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Breaking: Peter Madsen Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Peter Langkjær Madsen (Danish: [ˈpʰe̝ˀtɐ ˈlɑŋˌkʰeˀɐ̯ ˈmæsn̩]; born 12 January 1971) is a Danish businessman, engineer and convicted murderer. In April 2018, he was convicted of the 2017 murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall aboard his submarine, UC3 Nautilus, and sentenced to life in prison. [


Madsen was born in 1971 to Annie and Carl Madsen. He lived his early years in Sæby and Høng (both in Kalundborg Municipality), Denmark. [2] Annie was more than 30 years younger than Carl and had three other children by two previous men. Carl was allegedly abusive to his three stepchildren. Annie left when Peter was 6 years old, taking the children with her. [3] [4] After a couple of years, Madsen returned to his father, with whom he shared an interest in rockets.

While attending primary and secondary school in Høng, Madsen developed an interest in rocket fuel with the help of chemistry and physics teacher Johannes Fischer. He developed his first large rocket in Høng and launched it on March 3, 1986. [5] It was one meter high, inspired by the American ICBM MX pacifier, and built in his father’s workshop. It reached a height of 100 m (330 ft) before crashing without harming anyone. [6] In 1987, Madsen was accepted into the gymnasium (upper secondary school) in the nearby town of Kalundborg. [6] She moved to live in a youth home in the city. Her father died in 1990 when Peter was 18 years old.

Personal life

Madsen got married in Copenhagen City Hall in November 2011. His wife had worked in the film industry and had also helped out at Madsen’s workshop in Refshaleøen, Copenhagen. In February 2018 it was reported that his wife had abandoned him. Madsen himself explained that he had lived in an “open relationship.” His wife has chosen to remain anonymous and her identity has not been released by the media. According to a report in Wired magazine, Madsen was a regular at fetish parties. [13] [14]

In 2020, Madsen married the Russian-Mauritian opposition activist Jenny Curpen, 39. Curpen has had political asylum in Finland since 2013, due to her persecution in Russia. In a Facebook post, Curpen said she received death threats after her marriage became public.

Murder of Kim Wall and sinking of UC3 Nautilus

On August 11, 2017, Madsen was arrested after the sinking of the UC3 Nautilus and the disappearance of Kim Wall, a Swedish journalist who had been last seen alive aboard the submarine [23] [24].

The following day, a court ordered that he remain in preventive detention for 24 days on the charge of negligent homicide. [25] Madsen initially claimed that Wall landed on land at the tip of Refshaleøen the night before the sinking. [23] [26] He later changed his statement, saying that she had died on board in an accident and that he had buried her at sea [27]. According to the Danish police, the submarine was deliberately sunk, contradicting Madsen’s explanation of a technical failure [26].

A human torso appeared off the coast of Amager on August 21, which according to DNA evidence belonged to Wall [28]. Chief Investigator Jens Møller reported that the torso had been stabbed several times to vent accumulated gases that could float to the surface, and that a piece of metal had been attached to it to ensure its sinking into the seabed. [29] On August 25, Madsen’s indictment was extended to improper handling of a corpse. [30]

During a hearing on September 5, Madsen testified that Wall had died when she lost her grip on the submarine’s hatch cover, which she was holding open for her, and struck her on the head, causing a skull fracture. [31] On October 7, 2017, Royal Danish Navy divers assisting police found Wall’s head, arms, and legs, along with a knife and pieces of his clothing, in bags at the bottom of Køge Bay, weighted down by pieces of metal. A police spokesman reported that there were no fractures on Wall’s skull.


On January 24, 2020, a new Danish documentary: Into the Deep premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, USA [47] The 90-minute documentary is directed by Australian-born Emma Sullivan and narrates the story of Peter Madsen and a group of volunteers who helped him with his projects, before, during and after the murder of Kim Wall. [48] Variety called the documentary “fascinating”. [49] Marie Claire called it “exciting” and “essential”. [fifty]

The documentary was scheduled for distribution on Netflix. After a controversy arose, where the participants claimed that they did not consent to appear with their name and image, Netflix suspended it. [51] On April 22, Netflix announced that they had pulled out of the deal.

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