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Who is Patrick Graber? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Patrick Graber

Patrick Graber Wiki

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Who is Patrick Graber ?

Bodybuilder Patrick Graber’s name has been removed from the report, but he was sentenced to three years in prison in 2004 for the scheme and ordered deported.

The report details how Graber sent the Los Angeles Lakers star a letter offering his services in a murder-for-hire plot.

He allegedly wrote ‘could make Bryant’s problem regarding the s*xual assault case go away for a fee’.

A Swiss bodybuilder offered to murder Kobe Bryant’s rape accuser for $3million in 2003, according to an FBI report which has been unsealed 18 years later.

The 17-page, heavily-redacted report was posted to the FBI’s vault website this months – almost two decades after the offer was made.

Bryant’s security and legal teams immediately alerted the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, according to the documents, and Graber was arrested in a sting operation.

Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna and seven others in January 2020, was arrested and charged in 2003 after a 19-year-old woman accused him of rape in a Colorado hotel room. .

Bryant was charged in 2003 with rape after having s*x with a 19-year-old hotel employee in Eagle, Colorado.

The charges were later dropped after she refused to appear in court. A civil lawsuit was settled out of court, and Bryant apologized but did not admit guilt for it.

It is not clear why the murder-for-hire documents are now being made public on the FBI’s Vault website, a Freedom of Information Act library containing 6,700 documents and other media that have been scanned from paper to digital copies.

But, the website notes, new files are added to the site on a regular basis.

According to newly released documents, Graber mailed Bryant an offer to kill Bryant’s accuser for $ 3 million via Federal Express.

Bryant’s security and legal teams then contacted the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and federal officials notified her accuser of her alleged threat.

An undercover detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department met with Graber twice and recorded him saying that he had a team that could “execute Bryant’s accuser without leaving evidence.”

He also allegedly said that he could “influence the victim” at trial, and if that didn’t work, he would “do everything he could to get the witness out.”

Graber, who also worked as a security guard for celebrities, allegedly used the name ‘Yuri’ in her dealings with undercover officers.

She claimed that she had ties to organized crime, possibly the Russian mob, but detectives found no evidence that she had such ties.

She also served a search warrant at a California residence and firearms were found.

A subsequent investigation found that Graber, then 31, had been in the United States for about two years on an expired visa, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Graber was arrested on September 18, 2003 after authorities agreed to pay him for the plot with prop money from Hollywood movie sets.


He reportedly tried to reach the bag of counterfeit money and was immediately surrounded by more than 30 officers.

He did not contest grand theft in April 2004, after prosecutors dropped various charges, including solicitation of murder, and deported after his release, ESPN reported at the time.

The newly released documents also contained interviews with Graber’s neighbors and coworkers, one of whom told the FBI on October 2, 2003 that he was a member of the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, where Bryant also trained.

The witness said he was ’99 percent sure [the suspect] did not meet Bryant at Gold’s Gym when he was training. ‘

And a neighbor reported seeing Graber unload a large cardboard box from his car that displayed a ‘Winchester’ or ‘Remington’ tag that he believed contained a shotgun or rifle.

“[The neighbor] did not know [the suspect] well enough to joke with him, but asked if he was going to shoot him with that,” the documents say.

“[The suspect] seemed to think the comment was funny and he chuckled.”

Bryant admitted to having s*x with the 19-year-old in his hotel room at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Eagle, Colorado, where he underwent knee surgery.

She was working as a receptionist at the time, and she accompanied Bryant on a tour of the property and then went to Bryant’s hotel room where she said he raped her.

Bryant was charged with one count of serious battery.

He admitted to having sex with the woman, but claimed it was consensual.

But soon, the Los Angeles Times reports, questions began to arise in the case, and the accuser reportedly did not appear ready to take the stand.

When he finally refused to testify, the charges against Bryant were dropped and a civil case was later settled against him.

He later apologized for the interaction, but never admitted blaming him.

At a press conference after the criminal case was dismissed, he said: ‘I first want to directly apologize to the young woman involved in this incident.

“I want to apologize to her for my behavior that night and for the consequences she has suffered over the last year. Although this past year has been incredibly difficult for me personally, I can only imagine the pain that she has endured.

‘I also want to apologize to her friends and family, and to my family, friends and supporters, and to the citizens of Eagle, Colorado.

I also want to make it clear that I do not question this young woman’s motives.

“No money has been paid to this woman,” he said at the time. She has agreed that this statement will not be used against me in the civil case.

Although I really believe that this meeting between us was consensual, I now acknowledge that she did not see and does not see this incident in the same way that I do.

After months of reviewing the discovery, hearing from her attorney and even her testimony in person from her, I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter.

‘I issue this statement today fully aware that while one part of this ends today, another remains.

I understand that the civil case against me will continue.

“That part of this case will be decided by and between the parties directly involved in the incident and will no longer be a financial or emotional burden for the citizens of the state of Colorado.”

Patrick Graber Quicks and Facts

  • The FBI has unsealed documents related to the murder-for-hire scheme against the woman who accused Kobe Bryant of rape, 18 years after the incident 
  • The documents show that Swiss bodybuilder Patrick Graber sent Bryant a letter offering to kill his accuser for $3 million
  • Bryant’s security and legal teams notified the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department immediately after receiving the letter
  • Federal authorities notified the accuser as undercover agents met with Graber 
  • They recorded him saying he could ‘execute Bryant’s accuser leaving no evidence’ 
  • He also allegedly said he could ‘influence the victim’ in the trial, and if that didn’t work he would ‘go all the way to remove the witness’
  • Graber alleged to have ties with the Russian mafia, but investigators found no connections
  • He was arrested on September 18, 2003 and pleaded no contest to grand theft in April 2004, after prosecutors dropped solicitation to commit murder charges

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