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Who is Panayiota Noumidi?(Greek woman, 81, reveals losing sight of her husband as he battled wildfires led to iconic ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Panayiota Noumidi

Panayiota Noumidi Wiki

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Who is Panayiota Noumidi ?

The Greek woman who was photographed fleeing her burning house in anguish revealed that she lost sight of her husband moments before the iconic image.

Panayiota Noumidi explained that she was unable to find her husband when flames engulfed her home on the island of Evia because he was helping to fight the forest fires, causing her to scream for help.

She later met with her husband and they took her to a hospital for treatment, but she said she wants to return to Gouves, her home for 34 years, and continue her normal life.

Noumidi said that she was not bothered by the image of her, which has been compared to The Scream by Edvard Munch, but she said that she hoped to wake up one day and “see everything as I knew it”.

Greece has been devastated for more than a week by forest fires that, fueled by strong winds, have swept through dry forests in a searing heat wave.

The most affected has been the island of Evia, where the flames have burned for nine days, running from one side of the island to the other, reducing everything in their path to ashes and forcing thousands of residents to evacuate.

Ho w old is Panayiota Noumidi ?

She is 81 year old.

Noumidi told Star.Gr she hoped to return to her home in Gouves, Evia, one day

Noumidi, who is originally from Athens, lives with her husband in Gouves, a town in the north of Evia.

She explained that she lost sight of her husband when the flames approached the house because he “was running with a bucket of water to try to put it out.”

‘The police, the people, everyone got together … they all came and helped,’ she told Star.Gr.

She explained that the police took her to a hospital for treatment after her ordeal and that the doctors gave her injections and oxygen.

Doctors told her that she should not leave the hospital, but she admitted that she “did not want to sit down” and she described the hours of waiting as “a nightmare”.

‘I wanted to go home … I want to get up one day and see everything as I knew it.’

Noumidi said she was told by doctors she should not leave the health centre

Noumidi said that at least three houses near his were at risk of fire, but that hospital nurses assured him that the houses had not been burned.

He thanked the local youth for helping prevent widespread damage to Gouves’ homes.

But Noumidi was visibly upset during the interview and told the reporter ‘why should the forest be burned? Isn’t it sin? in a passionate speech.

He said that he was ‘not interested’ in the viral image, but wanted ‘to get up one day and see everything as I knew it’.

“I’m interested in showing interest in Evia,” he added. “All Evia has been burned.”

The Evia fire is one of more than 500 fires that have erupted in just a few days in Greece, which is in the midst of its worst heat wave in 30 years, but is by far the most widespread and severe.

The fires prompted Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to declare on Monday “a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions.”

In an address to the nation, Mitsotakis pointed to climate change as the cause of the disaster, but said it is “not an excuse” for the government’s response, which has been widely criticized as inadequate.

“We did what was humanly possible, but in many cases it was not enough,” he said, while apologizing for “any deficiencies” on the part of the state.

“Due to the unprecedented heat wave and prolonged drought, (the fires) are difficult to extinguish.”

The damage on the island of Evia “blackens everyone’s hearts,” Mitsotakis said, while pledging compensation for the victims, a reforestation campaign and millions of euros to bolster the country’s defenses against natural disasters.

In Evia alone, nearly half a million acres of dry tinder forest caught fire, while at least 1,000 houses were burned to the ground in the village of Mantoudi.

The images coming from Evia looked desperate as residents struggled to save their homes using tree branches, dousing the flames due to water shortages.

Some were refusing to evacuate on Tuesday, mounting a desperate defense of their livelihoods using whatever they could get their hands on with no sign of firefighters.

Panayiota Noumidi Quicks and Facts

  • Panayiota Noumidi pictured with a look of anguish as she fled Evia wildfire
  • Image, which was likened to Edvard Munch’s The Scream, hit headlines Tuesday
  • Hardest-hit has been Greece’s island of Evia and residents battled flames alone
  • Over 500 fires broke out across Greece in the last eight days, PM Mitsotakis said

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