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Who is Niall Clews? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Niall Clews

Niall Clews Wiki

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Niall Clews, 12, of Rowley Regis, West Midlands, was struggling to see beyond his curls when his mother Hannah Clews, 33, pulled out the scissors.

With no chance of reaching the hairdressers, her mother did the best she could and was pleased with her work: she buzzed at a two-to-one degree on the back and sides, and gave him a cut in the top.

But upon his return to school the following week, Niall was told that his haircut at his house was ‘too short’ and was not in line with the school’s rules, claims Ms Clews .

Mrs Clews buzzed the back and sides on a grade two to one and gave the top a snip. Pictured: Niall’s haircut which was deemed ‘too short’ by teachers

His haircut is a grade two that faded to a grade one, so I am aware that it is against politics, but again, I am not a hairdresser and did not intend for it to be that short!

I thought it seemed much more professional to cut him to the sides than nothing, but the school has said that he is too short and that you have to isolate him until he grows back to a reasonable standard according to his policy.

“Everything is closed and it seems much more intelligent than it was. Also, he has always had his hair to a degree one around the sides and it had never been pulled back before.

He is in an isolation room all day, including lunch, and cannot go outside for fresh air. He doesn’t get the practical side of the lessons from him either, since everything is online, something he has already done on and off for the last year!

St Michael’s Church of England High School, in Rowley Regis, West Midlands, where Niall’s hair got him arrested

Photos taken of Niall’s hair by his mother, after he was sent to isolation, last Monday, March 22. Niall remains isolated and he is expected to remain there until his hair grows back.

Niall has an impeccable record and is a very bright kid. This has really upset him, as he feels like he’s being tarnished like naughty kids by something that is out of his control.

He said that he spent an entire day last week without uttering a single word. That’s not fair.’

Niall got a haircut on March 19, and teachers noticed the cut on Monday, March 22.

St Michael’s Church of England High School declined to comment

Niall, who is in seventh grade, was removed from his class to be taught in a separate room and told that he could not have lunch with his friends or play with them at recess.

In the ‘uniform’ section of his official website, he says: ‘St Michael’s Church of England High School insists on high uniform standards.

St Michael’s Church of England High School seeks to promote a sense of belonging and shared identity through the implementation of its uniform policy.

‘Any student arriving out of uniform; in inappropriate uniform; wearing inappropriate jewelry; or with an inappropriate hairstyle or hair color may be withdrawn from lessons and contacted with their parents / caregivers. A record will be made in the student’s file.

“If a student persistently ignores the uniform code, the school will have to apply more sanctions.”

A copy of the school’s uniform policy is also available on his website where his posture on his hair reads: ‘Hair must be clean and smart.

“Hair must be a single natural color, no shorter than a grade 2. Extreme styles, including ‘lanes’, sculpting, shaving, patterns or cuts are not allowed.”

Niall remains isolated and he is expected to remain there until his hair grows back to a length the school deems appropriate.

Niall’s father, 37-year-old manufacturer Craig Clews, and his mother have been trying to support him through this difficult time.

Ms Clews, who is currently a full-time student, said: “ I think at a time when the government and children’s mental health charities are pushing for schools to focus on issues related to lack of social interaction that these poor children have had during homeschooling, it is extremely harmful to keep a child away from any interaction.

‘There has been no compassion for struggling parents in these times and the importance of mental well-being for these children.

We are doing what we can with the lockdown and I think on this occasion, it could have been overlooked just because of the current circumstances.

“Niall is a tough cookie, but he didn’t really enjoy his time in isolation and he didn’t want to go there again today because he can’t talk all day or have lunch with his friends.

“ They are already struggling to settle into a new school and new friends so it doesn’t make it any easier. I only worry about how our children are being treated when they have been through so much. ‘

Niall Clews Quick and facts

Niall Clews, 12, cut the hair of his mother, Hannah Clews, 33.
Upon returning to school in Rowley Regis, West Midlands, he was sent to isolation.
St Michael’s High School Teachers Judged Cut ‘Too Short’ And Punished
Niall remains isolated and he is expected to stay there until his hair grows back.

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