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Who is Oliver Muldowney?(Father-of-three denies stabbing love rival to death after yelling at him: ‘Think you can f*** Bobbie?’) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Oliver Muldowney

Oliver Muldowney Wiki

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Who is Oliver Muldowney ?

A father of three has denied stabbing a man to death over rumors he slept with his girlfriend.

Oliver Muldowney, 35, allegedly stabbed Tim Hipperson, 39, to death after accusing him of sleeping with his partner Bobbie Tomkins.


Muldowney asked the victim “Do you think you can fuck Bobbie?” before repeatedly stabbing him in Richmond, south-west London, on May 17, 2021, the jury has heard.

Hipperson staggered bleeding on the Kings Road and died in hospital three days later.

Smartly dressed in a white shirt and dark tie, Muldowney denied the stabbing during his testimony at the Old Bailey.

Giles Cockings, QC, defending, asked: “Did you stab Tim Hipperson with the intent to kill or cause grievous bodily harm because you believed he slept with Bobbie?”

Muldowney replied: ‘Not at all.’

Mr. Cockings asked, “Did you ever suspect or believe that Tim Hipperson slept with Bobbie?”

Muldowney replied, “Not that I know of, no.”

He denied that he ever became violent over rumors of Ms. Tomkins’s cheating, saying that he might have made threats, but claimed that his “bark was bigger than his bite”.

Muldowney said he had known Ms. Tomkins since he was 16 years old and described their relationship as “brilliant” at first.

She was a good mother and worked at a daycare center in Richmond, he said.

But things got worse in 2016 when Ms. Tomkins hit a rough patch and started using drugs, he said.

‘She didn’t care anymore. She didn’t care about the kids, she didn’t care about me, she didn’t care about anything or anyone.”

The couple had three children, the eldest being their co-defendant, 19-year-old Bonnie Eastwood, accused of witness intimidation.

Eastwood allegedly phoned prosecution witness Elaine Doyle and tried to persuade her not to testify about her, threatening “serious consequences” if she did.

Muldowney said Eastwood was technically his stepdaughter, but they shared a “very close” relationship.

Jurors have heard that Muldowney made money dealing class A drugs, but never touched them himself.

He said he found Bobbie’s drug habit “devastating” because so many male drug dealers ask for s*xual favors in return.

They could be asking you for s*x for drugs. She could be selling for drugs.

Mr. Cockings asked: ‘Do you know whether she did this or not?’

“Most likely yes,” Muldowney replied.

When asked how he felt about it, he said: ‘Annoyed. Fuck off.

“He would be mad at her, he would yell and yell at her, but he would never physically hurt her or anything like that about her.”

Mr. Cockings continued: ‘What about those she slept with?’

“Same thing again,” Muldowney said. “He would be angry, he would yell and yell, maybe he would threaten them, but she would never do anything.

My bark is bigger than my bite.

‘I would never do anything about it.

I can’t go around beating up people for that.

“If that was the case, he would have hurt a lot of people along the way.”

Muldowney admitted that Bobbie’s infidelity made him “jealous and angry”.

He also admitted that it was “hypocritical” of him to be so upset about his drug addiction considering he was a drug dealer.

“I was doing it to make money for my family, to put food on the table.

To make ends meet.


Immediately after the attack on Mr. Hipperson, Muldowney allegedly fled with Jonathan Nash, 36, to the nearby home of his partner Natalie Stevens, 38.

Stevens allegedly helped Muldowney escape by booking him a taxi to Brentford.

Muldowney, homeless, denies murder, perversion of the course of justice and witness intimidation, but he admits to two counts of being involved in the supply of class A controlled drugs.

Nash, from Hounslow, west London, denies perverting the course of justice and two counts of being involved in the supply of Class A controlled drugs.

Stevens of Richmond, denies perverting the course of justice.

Eastwood, of Hampton Hampton, denies witness intimidation.

The trial continues.

Oliver Muldowney Quick and Facts

  • Owen Muldowney, 35, denies the murder of 39-year-old Tim Hipperson
  • A court heard Muldowney confronted the victim about sleeping with his partner
  • Prosecutors claim Muldowney repeatedly stabbed Mr Hipperson on May 

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