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Breaking: Pamela Burnley Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Pamela Burnley Wiki – Pamela Burnley Biography

Pamela Burnley is a Dallas woman facing murder charges after allegedly injecting illegal silicone into the buttocks of a Fort Worth woman.

Pamela Burnley Age

Pamela Burnley is 55 years old
A Dallas woman faces murder charges after a Fort Worth woman allegedly injected silicone into her hip.

Pamela Burnley, 55, was arrested Thursday in the death of Latora King, 35, in May.
According to the arrest warrant statement, King’s family took him to the hospital a few days after paying someone to perform a procedure on his hip. She had a fever and died of a silicone pulmonary embolism.

Pamela Burnley injected injection samples

The Tarrant County Medical Inspector collected samples of the injectable substance during King’s autopsy. When tests confirmed that these specimens were silicon, murder to death was ruled.

Detectives identified Burnley after searching King’s cell phone and meeting with friends and family.
King’s phone had pictures taken in front of a mirror shortly after the procedure, along with text messages he had exchanged with a person named “Jag Booty.”

The affidavit reads: “The photos do not show that the procedure was performed by a physician.”

Latora King

One of King’s friends told detectives that he would take him to meet “Jag Booty” in a restaurant parking lot. The friend said King got into a car with the other woman and went to the procedure that should have been a 10-minute procedure. His friend said King hadn’t been back in several hours.

King’s sister also told detectives that she had undergone a similar injection procedure previously performed by “Jag.”

“[King’s sister] said there are two people in Dallas to do the injection procedures. According to the court document, one of the men went to jail for murder because he killed one of his clients and “Jag” was the other person. “[King’s sister] believed that the two used to work together until they ‘broke up.’

This other person likely killed Wykesha Reid, Denise “Wee-Wee” Ross, 34, who was convicted in 2017 of an illegal cosmetic procedure. Ross was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

When the police questioned Burnley, she denied any illegal injection of silicone. She claimed to have bought King in the restaurant parking lot to buy a wallet.

However, detectives were able to search through cell phone messages and social media. According to the affidavit, they found messages from King and other clients questioning his butt injections.

“From the messages, it is clear that Pamela Burnley has a history of providing illegal butt injections,” detectives said in their statement.

Burnley was taken to Fort Worth Prison and charged with murder. Their link has yet to be established.

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