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Who is Nzar Jabar Mohamad?(People smuggler, 34, who charged migrants £12,000 to cross the Channel into the UK even though he ‘knew they’d be caught’ is jailed for ten years ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net Worth,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Nzar Jabar Mohamad

Nzar Jabar Mohamad Wiki

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Who is Nzar Jabar Mohamad ?

A human smuggler who could have endangered hundreds of lives by sending migrants through the busy English Channel shipping lanes in flimsy boats has been jailed for ten years.

Nzar Jabar Mohamad boasted of charging migrants between £ 10 and 12,000 for passage to the UK, although he knew they would likely never get past Dover, even after the dangerous crossing.

But he had no idea that the National Crime Agency was eavesdropping on him, that he had bugged his home in Hull, East Yorkshire.

After hearing that a recent smuggling operation had gone awry and that all the migrants had been detained, he shrugged off the disaster and said: ‘They were all caught.wikipedia

‘All mine were captured. He knew they would be before the crossing.

‘There is nothing wrong with the sea. I don’t know why they are afraid of him.

How old is Nzar Jabar Mohamad ?

He is 34 year old.

Arrested and Charged

Hull Crown Court was told that if a migrant was subsequently caught in Dover, he would have been paid. If caught in Calais, he wouldn’t.

Prosecutor Paul Mitchell QC said in November 2019 that the NCA realized that its target had acquired a boat with an outboard motor and life jackets for 21 passengers.

The boat disappeared before the crossing, much to the anger of the defendant who demanded the return of the boat or his money.

He was arrested at his home in Hull, where he had arrived in the back of a truck in July 2019, shortly thereafter, with only £ 30 to his name.

Judge John Thackray QC, who jailed him for ten years and half missing, said: ‘This is a crime designed to circumvent immigration rules.

“The crime requires a deterrent sentence since the problem with immigration control is important and causes great public concern.

That is the lien of the case, not the profit margin.

Central to the ruling is the utterly cynical and cruel disregard for UK immigration law and the determination to circumvent it.

‘Add to that, acute human misery fell on several people.

“The court cannot ignore the misery caused by illegal immigration and the enormous risk of loss of life as a result of efforts to enter the country covertly.

“For example, trying to navigate probably the busiest shipping channel in the world in totally unsuitable small inflatable boats.”

You were motivated by greed and had no regard for the welfare of others, saying, as you did, ‘There is nothing wrong with the sea’.

“You are wrong about that, Mister Mohamad, because you certainly are when you are in a crowded boat on a busy shipping lane without navigational equipment.”

“History has shown that deaths are almost inevitable.”

The judge underscored that the number of those insidiously involved in the violation of immigration law was ‘potentially hundreds’, adding:

Undoubtedly, their operations would have continued until detection. The risk of damage was enormous, even if the actual damage was limited because the authorities detected it.

‘As it happened, there were numerous expeditions:

241 photographs of ships and 37 weather reports perhaps give some indication of the scale involved and the number involved.

‘There were elements of sophistication. Different methods were used: vehicular and boat. Fraudulent passports were used. You planned the crosses carefully.

“He acted as a go-between at times, but he also took on a leadership and operational role on numerous occasions.”

The judge added that the sentence would have been 11 years and six months had it not been for the guilty plea and that it had “come too late.”

The judge added: “You knew he was guilty from the beginning and explored all options before pleading guilty.”

Mohamad, also known as Nazar Masefi, of Waterloo Street, admitted to conspiring to facilitate illegal immigration.

Shufqat Khan, mitigating, said that his client was of poor origin and that his crimes were a misguided attempt to impress his parents in Kurdistan.

Nzar Jabar Mohamad Quick and Facts

  • Nzar Jabar Mohamad, 34, boasted about charging migrants £10-12,000 fees
  • Fees covered passage to UK, despite knowing they likely wouldn’t get past Dover
  • The NCA bugged his home in Hull before arresting him in November 2019
  • Was jailed at Hull Crown Court for 10 years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to help asylum seekers enter the UK 

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