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Breaking: Patsy Stevenson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Patsy Stevenson

Patsy Stevenson Wiki

                                            Patsy Stevenson Biography

Patsy Stevenson is a young part-time model and actress who hails from Southend. She is also an alumnus of Cecil Jones Academy and South Essex College. She describes herself as “not an activist or a protester.” In June 2017, Stevenson was the victim of a sexually aggravated assault when a man indecently exposed himself to her and a friend of hers while they were walking home early one morning, her local newspaper The Echo reports.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain (GMB) on March 15, she said that she had gone to lay flowers and light a candle at Everard’s vigil, adding that she still does not know why she was “thrown to the ground so hard” .

The student added: “I didn’t expect that to happen. He had never been so scared. ”

Patsy Stevenson Age

Patsy Stevenson is 28 years old in the year 2021.

Patsy Stevenson activist at Sarah Everard vigil

Patsy Stevenson was one of the people arrested at the vigil by Sarah Everard, who pleaded on the record to beat the Met police calling them “disgraceful” for allegedly pinning her to the ground. In her first television interview, Stevenson revealed that she was “terrified.”

After a photograph of her nailed to the ground being arrested began to take over social media, the Metropolitan Police faced widespread criticism for handling her vigil. In fact, many are even calling for the resignation of Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick. Speaking on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain”, Stevenson said that she had attended the vigil on Clapham Common, South London, on March 12, 2021, “to set a candle” before it got chaotic.

The footage shows Stevenson being held to the ground by two officers while she is handcuffed. Additionally, the vigil was hosted by Reclaim These Streets but was called off after police threatened to fine the organizers $ 13,917 (£ 10,000) each for breaking Covid’s lockdown restrictions.

“I am quite small and it was two very large male officers who pushed me back very quickly and then I fell to the ground,” she said on ‘GMB’.

Arrest of Patsy Stevenson

What was supposed to be a peaceful vigil for the deceased turned into a violent police scandal when, Stevenson recalls, police officers mobilized to disperse people. “We were terrified because we heard that the police mistreat women and things like that. I was terrified. Honestly, she’s never been so scared, ”she reportedly said.

“I think which was terrifying as soon as they pinned me to the ground, I looked up and there were cameras everywhere.”

Stevenson said she was “surrounded by 10 police officers” before she was arrested. “Several policemen were on my back trying to arrest me. They arrested me handcuffed and dragged me surrounded by 10 policemen, ”she said according to the latest reports.

“When I got into the truck, they said ‘all we need is her name and address and then we’ll let him go with a ticket,’ so I don’t see the point of the arrest, to be honest.”

Patsy Stevenson’s Twitter

Stevenson had some advice for Dame Cressida Dick. “As someone who defends women’s rights and things like that, I don’t have them, it’s not that I don’t have an opinion, but, to be honest, I think we should push the message away from: ‘We are against the police, the police did wrong ”.

“Now we need to open a dialogue for change and support women’s safety. This has to happen now, ”she added.

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