewing’s vulgar mansion in the 1980s soap opera Dallas, sat empty for more than eight years after the sale, fell into ruin and was eventually razed.

Now, as The Mail on Sunday exclusive image on this page reveals, a massive new mansion is almost finished on the site.

After almost three years of construction, the property has six rooms with bath, sauna, ice room, steam room, gym, treatment room and games room.

Pictured: Prince Andrew's old home in 2009. Now, as The Mail on Sunday’s exclusive picture on this page reveals, an enormous new mansion is nearing completion on the site

Pictured: Prince Andrew’s old home in 2009. The property – dubbed South York because of its resemblance to JR Ewing’s vulgar mansion in 1980s soap Dallas – stood empty for more than eight years after the sale.

Prince Andrew children room and bedroom

Pictured: Prince Andrew’s former home in 2009. The property, nicknamed South York because of its resemblance to JR Ewing’s vulgar mansion in the 1980s soap opera Dallas, stood empty for more than eight years after the sale .

Upstairs is a “children’s wing” with two en-suite bedrooms, dressing rooms and a babysitting room.

Across the landing are two master bedrooms with balconies, walk-in closets, and a living room.

Outside, there will be a 200-foot, two-level terrace, with scented and rose gardens, along with a “performing arts space.”

An area has been reserved for a wendy’s house, a trampoline, and a kindergarten with a 200-foot-long running water fountain leading to a tennis court.

New lawns have been laid, trees have been planted and the finishing touches are being made to put in a great new driveway and entrance fountain.

It has been widely reported that the ultimate owner of the house is the oil and gas magnate Mr. Kulibayev, but the latest Land Registry documents indicate that the property is registered in the name of a Luxembourg-based company, a tax haven.

It is unclear if Mr. Kulibayev ever intends to move out.

Last year I published a devastating critique of the Royal Family’s finances, exposing how the Windsors have exploited the system to accumulate enormous hidden wealth.

Now, I have updated my book, adding more material on the highly questionable activities of the Duke of York.

The mysterious sale of Sunninghill Park is just one disturbing episode and the controversy continues with many serious questions yet to be answered.

The much-maligned property was built as a gift from the Queen to her son and Sarah Ferguson at their marriage in 1986.

She wouldn’t have won any architecture awards from her brother Charles, looking like a Tesco retail branch, without just the Toytown clock adorning many of her lead outlets.

The interior wasn’t much of an upgrade either, with its music roll holders playing “God Save The Queen.”

After their divorce in 1996, the couple lived there with their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, but Andrew finally put it on the market for £ 12 million in 2002.

Andrew moved in 2004 to live at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park. To the surprise of many, two years later he was joined by his ex-wife, leaving Sunninghill empty.

In all that time there had been very little interest in the property or its enormous price. After all, if you had such a sum to spend on a home, why would you buy that uninspiring one?

For some time, Andrew had been selling the house, including on official trips abroad, such as one to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in 2004.

But then in 2007, as if by some miracle, the house was bought for £ 15 million, and no one approached Savills, the real estate agent tasked with selling it.

It was previously reported that the buyer was listed as an opaque company based in the tax haven that is the British Virgin Islands. After the sale, the house stood empty for eight more years and fell into disrepair before being demolished in 2016.

Unsurprisingly, the private sale garnered attention and has been the subject of intense media scrutiny ever since.

Kazakhstan is home to some of the richest mineral and gas reserves in the world, but it also has a reputation for being corrupt, although steps are gradually being taken to improve things.

Former President Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Duke of York have known each other for some time and have even gone hunting geese together.

Andrew has been interested in organizing meetings between British investors and companies in Kazakhstan.

During his tenure as Britain’s roving trade ambassador, an absolutely central figure was the president’s billionaire son-in-law, Timur Kulibayev.

Andrew befriended him, who also formed a bond with Goga Ashkenazi, a prominent businesswoman and Kulibayev’s mother of two.

