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Who was Nikita Jarvis?(Pregnant mum, 21, dies in bed leaving her two young children fending for themselves until her sister knocked on the door and heard the chilling words ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death,Family,Facebook,GoFundMe, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Nikita Jarvis

Nikita Jarvis Wiki

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Who was Nikita Jarvis ?

A pregnant mother of two lay dead in her bed for hours as her four-year-old daughter tried to ‘wake her up’, just a week after her 21st birthday.

Nikita Jarvis was five weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital near her home in Rockhampton, on the north coast of Queensland, on the morning of October 23 because she was feeling ill.

It wasn’t the first time: she mysteriously stopped breathing in the emergency department in January and was put into an induced coma, her sister Shakira Jarvis told Daily Mail Australia.wikipedia

The young woman woke up with nerve damage in her leg and she was in a wheelchair for a short time after that, but her sudden fainting spell left the doctors stumped.

They also couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her last Saturday and sent her home with diazepam, a drug used to control anxiety, muscle spasms and insomnia, formerly known as Valium.

That afternoon, the single mother celebrated her father’s birthday with her children Valerie, four, and Michael, three, and their extended family eating snacks and watching Shrek, but the family left when Nikita got tired around the clock. 3 pm.

Shakira said Nikita was a ‘great mum’ who would do anything for her kids.

‘I texted her at 4:58 pm to let her know that I couldn’t take her and her son to the hair salon that week because she had a lot of things and I never got a reply, but I didn’t think of any of that,’ Shakira said.

The following afternoon, around 2:20 pm, her father sent Shakira a text message asking if she had heard from Nikita; she called twice but went straight to voicemail.

When the children’s father, who had just moved to Brisbane for work, said that he had not heard from her either, the 23-year-old became ill with concern.

“I got in the car with my 10-month-old son and went to see how he was doing,” she said.

‘When I arrived, I called for a while and my four-year-old niece asked’ who is he? ‘

‘I told her it was Aunt Shak and asked her if she could open the door, and she replied, “I can’t, Mom is sleeping and I can’t wake her up.”

Shakira, who had visited her sister almost every day in the previous weeks, went into a panic mode and ran around the house to the back door, noticing that the children were still wearing the clothes they had worn for their father’s birthday. , 24 hours ago.


Walking into the bedroom, the mother of two could sense that something was wrong: “I could smell something was wrong,” she added.

Shakira said the image of her younger sister’s lifeless body “with fluids dripping from her nose and face” is burned into her mind.

“Every time I close my eyes to go to sleep, I imagine how I found her,” she said.

He called an ambulance and cried while waiting outside with his baby, his niece and his nephew, before his father, his brother, his two best friends and his mother-in-law arrived: “ We were all in shock, just screaming and crying , we were really distraught. ” ‘.

The father of Nikita’s children got in the car when he found out what happened and drove from Brisbane to Rockhampton; Although they were separated, they were thinking of getting back together before their third baby was born.

Paramedics said Nikita was gone “for a few hours” but could not determine the cause of death.

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Go Fund Me

The family now relies on the autopsy results to find out what happened, but Shakira believes her sister may have choked in her sleep but did not wake up due to diazepam.

“She Maybe she had an allergic reaction that stopped her breathing, but it’s a big surprise because she was 21 years old,” said her older sister.

Shakira added that Nikita was very against drugs, she did not smoke, she did not like alcohol very much and she desperately wanted to stop the antidepressants that were prescribed for her.

To help with funeral costs and living expenses, the family organized a Go Fund Me campaign.


“This situation has left our entire family traumatized and in shock, his death was so sudden and it has shocked us all,” the fundraiser reads.

“We are very grateful for donations from the public for children’s clothing, toys, vouchers, flowers and gift cards.”

When asked about how she will remember Nikita, Shakira described her as “funny with a big heart.”

“She could turn anything into a joke and make you laugh, she had a great personality, she also has the biggest heart and she was a very caring person and she loved to give and see other people happy.”

Although Nikita found out that she was pregnant with Valerie at age 15, her Shakira said that she did well.

“She was an amazing mother, she is everything you wish for her to be a mother and her children loved her so much and she really loved them,” she said.

“ They are the best children because they had a beautiful mother who raised them well, and we were all very proud of her. ”

Nikita Jarvis Quick and Facts

  • Nikita Jarvis, 21, was five weeks’ pregnant when she was found dead in bed

  • The single mum’s young daughter Valerie, four, tried repeatedly to ‘wake’ her up

  • Her sister Shakira tried knocking on the door and knew something was wrong

  • Image of her little sister’s dead body flashes in her mind when she goes to sleep 

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