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Breaking: Persis Khambatta Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Persis Khambatta

Persis Khambatta Wiki

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Edward Lozzi, the ex-boyfriend of Star Trek model and actress Persis Khambatta, told Oakland News Now Daily on March 14 that the actress did not die of natural causes. He insisted that she was the victim of “foul play.” Lozzi went on to say that she was “murdered” for her support of Indira Gandhi.

The details of Lozzi’s accusations

Persis Khambatta – Beverly Hills publicist Ed Lozzi says late Star Trek star was murdered in India Persis Khambatta – Beverly Hills publicist Ed Lozzi says late Star Trek star was murdered in India During our extensive interview on Friday In the past, Beverly Hills publicist Ed Lozzi and I was talking about memories about the Night of 100 Stars party when what started as a brief mention of Star Trek, turned into a series… 2021-03-14T12: 51: 38Z

Lozzi told Oakland News Now Daily reporter Zennie Abraham that Khambatta was “an avid supporter” of Gandhi, India’s first and only prime minister. Gandhi was assassinated in 1984 by two of her bodyguards who were part of a group of Sikh militants who opposed the Prime Minister, according to The New York Times.

Lozzi said that Khambatta had been cast as Gandhi in a biopic and approached the prime minister as he investigated the role. They became so close that Khambatta would continue the campaign with Gandhi, often flying to India only for campaign events.

Since Khambatta was such a huge celebrity in India, her support for Gandhi gained a lot of attention, including violent negative attention. Lozzi said that on multiple occasions Khambatta had stones thrown through the windows of the places where she was staying, and Gandhi’s dissidents frequently harassed her when she appeared in public.

When Khambatta died in 1998, the cause of her death was reported to be a heart attack. However, Lozzi refused to accept that story. He hired a private investigator and sent him to Mumbai to investigate Khambatta’s death. He alleged that his investigator was unable to find a death certificate for Khambatta and found that an autopsy had never been performed. He claimed that when his investigator asked for proof of cause of death, they were met with hostility.

“I have no doubt that she was murdered,” Lozzi said. “They told her they were going to kill her, and they did.”

The comment appeared to refer to threats he said Khambatta had received for supporting Gandhi.

This is not the first time that Lozzi has claimed that Khambatta’s death was the result of foul play. In fact, he has been saying so since she died in 1998. In a statement posted on her own website shortly after her death, Lozzi wrote that the circumstances surrounding Khambatta’s death were highly suspicious.

She even suggested that “it would be very easy to inject air into her heart or turn off a switch in a hospital room.”

Lozzi has never stopped believing that Khambatta’s death was not simply a heart attack, and these latest statements make that crystal clear.

The pride of India

A common nickname for Khambatta, the pride of India, was bestowed upon him by Gandhi. In an interview with the Indian outlet Rediff in 1997, Khambatta recounted the story of her first encounter with Gandhi and how she inspired the title of her book, The Pride of India.

“When I was introduced to Ms. Gandhi, she waved her hand and said, ‘Everyone knows who Persis is, she needs no introduction. She is the pride of India. ‘

Khambatta went on to say that she thought the phrase would make a good book title if she ever wrote one. So when she put together her tribute to all the Indian beauties who had been named Miss India, she titled the book with the nickname Gandhi had given her.

There is not much information available about Khambatta’s political support for Gandhi on the internet, which makes sense since they became known in the early 1980s. Therefore, Lozzi’s claims about Khambatta’s political support for Gandhi and his closeness are difficult to corroborate. However, they are also difficult to disprove.

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