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Breaking: Nick Welch Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Nick Welch

Nick Welch Wiki

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Nick Welch, the highest ranking army officer to face a court martial in more than 200 years, had complained that he was unable to pay his children’s school fees even with his “high salary,” reportedly. heard a court martial today. Welch expressed concern about losing a taxpayer-funded education allowance when he took over the lead position at the Ministry of Defense headquarters in Whitehall, central London.

Welch, whose move to Putney was his “20th Army move”, retired from the army in 2019 and became director of operations at Bournemouth Arts University, Dorset. He is the highest ranking officer to face a court martial since Lieutenant General Sir John Murray.

Nick Welch Age?

Nick Welch, a two-star general who has an OBE, is 57 years old.

Major General Nick Welch Marital

Welch, while seeking advice from a colleague, said, “I can’t afford private school fees.”A military court heard Maj. Gen. Welch tell the army “dishonestly” that his wife Charlotte would be living with him at their new residence in London, meaning that he could claim taxpayer money for two of his children to stay in Dorset. .

Nick Welch Wife

In fact, Ms Welch, 54, spent most of her time at her £ 800,000 cottage at Blandford Forum, near schools, prosecutors say. Maj Gen Welch defrauded taxpayers £ 48,388 by illegally claiming the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) for 15 months. He denies a fraud charge.

Now the Bulford Military Court, Wilts, has heard that Ms Welch only spent about one in three days at the new residence in Putney, London.

Prosecutor Sarah Clarke QC said that of the 15-month period in which Major General Welch claimed his wife lived in Putney, she spent 355 days absent from the home, 278 days including her husband’s leave.

Nick Welch General of the Army

Before Major General Welch was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Defense in London, a position in which he became the highest ranking officer at headquarters, his family lived in Gloucestershire, claiming CEA . But, when he landed the “very good job”, believed to earn him a salary of £ 120,000, Major General Welch sought the advice of the CEA from a fellow army officer, admitting that he was in a “kind crossroads “.

“Even with a high salary as a major general, I cannot pay private school fees for [one of his sons], so I would need a reduction.”

Major General Welch was also concerned about the relocation of his youngest son to London, as it would have been his fifth school in 14 months.

Major General Welch and his wife ended up sending the boy to the £ 22,500 a year Hanford school in Dorset to give them a chance to settle down. His other son went to the £ 37,000 a year Clayesmore school in Iwerne Minster, Dorset.

It was also heard when Maj. Gen. Welch first bought Putney’s property, his wife messaged to a friend, “I’m trying to be brave by moving, but I’m not doing it brilliantly … You’re a Angel, I miss you so much. ”

In a message to a potential cleaner at her house in Dorset, Ms Welch said: “We live in [the Blandford house]. We are not in the house all the time because my husband is in the army and we have an army house where he works. ”

Several exchanges between Major General Welch and his wife were also read.

“I had a duty to report any risk of his family not complying with CEA rules.

“ The reason it never happened is that he dishonestly wanted to continue to maintain the privilege of having his two children in private education, but he did not want his family to live in the London house, but in the family house in Blandford. , which is clearly where they wanted to be. ‘

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