He was befriended by Andrew, who also formed a bond with Goga Ashkenazi (pictured with Prince Andrew at her 30th birthday party), a leading businesswoman and mother to two sons by Kulibayev

He was befriended by Andrew, who also formed a bond with Goga Ashkenazi (pictured with Prince Andrew at her 30th birthday party), a leading businesswoman and mother to two sons by Kulibayev.

Prince Andrew reportedly lobbied Rory  chief executive  Queen’s bank Coutts, to take on Mr Kulibayev

In 2011, Andrew reportedly lobbied Rory Tapner, CEO of Queen’s Coutts bank, to accept Kulibayev as a client, and even asked senior bank executives if they would travel to Kazakhstan to meet him.

The meeting never took place, and a bank official observed that “the Kazakh oligarchs are the kind of people we don’t generally touch with a barge.”

The intermediary for the Sunninghill deal was rumored to be Ms. Ashkenazi. In fact, it was Kenges Rakishev, a Kazakh tycoon whose financial interests cover much of the country’s natural resources and who at the time was involved in building a £ 2.5 billion petrochemical plant in Kazakhstan.

Andrew had several private meetings with him in London, sometimes lasting hours.

The obvious question, to which a satisfactory answer has never been obtained, is why would Mr Kulibayev pay Prince Andrew £ 3 million on the sale price for a property that he apparently never intended to occupy?

A second question might be: why did you take such elaborate steps to cover up your ownership of the property?

Of all the queen’s children, the Duke of York seems to be the least able to reconcile himself to the fact that he has slipped down the royal list of importance.

Once second in line to the throne, he is now, since the birth of Prince Harry’s son Archie last year, number eight.

Princess Anne has a different approach. She has accepted her fate and is quietly moving on with her life.

A seemingly endless stream of headlines about Andrew and his family, many of them negative, has ensured that he is never far from controversy.

Prince Andrew’s s*x accuser Virginia Roberts says the duke …

Prosecutors could charge more of Jeffrey Epstein’s s*x …

‘Please don’t let the cat get out of the bag’: Ghislaine …

Microsoft Flight Simulator gamers are flocking to Jeffrey …
For example, it was revealed in May that he and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, a couple who these days never seem to be married or divorced, faced legal action over their multi-million dollar ski chalet in the Swiss town of Verbier.

They were said to have missed the deadline to pay the rest of what they owed, around 6.7 million pounds, for the purchase of the chalet.

In the past, people were always happy to spend cash to help the Yorks out of another hole they dug themselves, whether it was Jeffrey Epstein or some contact from the former Soviet Union.

Sarah had accepted money from Epstein, although after her incarceration, she admitted that it was a “gigantic mistake” and promised to return the money.

When asked in 2015 if she had, her spokesperson replied: “No comment.” It is a reasonable assumption that the word “comment” was superfluous.

Given the events of the past year, which have seen Andrew come under fire for his friendship with the now deceased convicted pedophile Epstein and facing allegations of sex with a minor under US law, the great old Duke of Sleaze is perceived as very toxic, and perhaps most importantly, no influence: these good-weather friends are now hard to find.

Prince Andrew (pictured left) has been under fire over his friendship with the now dead convicted paedophile Epstein (pictured right) and facing allegations of sex with a minor under US law

Prince Andrew (pictured left) has been under fire over his friendship with the now dead convicted paedophile Epstein (pictured right) and facing allegations of s*x with a minor under US law.

 Sarah had signed a seven-book deal business and sarah ferguson


Meanwhile, it was revealed that Sarah had signed a seven-book deal and intended to go into the movie business.

However, given your track record with money, there is no guarantee that such ventures will be more successful than others you have been involved with.

The root of the problem is that, even after her divorce in 1996, Sarah wanted to continue her expensive lifestyle and was seeking money from various sources.

Many of these schemes turned out to be far from problem free. But it was a special offer to help pay off her debts that she has hung like a stone around her ex-husband’s neck.

