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Who is Phillip Gardner?(Stepfather held in connection with 2-year-old girl’s death ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Arrested, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Phillip Gardner

Phillip Gardner Wiki

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Who is Phillip Gardner ?

Phillip Gardner, Allen’s stepfather, was charged with disposing of the body. However, he has not yet been directly charged in connection with his death. A two-day search led authorities to discover the body of the boy, who had disappeared in his Baton Rouge neighborhood.

The body of a two-year-old girl who disappeared in Louisiana on Friday, September 24, was found in Mississippi. Her stepfather has now been arrested for disposing of her body. Nevaeh Allen’s body was found in a remote area across state lines in Mississippi on Sunday afternoon, September 26.

Philip Gardner Age

Phillip Gardner is 30 years old.

Philip Gardner killed his stepdaughter-defendant

According to Allen’s mother, Lanaya Cardwell, Gardner had put the boy to bed for a nap and then fell asleep around 1 p.m. When his oldest son came home a few hours later, she discovered that the door was open and Allen was not there. Her mother was at work and later confirmed that Allen, whom she affectionately called Nu Nu, was not someone to wander. “I never had to correct Nevaeh for even leaving the house without an adult. Navaeh knows best, ”she said.

Allen’s disappearance led to a massive search, and the FBI joined in on Saturday, September 25. “Nevaeh, the girl, my boy and her dad took me to work and that was the last time I saw my baby,” Cardwell told WAFB. in the midst of the frantic search for his daughter. “I don’t know what could have happened. I don’t know what went wrong, I wish I could stay home and not go to work. I do not know i do not know “.

Initially, Gardner told investigators that he was sleeping and woke up to find the door open and Allen missing. “History has changed,” said Baton Rouge police spokesman Sgt. He said L ’Jean McKneely Jr after the arrest on Sept. 26, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate. Further interviews with the stepfather made the police fear that the worst had happened.

“The evidence and interviews point to the unimaginable,” McKneely said before Allen’s body was discovered. “The baby may be dead. “We are currently working with law enforcement partners and search teams to locate the child’s body.” Gardner reportedly told authorities that he had found the boy “unconscious and lifeless” and had subsequently disposed of the body. Until now, he has not been involved in his death.

The boy’s body was discovered in the Logtown area of ​​Hancock County. Louisiana authorities will take the body for an autopsy. Family members confirmed that Gardner and Cardwell were in a toxic relationship, and there would even be violence at times, involving Allen.

Recalling an alleged incident, Cardwell’s mother, Jessica Billiot, said that Gardner had beaten a pregnant Cardwell and a neighbor called police. No complaint could be made because the couple did not open the door when the police arrived. In recounting a separate incident, Billiot said she saw Gardner “have a fit” with the boy for spilling silt on the carpet. She then forced her to hold a vacuum cleaner and asked her to clean it. Gardner allegedly threw the vacuum cleaner at the wall when Cardwell questioned him. “Nevaeh starts crying,” she said. “For me, there were some things going on there that I didn’t like.”

Allen’s father, Marcus Allen, last saw her on September 22, Wednesday. That day, he left her daughter to spend the week with Cardwell and Gardner and he was supposed to pick her up on Sunday, September 26, by which time she was already missing.

Marcus described Allen as “the perfect 2-year-old” who loved animals. He said he was skeptical of the story that Gardner had come up with about his disappearance. “She is the last person in the family to see her,” he said. “Honestly, she doesn’t make sense.”

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