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Breaking: Om Sayf Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Om Sayf Wiki

            Om Sayf Biography

Om Sayf’s real name is Hadeel Alali, he is a YouTuber currently living in Turkey. He has over five million subscribers and frequently posts game content, known for being a PUBG broadcaster. Om Sayf is also big on Instagram, with 398,000 followers on his profile @ om_seif_77.

Fans are growing concerned about the YouTuber after she posted a concerning video on her channel this week. To sum up the video very quickly, she mentions that she will leave YouTube forever and will not post any more videos. Aside from her sudden decision, this was not the only suspect in that video.

She mentions that she wants to say something and then she does it with her hand. Also, she can hear a gasp in the background. This hand gesture is a sign of domestic violence to anyone who doesn’t know it. She did it as a way to ask for help.

After this video was posted on January 10, no one heard from her and people started to panic.

The video of her became the number one trend on YouTube after her disappearance, and people started thinking about her theories on social media. Rumors spread like wildfire everywhere.

Media sources have reported that the Turkish Authority found Om Sayf and her sister, Nano, dead at around 10:00 p.m.


On Monday (January 11), Om Sayf uploaded a 30 second long video to her YouTube channel that has many of her fans concerned.

In the unexpected video, she spoke in Arabic and told her subscribers that she would be leaving YouTube. Then she made a hand signal that has raised a lot of concern.

The video went viral online and garnered 12 million views. At the end of the YouTube video, Om Sayf placed her hand up with the palm facing the screen, before shoving his thumb inside her palm and closing his hand into a fist. This has generated a lot of concern on Twitter, but what does this specific hand signal really mean?

The Canadian Women’s Association created the hand signal for victims of domestic violence to silently ask for help. It is known as the “signal for help” and was created during the coronavirus pandemic, as the group believed that the pandemic had made it difficult for those at risk to communicate.

On their website, they state:

“The social isolation measures needed by the COVID-19 pandemic make it more difficult for those at risk of abuse or violence to seek help safely. â € ˜Signal for Helpâ € ™ is a simple one-handed signal that someone can use in a video call. It can help a person to silently show that they need help and that they want someone to communicate with them safely. ”

In September, the Canadian Women’s Foundation made videos that went viral on social media to show women exactly how the hand signal works.

Sayf emerges on Twitter

Following the hand signal, concern for Om Sayf has risen on Twitter. The YouTuber has not been active on social media since the video was posted and many fans are concerned for her safety.

One Twitter user wrote: “Hello everyone. there is a lady named om sayf, she has more than 5 million subscribers on youtube. She posted a video saying that she will quit after 2 years, and put the hand signal to put when you’re in trouble (high-five and palm folded), so if you know anything please help !

“Hello to our friends and Turkish policemen, since you can see that this youtuber needs help and she is a victim of domestic violence, since she made the secret signal that she thought she could help her. she also her jersey says “freedom” and a lip swollen with blood. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, â € said another.

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