In December 2010, Andrew was photographed walking through Central Park in New York with Epstein, who had recently been in prison for a sex crime involving a minor.

It was learned that Andrew and Epstein had known each other since the 1990s. Epstein had enjoyed a weekend at Craigowan Lodge, a seven-room property on the Balmoral grounds in 1999.

Not long before, Andrew had attended a party held in his honor by Epstein at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach club in Florida.

At the same time as the party, 16-year-old Virginia Roberts was working at the club as a wardrobe maid for $ 9 an hour.

She later filed an explosive court presentation alleging that she had been recruited the year before Andrew’s party as a sex slave for Epstein and used to satisfy the sexual needs of important people, including Andrew.

Her affidavit stated that she had s*x with Andrew three times.

She claimed that Epstein told her “to give the Prince everything she needs” and to report the details of what happened.

She said Epstein’s goal was to ingratiate himself with powerful people to gain influence, “as well as potential blackmail information.”

Andrew and Buckingham Palace have always strongly denied that such an encounter ever took place, originally claiming that the Prince did not recall meeting her.

But then The Mail on Sunday published a 2001 photograph of a happy-looking Andrew with his arm around Ms Roberts’s abdomen.

Despite these strong denials, the Palace has never explained why Andrew was in the company of a 17-year-old girl with an arm around her.

It has also failed to provide a narrative to counter the claim that flight logs appear to place Andrew and Ms Roberts together at the times and places where she alleges the sexual sessions took place.

Worryingly, Andrew was featured in Epstein’s notorious black book of socialite contacts, which was released in 2015.

There were 16 phone numbers for him, including a Palace, one marked ex-directory, one for Balmoral and one for Sandringham, as well as a personal mobile number. There were 18 numbers for Sarah Ferguson.

Prince Andrew Footage emerged  Epstein’s New York apartment


One of the statements read in court came from Ms. Roberts. Another, in a statement from Johanna Sjoberg, then 21, accused Andrew of putting his hand on his chest.

However, Epstein’s death in prison last year did not ease the pressure on Andrew. Images of him surfaced inside Epstein’s New York apartment, as the Palace issued increasingly strident denials.

That Andrew likes the company of attractive young women is not a revelation.

He was photographed on vacation on a yacht surrounded by topless women in Phuket, Thailand, in 2001.

He was with his friend Epstein, who is believed to have hosted Andrew’s vacation.

Epstein’s former butler Juan Alessi, in a 2011 affidavit, said Andrew attended pool parties with naked women at the mansion, where the prince allegedly enjoyed teenage massages.

At least three of the girls were questioned under oath as to whether Andrew had had any sexual contact with them.

They exercised their right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment to the United States constitution.

Andrew has denied being present at the pool parties.

He was found attending a Hallowe’en “hookers and pimps” sadomasochistic themed party in Manhattan in 2000, accompanied by Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly landed girls for Epstein, including Virginia Roberts.

A couple of days after the pictures of Andrew’s presence at Epstein’s Manhattan home were released, more than 20 women gathered to testify before a judge in New York.

One was Virginia Roberts, who told waiting reporters: “He knows the truth and I know the truth.

I hope it’s sincere. ” But Andrew seems to have been deliberately determined not to answer any legal questions.

Andrew’s strategy last fall was to avoid any legal entanglement and instead use the media to try to muffle the story. The strategy was to fail spectacularly.

He even suggested that the incriminating photo of him with his arm around Ms Roberts’s abdomen could be false.

Few were convinced, especially Ms. Roberts, who went on the air to label him “an abuser.”

But the real damage came in a BBC interview with Emily Maitlis. In it, Andrew admitted that he had been Epstein’s guest on many occasions and had been on his private island and on his private plane, but maintained that he never witnessed or suspected anything untoward.

 Prince Andrew and quick facts

Some demand an investigation into why it was £ 3 million above the asking price
It had languished on the market for more than five years when he bought it.
Andrew has been accused of acting as an arranger in the Kulibayev business deals.

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