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Breaking: Nick Bishop Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Nick Bishop

Nick Bishop Wiki

                                            Nick Bishop Biography

Nick Bishop, the YouTuber who goes by “TheWrangler,” is 32 years old. According to his YouTube bio, “I created this channel to share with you my love and fascination for the outdoors and wildlife. Some things I can expect to see by subscribing to my channel are up-close and personal encounters with wild animals. ”

Bishop claims to be an animal breeder and that “getting down to business and being on the danger line is how I choose to express myself and express my passions for every animal that I interact with.” According to his LinkedIn, Bishop specializes in poisonous snakes and enjoys “all the wildlife and I spend every day exploring and finding new animals. I am working to become a wildlife host. Someday this will be my career. For now, I’m not concentrating on anything other than filming and creating my own wildlife adventure episodes for YouTube. ”

Bishop also made headlines a few years ago. In 2017, Bishop rose to online fame after rescuing a 13-foot Burmese python from a car that he was approaching her before kissing her on the head. Bishop then said: “I was with my friend and we were crossing a dirt road on a mission to find Diamondback rattlesnakes and at the end of the night a large log-black shadow stretched across the road. I instantly knew it was a Python. But he had no idea that they had ventured this far until then. It was about 30 miles from where everyone had found them, including myself. ”

“Burmese pythons are very invasive in the state of Florida. They are destroying the ecosystem, ”Bishop said. “Due to their large numbers and ability to reproduce and lay large clutches of eggs, they have worked their way to almost the top of the food chain in the Everglades.”

Nick Bishop Age

Nick Bishop is 32 years old.

YouTuber almost lost his eye after a Burmese python digs its fangs into his face

A snake handler and YouTuber nearly lost an eye after being bitten in the face by a python while filming a wildlife video. Nick Bishop reportedly found a meter-long snake in Florida’s Everglades National Park. While he was filming, the Burmese python he was holding sank its fangs into the man’s arm several times. After that, the snake lunged at his face, sinking his fangs just above his eye.

Bishop reportedly luckily escaped with the reptile’s fangs sinking into his brow and not his eyeball. More fortunately still, the Burmese python is not a poisonous snake. The Los Angeles reptile enthusiast said: “I captured the snake as fast as I could and pulled out my camera and then bang, that’s when it happened. I was a little. That fool did me good and almost gouged my eye out. ”

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“I knew he was going to hit, that’s what they do. I just had no idea he was aiming at my face until it was too late, ”she said. “Usually I don’t film myself and this is one of the main reasons. Accidents like this happen, but I’m lucky. It could have been much worse. Snakes don’t want to use their precious energy on humans. They need that energy to hunt and survive ”.

“The biggest misconception about snakes is that they attack and chase people when in reality every time they bite me it was because I was on the defensive,” she explained. “That is why my goal is to help you better understand the animals that I love.”

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