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Who is O’Neal Joseph?(Knifeman, 28, who stabbed male model to death on Valentine’s Day ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Investigation,Family,Facebook,Suspect, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

O'Neal Joseph

O’Neal Joseph Wiki

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Who is O’Neal Joseph ?

A man who stabbed a male model to death on Valentine’s Day after being made ‘look silly’ in a series of prank messages has been jailed for life.

O’Neal Joseph, 28, fatally stabbed Yannick Cupido in the chest during a fight outside of a license in Lower Caversham, near Reading, Berks.

Hours earlier, Cupid, 24, had been involved in a series of joking text messages with his friend Reece Weatherburn.

The texts claimed that Weatherburn, a mutual friend, had been arrested due to a stabbing.

José caught up and ‘worried’ about his friend. But worry turned to anger when he realized it was a joke.

He started a text message line with Cupid and the pair agreed to meet outside the store, where Joseph pulled out a kitchen knife and mortally wounded the male model.

Today Joseph was sentenced to life in prison at Reading Crown Court after being convicted of murder.


Weatherburn was jailed for three years after being convicted of two counts of helping Joseph by preventing the police investigation.

The jury was previously told that on the night of February 13, the night before Cupid and Weatherburn were stabbed, they had begun sending false messages to Weatherburn’s ex-partner.

Arrested and Charged

They claimed that Weatherburn had been arrested for stabbing.

Joseph, also a close friend of Weatherburn, learned of the messages and took them at face value and began to worry and get angry.

This led to a series of aggressive text messages being sent to Mr. Cupid before they agreed to meet outside the license in Lower Cavisham.

The jury heard that the meeting soon turned violent as the two screamed and fought until Joseph stabbed Mr. Cupid with a kitchen knife.

Cupid fled the scene before collapsing a few moments later. Bystanders called an ambulance and then he died from his injuries, and the attack left him with a deep wound that punctured his lung.

The court heard that Joseph fled the scene, visiting several friends before finally meeting with Weatherburn around 3 a.m. Valentine’s Day and lying in his apartment.

Weatherburn denied knowing anything about the attack until Joseph turned himself in to authorities two days later.

Defending Joseph, David Hislop QC said: ‘At the age of just 28 he faces a long, long prison sentence.

He will not see his children grow up and he will have to endure the knowledge that his children will know that his father is in jail for murder.

He will also have to endure the knowledge that he murdered a man in a few insane minutes.


“He has ruined not only his life, but the lives of others and he will have to live with this for the rest of his life. All of these are severe punishments in themselves. ‘

Defending Weatherburn, Nadia Chbat said: ‘Weatherburn’s attendance was minimal in the hours that Joseph was hiding at his home.

‘Joseph had not sent the defendant to do any scans, he does not provide him with phones, money, vehicles or dispose of any evidence.

‘Weatherburn’s involvement with Joseph put immense pressure on him at the time.

He might think that he was emotionally ill-equipped. We know that Weatherburn had great affection for Mr. Cupid, ”Ms. Chabt said.

After having a little disagreement with Mr. Cupido on the night of February 13, she sent him a text message telling him to come back so they could resolve his complaint.

“Mr. Weatherburn’s actions have not prevented Joseph from being convicted of murder.”

Mr. Joseph was a suspect

Prosecuting, Matthew Walsh said: ‘When he provided the assistance by allowing Joseph to remain in his apartment, he knew that a serious stabbing had occurred.

“When he was dealing with the police in the afternoon and night of the 14th, he knew that Mr. Cupido had died.

He knew that Mr. Joseph was a suspect. This allowed Mr. Joseph to stay off the streets and have time to make plans.

The misinformation had the effect of causing him to avoid arrest for several days, as he was able to leave the reading area.

‘What was the damage to justice? He actually made the investigation proceed at a slower pace than he could have. But, ultimately, the effect has not hindered the conviction. ”


In sentencing both men, Judge Amjad Nawaz said: “He [Mr. Cupid] may have had his flaws, but he was loved and he loved his family. No judgment of this court can compensate for the loss suffered by the family. ‘

The judge went on to relate the order of events that led to the attack. He said, ‘Neither [Mr. Cupid nor Joseph] were willing to back down, this was all a face-saving exercise. He [José] had been made to look foolish and he was not going to tolerate that. This was the catalyst for what would come later ”.

“He [Joseph] was looking for Yannick Cupido. Shortly after that, neighbors heard fighting between two men.

Mr. Joseph says that he went back to the Best One store and saw Mr. Cupid. There was a physical altercation that lasted just over two minutes.

Yannick Cupido had a bottle and he fell to the ground. He may have initially acted to defend himself, but the jury should have determined this to a very limited degree.

You involved Reece Weatherburn in this crime. If you hadn’t contacted him, he wouldn’t be where you are now.

The judge then turned to address Weatherburn, saying: ‘You claim that he was immature at the time and that he was wrong because of his loyalty to his friend.

“ That could only have continued until now, because you continued not to give the police the correct information. ”

While Judge Nawaz was in the sentencing process, he was interrupted by a court usher, and it was revealed that a member of the public in the courtroom had been recording a video of the sentencing on his mobile phone.

The man was taken from the courtroom by police officers.

Joseph, from Reading, was sentenced to life in prison, which means he must serve 23 years and 86 days behind bars before being considered for parole.

Weatherburn, also of Reading, was sentenced to three years in prison and will have to serve half of this time before he can be considered for parole.

O’Neal Joseph Quick and Facts

  • O’Neal Joseph stabbed Yannick Cupido, 24, to death on Valentine’s Day this year 
  • The 28-year-old knifeman ambushed victim outside a shop in Lover Caversham
  • Mr Cupido was stabbed after being involved in prank with Reece Weatherburn 
  • The two friends had been sending bogus messages to Weatherburn’s ex-partner
  • They claimed to ex-partner that Weatherburn had been arrested over a stabbing
  • Joseph, also a friend of Weatherburn, heard about news and became concerned 
  • This led to a row and Mr Cupido went to meet Joseph outside the off-licence
  • But the meeting turned violent and Joseph stabbed Cupido with a kitchen knife
  • Joseph convicted of murder, while Weatherburn found to have assisted offender 

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