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Breaking: Noah Fischbach Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Noah Fischbach

Noah Fischbach Wiki

                                                        Noah Fischbach Biography

Noah Fischbach, the store clerk who was shot to death in a mass shooting at a gun store in Metairie, Louisiana, had worked as a special effects technician for Hollywood movies.

That biographical detail and his identity were confirmed by WWL Radio.

People offered him tributes on Facebook, as many knew him for buying firearms at the Jefferson Gun Outlet, where he worked. May your soul find peace and thank you for your advice every time I entered the store. Sad world, ”wrote one man. “Sad situation. He was a phenomenal guy, Rest in Peace Noah, ”wrote another.

The suspect was named by NOLA.com as Joshua Jamal Williams, 27. Five people were shot and three were killed, including the suspect, the sheriff said at a news conference. The other victim who died, a woman who was inside the arms exit, has not yet been named.

Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie, Louisiana, was the scene of the mass shooting on Saturday, February 21, 2021.

The gun exit is located in the 6900 block of Airline Drive. The Jefferson Gun Outlet website says: “Jefferson Gun Outlet is the premier firearms store for the New Orleans metropolitan area. We specialize in most brands of firearms, reloading supplies, safety gear, holsters, accessories, and much more! Visit our store at 6719 Airline Dr. in Metairie, LA for all your firearm needs! ”

The website says the gun outlet also has an indoor firing range. The shooting took place on February 20, 2021.

Reports Say That Fischbach Was Working When the Shooter Was Told He Couldn’t Bring an Unholstered, Loaded Gun Into the Store

According to WDSU-TV, sources with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office say the shooting broke out after an argument.

An argument broke out between Williams, who entered the store with a loaded, unupholstered handgun, and the clerk who said he couldn’t have it until he was inside the firing range, WDSU reported. Another man told the New York Times that the store’s compliance officer asked Williams to unload the firearm from him; it is not clear if that man was Fischbach.

At least two clients “confronted the man” and shots were fired.
According to the television station, Williams, clients and innocent bystanders were shot.

“At this time, it appears that a suspect shot two victims inside the scene, then was hired and shot outside the scene by many other people,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said Saturday night. “The suspect is one of those killed at the scene.”

NOLA.com reported, through sources, that the shooter entered the gun exit with a pistol with an extended clip. When staff said he had to unload the weapon, he fired a warning shot and then shot the employee, according to the newspaper.

At a press conference, the sheriff explained: “It appears that several people confronted the original suspect, either on the premises or here in the parking lot. We have a total of three deceased including the two who were inside ”.

Fischbach, Who Was a Married Father, Worked as an Armaments Technician on Hollywood Movies

According to WWL, in addition to being an employee at the weapons store, Fischbach served as a “weapons technician” “for movies and television” and was also a special effects technician.

His father, John Fischbach, also told The New York Times that his son, 47, worked as a prop in the film industry, adding that “everyone loved him.”

He is married and has at least one child, the radio station reported. He and his wife recently celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. His wife is an artist.

In 2010, Fischbach wrote on Facebook: “Family is good. Married, 2 children. Unemployed. He was in New Orleans for 11 years. He moved to Portland in 2005. “He frequently posted about his wife and his children on Facebook.

People Offered Tributes to Fischbach on Social Media, Describing His Impact on Their Lives

People offered tributes to Fischbach on social media.

“Noah Fischbach was my favorite person in this store,” Heather Devall wrote on Facebook. “He made my knowledge of firearms and cartridges much better, but the constant conversations in our interactions buying what we have from him. He will never know the impact he had on our lives and while we no longer did it often. We will definitely miss him. ”

In a heartbreaking post on Facebook, Fischbach’s mother wrote, “May God bless him and allow him to rest in peace.” She said they shot him dead.

The employee’s cousin quoted Stevie Wonder: “Gun violence is real. People don’t come back, “and then he wrote,” Cousin Noah, my heart breaks at the loss of his sole. My heart breaks for Aunt Stephanie, his father, wife, and son. My heart breaks for his friends, his extended family, and his community. Gun violence is real. ”

Deanna Theis wrote: “I helped him with his cat a few years ago. She loved his cat. Every time I saw him we talked about cat and animal rescue. A really good boy. Helpful and expert in his field. I saw him at the end of December. He said he needed another gun and to see him again. Then we talk about kittens. What a loss … my heart breaks for his family. ”

The ATF Responded to the Scene

ATFNewOrleans has special agents at the scene of a shooting at a store in Metairie, LA. Agents are assisting and working with the parish Sheriff’s Office of Jefferson “.

The top post of the gun exit was a meme of a gun with a line drawn through it. “I saw this sign at a local business. Thank God I’m not wearing a beretta, ”he said. Another recent graphic read: “Gun Control. Buy one when you want them all. ”

The Facebook page explains: “Jefferson Gun Outlet is a full service firearms retail store specializing in a large selection of self defense pistols, shotguns and rifles. We have a variety of refill supplies, cases, and accessories to satisfy the most demanding shopping list. In addition to our retail operations, Jefferson Gun provides contract sales, agencies, and law enforcement for Glock, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and Rock River. We also have a 14-lane firing range on site with fully automatic machine gun rentals available. “

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