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Breaking: pablo hidalgo Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Wiki Pablo Hidalgo – Biography of Pablo Hidalgo

Pablo Hidalgo is a Chilean executive creative director, currently working for Lucasfilm on Star Wars franchise and member of Lucasfilm Story Group. In 1987 he became a fan of games of resources (RPG) RPG published by West End Games, the only official source of the content of Star Wars in the late 1980s and was commissioned to be cognizant of the universe to create better stories for the group of friends he was playing with. Later we used both the content of the RPG and ideas developed for your gaming sessions within the official media of Star Wars, such as tracking device that uses the Arbiter and the name of a ship on rebels from Star Wars.

I sent content for Star Wars Adventure Journal of West End Games in 1993. Although it was rejected because it was not a published author at the time, his correspondence with the company resulted in Peter Schweighofer hired him as an illustrator of the magazine. Since he was now a published author, he was allowed to publish material for the role-playing game, as well as stories in the magazine.

During his participation, he compiled the first database large-scale knowledge of Star Wars, parts of which he published online in 1997 as the “Star Wars Index”. He also used his extensive knowledge to help Steve Sansweet fact-check the Star Wars Encyclopedia, the first work of its kind published shortly before the release of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Pablo Hidalgo age

Pablo Hidalgo is 46 years old.

Lucasfilm Exec’s tweet reopened the wounds of “The Last Jedi”

On December 17, a popular YouTuber Star Wars joined about 30,000 fans while broadcasting live his reaction to the end of Season 2 of “The Mandalorian”. The YouTuber, who often goes by his account name, Star Wars Theory, and has also been called Toos in some press reports, watched mostly in concentrated silence for the first 30 minutes of the episode. But when a telltale X-Wing Fighter came into view, he jumped in his seat as a childish smile flooded his face.

“Do not give me hope, brother” did not tell anyone in particular. About a minute later, when he saw a cloaked, hooded figure wielding a green lightsaber appear, Toos burst into tears, certain of what the episode later confirmed: it was Luke Skywalker.

For the next 15 minutes, Toos cried as the episode unfolded. When he finished, he seemed a little embarrassed, but mostly amazed by the deep feelings that the episode had evoked in him. “Thank you, Lucasfilm,” he said, still wiping away tears. “This was what my six-year-old wanted to see.”

Ten days later, Toos had a completely different feeling for Lucasfilm, exposing once again the delicate and precarious relationship between the most vocal study and its fans, and at a time when it seemed that Lucasfilm and Disney had put the worst of the riots from Star Wars fans. behind them.

Toos tweeted he had noticed that Pablo Hidalgo, a senior executive of the department of Lucasfilm stories, was commenting on a thread ridiculing Toos emotional reaction to the appearance of Luke in “The Mandalorian”. However, because Hidalgo’s account was private, Toos could not see what the executive was saying.

“I would hate to believe he would join [in the teasing] as a Lucasfilm official,” Toos tweeted to his 101,000 followers, asking anyone with access to Hidalgo’s account to send him a screenshot of his tweets.

That it was when I knew what Hidalgo tweeted: “Emotions are not to share”. Toos was outraged, interpreting Hidalgo’s comments as a mockery of his genuine emotions. By that time, Hidalgo had removed the tweet, but, quite inexplicably, also placed a screenshot as a banner on your account; Toos took it as more trolling. “Are you telling people it’s not okay to have emotions about the work your company produces and making fun of them for crying?” tweeted. “Not well.”

About 20 hours later, the executive apologized. “I would like to clarify that my post that ’emotions are not to be shared’ was a sarcastic mockery of himself and it is certainly not intended to be harmful to anyone and I am deeply sorry that it was,” Hidalgo has published on his Twitter account , which he made public. (Since Hidalgo’s account is not verified, Variety has confirmed the authenticity of his tweets.) “As a lifelong fan, I appreciate that

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