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Who is PC Declan Jones?(Police officer who was convicted of assault after attacking black boy, 15, and black cyclist, 44, ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

PC Declan Jones

PC Declan Jones Wiki

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Who is PC Declan Jones ?

PC Declan Jones, 30, was convicted by a district judge last month after committing the crimes on consecutive days while working in Birmingham in April last year.A police officer who was convicted of assault after attacking a 15-year-old black boy and a black cyclist while on duty during Covid’s first lockdown was fired from his force.

The West Midlands police officer was recorded on CCTV throwing a 44-year-old black bicyclist to the ground before hitting and kicking him and then shoving his face against the hood of a patrol car on April 20.

Less than 24 hours later, he was filmed kicking and hitting a 15-year-old black boy after wrongly accusing him of drug possession in the Newtown area of the city.

PC Declan Jones  carried out the attacks

Jones was fired without notice Tuesday by West Midlands Police Chief Sir David Thompson in a hearing that could only be held after the verdicts in the criminal case.

Sir Thompson said the case also involved “national concern” over the use of force by the police against members of the black community.

Jones, who joined the force in 2015, had been suspended since May of last year after the two rounds.

The assaults were investigated by the Independence Police Conduct Office (IOPC), but the board did not find Jones guilty of gross misconduct for the discrimination allegations made by the victims.

How old is Declan Jones ?

He is 30 year old.


Noting that Jones’ conduct had discredited the West Midlands police and police officers in general, Sir David said at the hearing: “This case concerns two convictions for assault by a police officer while on duty. service.

Both assaults were captured on CCTV and widely viewed. Any well-thinking member of the public might feel that the force applied is excessive and gratuitous.

‘That is clearly the conclusion the court made in this case. The case shows a clear abuse of the officer’s powers while he was on duty. ‘

In a trial in June last year, a CCTV of Jones was shown to the court pulling innocent 44-year-old Michael Rose off his bike in the middle of the street on Frederick Road, Aston, on April 20 of the year. last.

While Mr. Rose was restrained by a female officer, Jones hit him three times on the back while he appeared to hit his head on the hood of the patrol car.

Disturbing footage shows the officer only stopped the attack when a silver Ford Focus passed the scene.

The officer then appears to hit the man again before kneeing him in the side while his colleague handcuffs him.

Several passersby appeal to the officer to stop, but Jones responds by slamming Mr. Rose’s body against the car.

The next day, Jones was caught on camera kicking a 15-year-old, who has not been identified for legal reasons, while he was on the ground.

The footage shows him dealing with the young man on Melbourne Avenue in Newton the day after the attack on Mr. Rose.

Presiding over an expedited misconduct hearing, Sir David said of Jones:

Jones claimed that he had used reasonable force in self-defense, but was found guilty of using unlawful force after a five-day trial in Coventry Magistrates Court.

Presiding over an expedited misconduct hearing, Sir David said of Jones: “The officer’s conduct has clearly fallen far short of what should be expected of any police officer.

‘The conduct is criminal and has had a serious impact on the public opinion of the West Midlands Police.

“ I apologize to your victims in this case. I don’t see any sanction other than that the officer should be removed without notice. ‘

The case would inevitably be seen in the context of black community concerns about the use of force by the police, Sir David said, adding that Jones’ criminal acts “made the job of good officers more difficult.” .

Such cases are routinely reviewed, the police chief said, to improve the performance of the force.

Jones was dismissed without notice on Tuesday by West Midlands Police Chief Constable Sir David Thompson

Doing this right and ensuring that our black communities know that this is an imperative for me and for all right-thinking people of this force.

“It requires each of us to strive to be better … so that we can remove the stain that the actions of this police officer have left on our strength.”

In a statement issued after the case, Sir David said: ‘Police officers join the public in serving. They run into danger and put themselves in danger.

“Every day I see examples that make me proud of officers in this force wearing the Crown insignia and doing great things for the community.

However, this case will reinforce the opinion of some that his misbehavior has only been the subject of action because of the clear CCTV cameras. That other discourtesies towards blacks do not receive the attention that is inevitable in this case.

“While I do not believe this to be true, as a force and as a group of professionals we fail if we do not confront the realities of this point of view and the fact that we use force disproportionately against black men.

‘There is more than force and each of us must do to address this. We monitor an unequal society and there will be disparities. Where they exist, we must account for them and take steps to show that we act fairly and in the public interest. ”

Jones, who denied both offenses during a trial in Coventry Magistrates Court, did not attend his misconduct hearing at West Midlands Police Headquarters.

During the trial, District Judge Shamim Qureshi said the first two complainants were of good character and rejected Jones’ claims that the victims were only seeking compensation.

He said: ‘None of the complainants immediately went to the police to report assault. They only did it after they had been counseled in the community. ‘

Finding Jones guilty of assaulting Mr. Rose, who he believed had stolen his mobile phone, Judge Qureshi said: “It follows that the use of force to restrain him was illegal.

“The use of the knee and the throwing of punches was illegal, as was the use of spray by PC Edwards.

‘He concluded that PC Jones was abusing his powers and was not using reasonable force to stop Michael Rose.

Jones was charged in October 2020

“Michael Rose didn’t throw any punches or kicks if he had, he could be acting in self-defense.”

Finding Jones guilty of attacking the 15-year-old boy, Judge Qureshi said: “ When a police officer can be seen in a video kicking a 15-year-old boy on the ground, people lose faith in the police force. .

‘The offense in charge two was complete at the point of the punch and the kick.

“I find PC Jones’s punch and kick to be unnecessary and an illegal use of force against P, and I’m pleased to be sure that count two is proven.”

Jones was acquitted of a third assault charge, following another incident in April, during which he was filmed saying that he “did not believe” in Covid.

Judge Qureshi said the third incident had seen the officer use “proportionate” force as his colleagues struggled to detain a man wearing a stab-proof vest.

In clarifying Jones from the third round, Judge Qureshi said: “Since all other attempts, including a baton to immobilize the man, had already failed, I conclude that PC Jones used proportional force.”

Jones is due to be sentenced in Birmingham Magistrates Court for the two rounds on Friday.

PC Declan Jones Quicks and Facts

  • PC Declan Jones has been sacked from West Midlands Police force at a misconduct hearing after assaults on two members of the public  
  • One attack was on 15-year-old black boy while Jones was on duty in Birmingham
  • He kicked and punched the boy, who was wrongly accused of drugs offences
  • Jones, 30, was also filmed dragging a black cyclist off his bike in middle of street

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