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Breaking: Peter Arbeeny Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Peter Arbeeny

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The children of a Covid-19 victim criticized Andrew Cuomo for ‘lying’ and ‘deflecting’ the nursing home scandal, as they also pointed to the silence of his brother Chris on CNN.

The 63-year-old New York governor has come under fire for his handling of the pandemic amid allegations this week that his office deliberately withheld data on nursing home deaths as part of a cover-up.

But CNN has offered little coverage of the scandal and Chris, 50, did not mention his brother at all as he addressed the biggest Covid stories of the day on his Monday show.

After a backlash, the network reinstated a ban on Chris interviewing Andrew, despite the governor appearing on CNN more than ten times last year to receive praise.

Daniel and Peter Arbeeny, whose father Norman died of the virus in April last year, said the Cuomo brothers have been ‘drifting’ out of trouble.

Daniel told Fox & Friends about Andrew: “ He has constantly lied to us, criticized us and insulted us from the beginning.

Peter Arbeeny, whose father Norman died with the virus in May last year, said the Cuomo brothers have been ‘deflecting’ from the care home deaths scandal

In May, I apologized to CNN. Today, [Gov. Cuomo] keeps blaming us and misleading us.

“I’m asking CNN, Chris Cuomo, his brother, to interview us and find out what really happened.”

Daniel and Peter’s 89-year-old father had a long hospital stay last April where he was ‘neglected’ and later sent to the Cobble Hill nursing home.

Bill De Blasio asks for a commission to investigate Cuomo …

“Was it meant for your brother?” CNN’s Chris Cuomo is …

In March of last year, Governor Cuomo ordered nursing homes to accept Covid-19 patients at his facilities.

Many nursing homes were struggling to cope with the large number of cases and staffing problems, and after several days in Cobble Hill, Norman returned home for fear of contracting the virus.
He then took a Covid test and it came back positive. He died 12 hours later.

But his official death certificate indicates that Norman died of heart disease and official statistics did not count him as a Covid fatality, the reports say.

Peter said of Andrew Cuomo, whose father Mario also served as governor of New York: ‘Not apologizing to one family member or the thousands of family members is inconceivable. He has forgotten the face of his father, unfortunately.

Andrew faces calls to resign and even be prosecuted for covering up data surrounding the death toll from Covid-19, among nursing home patients, and even faces investigations by the FBI and the federal prosecutor’s office in Brooklyn.

DeRosa is said to have admitted that the administration withheld data on nursing home deaths from state lawmakers, fearing an official federal government investigation.


But Chris Cuomo remained silent about the scandal on his CNN show, prompting the Washington Post to accuse him of delivering ‘exaggerated praise when the governor is in office; silence when he’s downstairs, ‘after the presenter completely ignored the press conference, which had been among the top coronavirus stories of the day.

The decision to reinstate the fraternal ban after a long layoff comes after months of praise for the governor by his brother in more than ten appearances on his show.

In an interview on June 24, Chris readily admitted that he was incapable of objectively when it came to his brother.

‘I’m impressed by what you did. And most importantly, I’m blown away by how you did it, so hard, I know it’s not over, ‘he said.

‘Obviously, I love you like my brother. Obviously, I cannot be objective. Obviously, I think you are the best politician in the country, but I hope you feel good about what you did for your people. ‘

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